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Mona Pereth

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18 Jun 2021, 12:04 pm

Caz72 wrote:
but driving buses is a special interest of mine too and i love doing it iv been doing it for years now

Good for you being able to drive a bus. Many autistic people (myself included) can't drive a car, much less a bus.

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19 Jun 2021, 2:25 pm

Caz72 wrote:
I always seem to be picked on here i thought this was a place i could be myself i suffer with nt bullies every day i shouldnt have to feel invalid on a autism forum but i do

I go to parents discussion for advice only to be told by a childless person i am a bad parent for setting boundaries for my teenage son

I reply to a thread and i get reported for being racist even tho i dont see any racism in what i had put all i was doing was saying what everyone was dancing around the obvious

people make fun of my thread about glasses and autism

so thats it im done here if thats the way some of you think of me goodbye hope you find someone else to pick on

My bad. :(

I should be punished, like this girl Mae Culpa Culpa Kitty!