has any aspies had any out of body experience(s)

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03 Jul 2020, 8:11 pm

This thread is old.

But yeah, I’ve had plenty “out of body” experiences.

1. Let’s begin with sleep paralysis. Not being able to move my body, being out-of-control while being awake. Demons coming towards me, touching me, screaming at me, to possess my body… hearing voices and seeing them in my room, while having closed eyes.. ughh

2. Secondly I dare to put lucid dreaming in that category, since it is an “aware” way of dreaming. You know you are dreaming, you are yourself and you control the dream by yourself.

3. I’ve been out of my body while having (of course) a high dose of ketamine, other dissociative substances, 2CB and LSD .. at different events. Especially ketamine is known for that. You can even experience a similar feeling of death, with a high dose, that transfers you into the obscure and famous “k-hole”. With my highest dose, I was not only going out of my body, I was seeing my apartment from the outside. Seeing myself, lying on my bed. I forgot I was a human, mistaking myself of being the furniture in my room.. I was one with my bed, merged with the music I was listening to. Like an ocean.. I was not human anymore…

4. Next is derealization. Been suffering from that hell for four years in total (I’m living without it since a year now). But I’d say I had it not on a “passive level”, which would be experiencing it constantly. It came in “attacks” during the day, sometimes daily, where my conscious mind slipped out of my body in a state of being dissociative. Not feeling my own physical body anymore and finding myself in a bizarre world. Away from reality.
I called it “being high, despite of sobriety”.
This mental disorder is not well researched unfortunately. There is no cure, as much as I know.
I don't wish this

I'm glad I'm here. Here in my body.
I really learned to appreciate reality, instead of constantly trying to escape from it.

So what do we learn from that? Don’t experiment with substances, my kids. Be smart.
Meditation seems to be more peaceful and useful to me these days.

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04 Jul 2020, 3:57 am

That is wize advice.

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