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04 Jun 2020, 9:15 am

"You should be more assertive, just not with me." -- a former employer

Since there is no singular, absolute definition of human nature,
nor any ultimate evaluation of human nature beyond that which we project onto others,
individuals should be judged or defined only by their actions and choices,
and not by what we only imagine their intentions and motivations to be.


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29 Aug 2020, 4:59 pm

Benjamin the Donkey wrote:
kraftiekortie wrote:
It’s better to assert what you think is right in a diplomatic manner.

Make sure you assert what is right, without insulting a person you are debating with.

The problem is that many people seem to find facts and logic insulting.

OHHHHH yes, too often counting on logic, and even facts are major faux-pas' - even the process of thoughtfully seeking consensus can become a process which can play-out in anything but...............a consensus!