Would you find it difficult to share what you enjoy?

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Tufted Titmouse
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17 Sep 2020, 11:57 am

Checkbox wrote:
I know that there are some people with autism who really enjoy sharing their specific interests with others.
I am not one of those people at all.

Yes, I have difficulty talking with other people about the things I find interesting and which take up my time. The main issue is that my default is 'flat reporting'. I don't normally describe things in a way that create emotions in the listener.

I remember taking a toy dump truck to show-and-tell and being confused about the reactions I got. In junior high school we had to write a paper about our favorite TV show. I loved the A-Team (I'm dating myself), but it was not popular with my classmates, so I was afraid to write about it and had trouble explaining why I liked it. But I do remember excitedly telling my parents, with great conviction, about events in a Final Fantasy game, so maybe I am good at talking about this when I'm not afraid.

Now I'm learning how to connect the thing to the listener to make my interest reliant to them.


Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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18 Sep 2020, 10:46 pm

I always find it difficult to share what I enjoy. I can't stand talking or writing about myself. I have a lot of special interests, anxieties, and other personality traits I know people will find very off-putting based on my life experiences and what I know about "normal" human behavior.

I have learned to stick to topics regarding things I know are mainstream, popular, and work for certain situations. I will think back to all of things I like and done in the past which will be likely seen as agreeable and I start talking about those. If the other person or people I am talking to happen to bring up something unique I like too or are asking questions about particular topics I know something about I will jump in with my own answers and opinions.


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19 Sep 2020, 12:58 pm

It really depends, but yes I can be like this. Sometimes I am a chatterbox and you can't shut me up, but other times I am in power saving mode, as I have not gained a lot from what I am doing so it is harder to share. With other people I BS as I don't want to bore them on systems theory, economics, trading, and some politics , but maybe travel a bit. As of late I have honestly not been up to much and online communities have been dead so it is hard to find things to get excited about.


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23 Sep 2020, 4:36 pm

I'd like to talk more about my interests, but can't find many people who share them offline. Some things like music are more-or-less relatable, but other topics like lysosomal storage diseases are often odd or uncomfortable.

quite an extreme

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23 Sep 2020, 5:15 pm

DeathParty wrote:
but other topics like lysosomal storage diseases are often odd or uncomfortable.

What causes your interest in them?

I am as I am. :skull: :sunny: :wink: :sunny: :skull: Life has to be an adventure!