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15 Sep 2020, 4:19 pm

After coming across the 'Creating A Penpals Group' in WPs 'In-Depth Adult Life Discussion' Forum (LINK), I had located news stories on examples of penpals; who maintain an "old-school" form of communications despite the overwhelming influence of Social Media.

The main interest in penpals (based on news-media outlets worldwide) is in Europe, and the UK. Interest in the U.S. is mainly focused on school projects to encourage youth to correspond with the elderly. Renewed interest in penpals is notable in news stories; as people seek those important experiences during stay-at-home routines.

The purpose of "old-school" communications is learning to thoughtfully communicate with other people - without the distractions of Social Media (or for that matter any digital TECH.)

One of many important experiences through corresponding with penpals is acknowledging give & take, which is similar to reassessing listening skills.

This post was placed in the 'Social Skills & Making Friends Forum' - as experiences gained through corresponding with penpals might just plant those "psychological seeds of sorts" to encourage people on the Autism Spectrum in personal growth; to develop in-person friendships.

Any helpful experiences gain through penpals?

LINK: 'Creating A Penpals Group' viewtopic.php?t=292104