Starting Over & Re-Entering College

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23 Apr 2022, 5:00 pm

Hola! I’ve recently decided to go back to college after taking a long break. I have realized that my current university is not the college for me, and have made the decision to transfer to another college. During my time at this particular college, I had a very hard time with it, even though it was an online format. It was mainly how the instructors operated as well as the fact that I wasn’t attending my dream school.

I also noticed that during my time at this school that my symptoms of autism heavily displayed themselves in many ways, which also made it very hard for me to be successful during my time at this college.

I just wanted to provide a bit of background to my situation.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced while in college that you think are due to your autism, and how have you overcome those challenges ?


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23 Apr 2022, 5:29 pm

Definitely not being assertive enough and having to drop out partly because some person with mental issues brought me that close to insanity. But this person would barely listen to teachers, and next class shed be back in the desk with me asking me the same thing continuously, interrupting my attention and tests. It was hell, but perhaps it was the only way to get rid of her. I endured 2 years every day.

Other than that college was so much better for me than the rest of education but I still couldn't stand this womanizer who would be a trickster talk a lot but have nothing to say just to earn his passing grades and holding speeches about some annoying things and we, majoritary women, were forced to listen.

I also had this pressuring of a teacher who would require me to study constantly and remember the lesson after she would read and we'd write. So definitely i couldn't learn the same ways, and I was always a bad example and drawn attention to, lectured. How i learn is by reading or understanding logically 1-2 days before tests or exams, no matter how much it is to learn, i don't retain information for that long and it takes me a long time to learn, it's torture useless. I explained this but I was put down. One day i was randomly picked and studied prior to that day. So my 'teacher' gave me a 10 out of 10, and a classmate was like, 10? And teacher was like 'well what do you want me to give her if she knew everything i asked' it was literally the entire notebook i got asked about and actually i learned her expeessions because I had no better way to express those things, it was the only way.

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