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06 Jan 2021, 2:57 pm

Hello all
A couple of weeks ago I was doing my routine check on what videos a commentary YouTuber I look at occasionally, Optimus, had uploaded recently. One of them was about a potential gaming scam that appears to have popped up. Optimus can be hit and miss with sources and evidence but from watching and discussions with others it seems pretty solid this time. Thoughts? Have any of you come across this?
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Hans Asperger himself called autism a natural entity
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25 May 2021, 10:21 am

Aim Gods seems like a fine concept, but there are some concerns:

1) The lack of promotion. There's not much Twitch or Youtube content. Most people haven't even heard of it. If Finalmouse is serious about this game, they'd be doing open beta tests with youtubers and streamers.

2) The aesthetics. Some of the textures are dated. It's a mix of different art styles. The textures all look like they're from different games and universes.

3) What will the identity of this game be? Is it more of a shooter? Or more an ability focused game? How do you satisfy both audiences?

4) Can it be enjoyed by both casual and competitive players? A game called "aim gods" from a gaming mouse company seems like it's targeting hardcore FPS players. You need a large playerbase in order to have a competitive A lot of competitive games (i.e. League, Fortnite, etc) have both a strong casual and strong competitive scene.