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24 Jun 2020, 12:18 am

At my job I have to give so called tool box talks about various aspects of the subject of workplace safety. And I am not that good at public speaking. So I tried to find useful information for us on the spectrum to help us become better at this. One of the things I found was this book An Asperger's Guide to Public Speaking (Asperger's Employment Skills Guides) . However since there is a lack of customer reviews for this product I want to ask if any here have read this book and what their opinion about it is.

Any other tips about public speaking are also welcome.


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24 Jun 2020, 8:26 am

I haven't read the book, but my tip would be to practice beforehand. I do that when I have to keep lectures and since I go through them multible times, I've noticed that it tends to get easier after a few rounds.