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11 Jul 2011, 9:30 am

I figured I don't have that real special interest, but now... well, maybe I have?

Asking other autistic people makes the most sense to me right now. Can you relate?

Even small, fleeting things I really enjoy at all other times feel like they get in the way when I'm immersed in something.

There's no room in my mind for these other things and I hate to have to make room to think about them! I don't even want to talk to my favourite people or about my favourite topics that usually fill me with a fair amount of inspiration and happiness.

But unlike autistic kids I know, I never share these things. It's completely unimaginable for me to do such a thing!

By now, I readily share other things I enjoy such as a good story I heard, music I like or I share a somewhat intense interest if another is interested in it too. But I never share what I'm immersed in in this strong way.

Well, I had grave issues with sharing anything – happiness, words, thoughts – as a child, so it may be related to that rather than the autistic special interest. Sharing always felt like losing parts of myself and it's the same feeling with whatever interest has enveloped my mind.

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11 Jul 2011, 11:33 am

I use youtube to get my ideas across.