Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition on 360 is such a rip-off...

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13 Sep 2011, 3:25 pm

I own an Xbox 360 which for the most part has never given me any problems. I understand the system isn't as powerful as the PS3, but it was a lot cheaper than the PS3 at the time I purchased it and most of the games I liked were available on both systems, so I figured getting the cheaper system was a smart move.

Anyways today I experienced something that I don't think was the 360's fault, but rather the idioticness of the creators of this particular game. About a year ago for my birthday I had recieved the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition as a gift, I wanted the Gold Edition because of the added extras like the new costumes and mini games. The difference between the 360 version and PS3 version is that while all of the content on the PS3 version is available on disc, the 360 version instead comes with a paper containing a code that lets you download all the content for free on Xbox Live. Now I was under the impression that once I entered the code I could redownload the content any time I wanted just like when you use Microsoft Points to download things from Xbox Live. Today I deleted my free content thinking I could just download it again for free when I needed to and suprise, it wouldn't let me download them again.

I'm really angry about this because this feels like a way of cheating gamers who pay for this game just to see the extra content. Why is it that you are not allowed to download the content again for free after entering the code? Didn't the creators think that maybe something could happen to the gamer's system and they would need to delete the content and might want to redownload it again? Better yet why couldn't this content simply be added to an extra disc to download? I've heard the excuse of "There wasn't enough room on the 360 to hold all the content" but I feel they could have easily just separated the discs for the downloads the way Bethesda did TESIV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition.

This doesn't really suprise me though after Capcom's little incident with Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D with which they made it to where gamers would only be allowed to save on the game once. I understand companies are in the game business purely to make money, but doing things like this to their customers is not only unethical but seems like a good way of driving customers away. I know that now I may consider never buying Capcom games again because it seems as though they really just don't care about making quality games for their customers anymore. It's really no wonder that some of their best game developers have left them.

So yeah, I may still have the original game to play but I no longer have the extra content and I don't feel like wasting a lot of money on Microsoft Points just to redownload it. At least there are still some better games out there to play on the 360 like Fable 2 and Batman Arkham Asylum.

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17 Jan 2013, 10:09 am


I guess you may have figured this out a long time ago now, but your post seemed so lonely. This is a strange place to ask a video game question though, what is this, some medical forum?

Well anyway, the answer is that you can redownload it on Xbobx360 as well. Push the xbox button in the middle, go to the far right and select Account Management, then go to Download History. Then it should appear somewhere on that list, I have done this my self before.

I have another problem though, my download list is so freaken long I can't find it :(