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 Forum: Games and Video Games   Topic: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when i say..

Posted: 07 Apr 2007, 2:32 am 

Replies: 890
Views: 47,967


 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Hi, it's me

Posted: 24 Jan 2007, 1:51 am 

Replies: 1
Views: 304


 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Can Aspies do Sarcasm and/or Irony?

Posted: 24 Jan 2007, 12:42 am 

Replies: 54
Views: 8,994

Yes, it's another poll, but seeing as I'm now the most hated member of this site - thankyou so much ascan, roman, logitechdog and MrMark - I'm not really expecting any answers. I'll give it a shot anyway. I ask this question because a psychologist has told me on a few occassions, "Hmmm, that's inte...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What's happening around here lately?

Posted: 24 Jan 2007, 12:32 am 

Replies: 160
Views: 7,899

If I wish upon a star, Alex might make me into a moderator someday. :)

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Walking into the wrong bathroom?

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 8:32 pm 

Replies: 32
Views: 2,630

Why even have this up? I have ALMOST done it by accident. Some bathrooms here are made to look like others(At airports, for example, some bathrooms have two entrances, and some bathroom entrances look identical but one side is for males, and the other is for females.), and you have to be careful. L...

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Wrong planet Alexa Rank

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 8:29 pm 

Replies: 20
Views: 1,700

andy1976uk wrote:
Hmmmm, quadrupling in a single quarter, that's like, what 25,000%+ annualized? :o

It didn't quite quadruple. 1 million the last 1/4 of 2006, and then when by 2007, 3.5 mil. Close.

 Forum: General Autism Discussion   Topic: Are you creative?

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 8:26 pm 

Replies: 15
Views: 1,424

I have always been notoriously creative. :)

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Good Toy Ideas.

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 5:32 pm 

Replies: 17
Views: 1,853

Mechanical army-men with very advanced artificial intelligence.

 Forum: The Haven   Topic: Sorry KBABZ...

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 5:23 pm 

Replies: 12
Views: 890

In all fairness, Unknown does spam a lot. And I don't know why he's allowed to get away with it so cleanly.

Andy is just returning the favors, I guess.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Post a random truth (about yourself)

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 5:12 pm 

Replies: 18,474
Views: 1,018,967

I ate PB&J.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Explain something to me.

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 5:10 pm 

Replies: 14
Views: 1,527

Prof_Pretorius wrote:
Yer asking a buncha ASpies why they do eccentric stuff ???

No man, I see this everywhere on the internet.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: What's happening around here lately?

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 5:07 pm 

Replies: 160
Views: 7,899

I'm surprised I haven't been banned yet. With my 'stalking' techniques and all. Like making threads about people. Alex thinks... it's stalking.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: So many posts are being locked up in a short amount of time.

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 5:03 pm 

Replies: 33
Views: 3,482

Alex will come to neutralize the situation no doubt.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Explain something to me.

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 2:19 pm 

Replies: 14
Views: 1,527

It seems rather redundant, and therefore, inefficient, but this habit may be attributed to the fact that this happens when writing letters. At the end of a letter or a note (or usually, an e-mail), it is customary to sign or write one's name at the bottom. As for my signature, it is usually a good ...

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Explain something to me.

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 2:15 am 

Replies: 14
Views: 1,527


I'm not talking about the normal sigs.

I'm talking about:

leaving your username at the END OF POSTS.

 Forum: Random Discussion   Topic: Explain something to me.

 Post subject: Explain something to me.
Posted: 22 Jan 2007, 11:27 pm 

Replies: 14
Views: 1,527

I don't get this. And I am not singling anyone out on these forums, because I see it occuring in many places around the internet. Why do people leave their 'signature' at the end of posts? There's an automatic signature thing for all users. Why in the name of all that is holy would someone type one ...
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