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06 Jun 2020, 4:27 pm

Just had someone today DM me like this on twitter... idk if he's autistic but his nephew is. It's inappropriate...

5 dms. No reply. All within the space of a single hour. Giving his personal details which I didn't ask for, asking me to call him. Saying a bunch of personal stuff about himself I didn't ask for and which is far past our social relationship w each other.

Don't do that.

DMs should go like this. "Do you mind if I DM you?" "No, that's fine" then a back and forth, taking time. On a similar level to how you've been talking publicly where people can see your messages.

Most conversations should be back and forth like that irl too with one-on-one conversations starting with "do you mind if we go somewhere more private?"

If you do the first one, you will creep people out. They might not be brave enough to tell you that you're being rude, but you are.