Some advice from a college graduate

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19 Sep 2021, 6:20 pm

I have a bachelor’s degree and am in school now for a second one. I learned a ton about what to do and what not to do as a person on the spectrum to make your college experience easier. Because college is insanely stressful and I almost dropped out. Number one, do TONS of research on schools with the program you want to go in to. Find one that allows for flexible scheduling meaning you can choose how many classes you take per semester, go for ones that utilize more online classes than in-person ones if you need to accomodate for things like sleep issues or health problems or being too stressed or anxious to show up to class all the time. Pick ones that will let you take 3 classes a semester if you continue through the summer rather than taking 6 classes during fall and spring only. Get in touch with the faculty of the classes you will have to take before you commit and get copies of the syllabus to find out what the workload will be like, ask them how many times a week they upload content. Classes that upload new content weekly are infinitely easier to handle than ones that upload it multiple times a week. Get accomodations, they will let you have your test time extended by 1.5, if you’re on campus you can take tests in a quiet room, and some schools will even send you copies of class notes taken by students who are good at that if you request it. Do NOT live in a dorm. It’s too stressful. Request a medical exemption from living in a dorm, not a financial one. Your school does not care if you can’t afford to live in a dorm, but they won’t risk a lawsuit if your autism or ADHD makes it hard for you to study. Lastly, make sure the degree you want actually leads to the job you want. Make sure the job you’re hoping to get is open to people who have the degree you’re considering, for example if you’re getting a bachelor’s in a certain field make sure the job you want actually hires applicants with a bachelor’s and that they haven’t moved on to taking master’s degrees only, because that’s happened in certain fields in recent years. I hope this helps :) if you have any other questions feel free to message me!