Excellent, free lecture by Russell Barkley on ADHD and EF

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21 Oct 2012, 4:30 pm

Russell Barkley is one of the top ADHD researchers in the country. Although he does not have much to say about autism, and nothing about Aspergers, if your child has a co-morbid of ADHD, or even just some executive function issues (such as difficulty with emotional self-regulation), it is well worth watching. This 3 hour lecture called "Essential Ideas for Parents" is available free on you-tube. If I can figure out how to snip out sections, I'm going to forward some bits to my son's teacher and OT.


The section on Executive Function starts at about 00:20:00 and covers how ADHD can produce deficits in the following:
Persistance toward future
Resistance of distractions
Poor Working Memory
Emotional self-regulation
Difficulty in consciously inhibiting behaviors
Difficulty with self-motivation

Starting about 1:27:50 there are specific and detailed recommendations for how to accomodate executive function issues in school

At 1:50:10 there is a long segment on parenting a child with ADHD.

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22 Oct 2012, 5:02 am

Thanks, Zette!

When I have some time I am going to go through this. We have so many problems with executive functions!