Were there anyone at school who was the polar opposite to yo

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31 Mar 2021, 6:47 pm

When I was at high school there was this girl in my class who wasn't a nasty girl but she got so popular that it sort of went to her head and she wasn't so friendly to me any more. I felt like she put me to shame.

She was beautiful and took pride in her appearance too, while I often had greasy, unstyled hair and I never shaved my legs.

She was extroverted and popular among all the boys and the girls, while I was incredibly unpopular, shy and lacked confidence and self-esteem.

She was bright and did well in basically all the classes, while I struggled and was often put on the special ed table with mostly boys that didn't want to learn and were just interested in taking drugs outside school.

She was sporty too and was brilliant in athletics, and played in the school netball team. She had a lot of medals. Sports wasn't really my strongest subject. I was a very active child, but phys ed at school seemed intimidating to me so I didn't like it much.

I just felt like a loser compared to her. All the other girls in the class ranked somewhere in the middle, but I was right at one extreme end of the spectrum and she was at the other (I'm not talking about the autism spectrum).

I always thought you can never have everything, but she did. Good looks, confidence, popularity, and both sport and book smarts. She was even in the national school orchestra at one point.

I often used to wonder if it were possible to physically swap brains with someone...

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31 Mar 2021, 6:59 pm

Whether someone was the polar opposite of me was a thing I can't recall ever noticing.
With as often as the Navy transferred Dad I was only in a given school 2 years and sometimes only 1 year.
Therefore I never did know many people in the school or even my grade level.
So, there wasn't enough of a sample size for much comparison.

Also a factor was when we moved from Georgia to Virginia between 10th and 11th grades & just the 11th grade class at the high school in Virginia was bigger than the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, grades all put together at the high school where we had been in Georgia.
The entire school in Georgie was a little over 300 students & just the 11th grade there in Virginia was close to 400 students.

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