university coping: how do you interact with professors?

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30 Jun 2020, 1:02 am

It is my third year in university and I still don't know any single professors personally. I really need to apply for a lab position and get letters of recommendation for grad school. Although I have an almost perfect GPA, I am getting so stressed because I don't know how to interact and develop a relationship with professors.

I never go to office hours, because I really have no idea how to interact with professors. Also, I have trouble asking the questions since the way I think of problems is so different... I can't discuss problems or having back and forth conversations like neurotypical people. People don't know I have ASD and when I do something inappropriate, people dislikes me and thinks I am rude, cold or disrespectful. That makes me very anxious about interacting with professors...

Do you guys have a similar experience? How do you deal with that?


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Yesterday, 6:40 pm

Couple of suggestions:

Any professor you’ve had twice? And maybe you could say that in first email and then follow-up text or phone call.

My preferred intellectual style is the case study method, and I’ll link things in what other people perceive as pretty far-fetched analogies, although to me they’re pretty good analogies. :D

For the future . . . is there a way you might write in a notebook a first phrase, second phrase, and a question both below and between them? And you could show this to a professor as you verbally ask.

For the future . . . on a second or third or fourth visit to a professor, maybe you say, you know, I’m probably either Aspie or Aspie-light which means I put together things in my own way. [whether or not professor says, like we all do, you can still say . . ] Yes, like we all do, but I think for me, a little bit more than average.

Goal is to keep it light, might come across as medium.

And yes, sometimes semi-memorizing and rehearsing like a theatrical performance does help.