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11 Apr 2022, 11:53 am

Its been a kind of hectic weekend, with being in charge with no management. I made do with a call off Saturday, getting what I could done between customers and getting the important stuff done first. It was crazy busy but me and the team got it done. Yesterday though, one of the employees when I was in charge wanted to clock out early and buy stuff, I advised her to not do it. She turned it into keeping us behind after close, so she could buy them which I was pretty sure also wasn't allowed. The other cashier and I were both already late from two customers having to remove things from their orders or being indecisive, which that part obviously couldn't be helped. This lady made me ring her up and got nasty with me even when I couldn't get the computer to give her the employee discount at first. I only rung her up to get her out of the store so me and the other cashier could get out at a decent time as it was already 7:10 after the two last minute customers and her fighting with me. It took me and the other girl another 10 minutes to count up the deposit, do the paper work and make sure everything was locked up. I talked to the assistant manager, about what happened just so she knows. She said she was gonna have a talk with the lady, and said I had nothing to worry about. I hate feeling like i'm snitching on people when stuff like this happens, but it seemed the right thing to do.

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29 Apr 2022, 4:56 pm

There is absolutely nothing wrong with CYA. Because had you not, this person likely would have gone to the manager with a completely different story and made things unjustly bad for you. Believe me, it looks better on you when you come forward first, and makes your story much more believable.

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