Emerging Projects in Public Sensemaking w/ Daniel Schmachten

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23 Jul 2022, 7:41 pm

For anyone whose feeling a bit depressed with the current media landscape and seeing all the 'popular kids' trash the public commons, Daniel Schmachtenberger is promoting a few small seed projects here.

- Something akin to a Kialo debate map with additional data, weighting, and AI curration.
- GPT3 swarm intelligence for analyzing and visualizing complex information and relationships.
- Heat maps of networks, mututal influence (respect/respects/mutual respect) which helps display lines of influence.

I can see both pros and cons here, the biggest one being GIGO, ie. that the systems need to not only be fed high-quality material but they need a lot of intersection to help reinforce and audit each other (Daniel's suggestion to the last presenter that his influence maps would be good to help the first project was a good point).

As usual it's a video, no one has to watch it and I'm guessing few will (90 min runtime). IMHO just a good break from the doom, gloom, nihilism, and politics-as-entertainment.

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