2 santas, or how the GOP grinch will steal our xmas again

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Today, 3:05 am

(clicky)how the GOP use jude wanniski's "2 santas" fraud to screw over democrats

"The only thing wrong with the U.S. economy is the failure of the Republican Party to play Santa Claus."
—Jude Wanniski, March 6, 1976

The stock market is falling, a reaction to GOP threats to shut down the government: it’s all part of their plan.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen last week warned us that the GOP is about to use Jude Wanniski’s “Two Santa Clauses” fraud again to damage Biden’s economy and our standing in the world. And, sure enough, Mitch McConnell verified it when he said last week there would be “zero” Republican votes to raise the debt ceiling [to avoid a GOP-engineered government shut-down].

Yellen responded yesterday by telling The Wall Street Journal that if the Republicans force a shutdown of the US government like they did to Obama in 2011, “We would emerge from this crisis a permanently weaker nation.” But the GOP is adamant: they have their strategy and they’re sticking to it.

Here’s how it works, laid it out in simple summary:

First, the Two Santas strategy dictates, when Republicans control the White House they must spend money like a drunken Santa and cut taxes to run up the US debt as far and as fast as possible.

This produces three results [actually 4*]: it stimulates the economy thus making people think that the GOP can produce a good economy; it raises the debt dramatically; and it makes people think that Republicans are the “tax-cut Santa Clauses.”
[*it also starves social programs of fundage, aka "drowning the government in a bathtub" per grover norquist]
Second, when a Democrat is in the White House, Republicans must scream about the national debt as loudly and frantically as possible, freaking out about how “our children will have to pay for it!” and “we have to cut spending to solve the crisis!” Shut down the government, crash the stock market, and damage US credibility around the world if necessary to stop Democrats from spending money.

This will force the Democrats in power to cut their own social safety net programs and even Social Security, thus shooting their welfare-of-the-American-people Santa Claus right in the face.


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Today, 4:28 pm

So they’re not going easier on Biden, even though he’s white?

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