More compfortable talking on a forum or to a friend?

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02 Jan 2015, 1:20 am

I don't have any choice since I am reclusive and friends aren't something I've ever had. But I don't like posting stuff for several reasons.

- You don't know who is really reading it, and most of the time you don't realise how much about yourself you really reveal either. Especially over time on the same board.
- People judge and often replies go off on tangents that you don't find all that helpful or useful.
- A lot of the time I tend to illicit responses along the lines of 'you're mentally unstable, go and get medication & therapy', which isn't helpful when you know you're not mentally unstable, you just have a problem you can't solve and therapy & meds isn't the answer to absolutely everything.
- The other classic answer I get is....go and make friends. Easier said than done. :roll:

So mostly I don't post anything about my problems unless I've already figured out a couple of solutions and want people to comment on my thoughts rather than my issue. Talking to the Net is limiting because you can't filter the reponses you get like you would IRL based on your interaction with someone.

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07 Jan 2015, 10:01 am

Forum, because if I'm talking to a friend I usually don't get to say everything I wanted to say. Doesn't even matter if others read what I post, just a way to get thoughts out of my head without verbally talking to myself.

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07 Jan 2015, 6:38 pm

I feel better posting in a forum since I don't have any close friends or anybody that really understands what an Aspie is all about.

Curtis (cmartin9)