drawer keeps coming out wrong at work?

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22 Feb 2022, 10:22 am

I've been stressed out by work lately, between computer problems, and just its been rough in general, even without a few health problems of my own. Last Friday I worked it was 8 dollars off, I can't remember if it was short or over how tired i am. I was extra careful yesterday even, double checking or sometimes tripe checking change as I count it back to customers. It still came up 10 dollars over , when we counted the drawer at the end of the night though. We called the district manager, and even double counted everything looked at all the transactions on the computer, we couldn't see what was wrong. . I"m really concerned as I'm not careless like that unless it was a bill sticking together I just didn't catch, or had to wonder if it's the new computer, i never had this problem before we changed computers

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