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11 Jul 2011, 7:39 am

I have a reason for pretty much everything I say.

Earlier tonight I asked a lot of questions, and answered a lot of questions, while talking to a girl(in a bikini) at the pools. My reasons are to have my questions answered and to tell her about me. I was looking to profit by our meeting, but she had some glaring dishonesty problems... I usually gain more than originally planned during conversations.... In return, I offer blinding honesty. I figure if that doesn't make them run, it could work out.

The main reason is we are sniffing around each other, in the hope that true love will blossom. Or that a valuable gain could be made by networking


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11 Jul 2011, 8:50 am

justjelliot wrote:
So a friend told me I need to learn to just shoot the sh**, ie, talking with no purpose or reason. I think this is stupid. Why would I talk or speak without a reason? I don't waste my words, and only speak when I have something worth listening to. He kept telling me that I should 'just talk' and I couldn't help but laugh at that. Why would I waste my time doing that without a purpose? I could spend that time doing something else.

Do NT's really do this talk with no reason or shoot the sh**, or did I misunderstand?

Yes. Talkign with someone for long periods of time is often a way to be at ease with them in many societies. What I think the problem is, is that we want to talk about different things to what they do.