Language for things that are real and BS at the same time

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25 Apr 2022, 9:02 pm

I got to thinking about this last night while I was going through some random things. The first topic I'm familiar with and I'm glad the guy could arrange Vallee's thoughts in bite-sized pieces. Then you have Lou Elizondo, seems like a respectable military and counter-intelligence guy trying to help sort out national security concerns and us trying to figure out what to do with the high strangeness that our military and aerospace keeps running into, I just hope he doesn't get left in the wilderness by all of this (it doesn't seem to have much reverence for human life let alone integrity).

I like Eric Weinstein's borrowing of the term 'kayfabe' from WWE, it's a great term for molten-hot BS in the realpolitik context, this I worry about more in that the whole menagerie of fairies, jinn, spacemen, yetis, NDE's, ascended masters, solipsistic and bizarre stories of heavenly realms with diverging stories and meaning, wondrous miracle elixirs.... all of this really starts to stink the same and with enough rinse and repeat it's not surprising that it all overlaps.

So we're not just alone in the universe, we're getting our underparts fondled by other Darwinian organisms with their own games, base instincts and purposes, and means for getting their food and more than that - they're pulling our ----'s where we go to feed off of the sacred and find 'meaning' in the grand sense (that's the part that's really offensive and disgusting though when you think about it).

I'm getting to the point where I'm considering that these things are worse than simply 'not real' or aspects of human fancy and derangement. They'll let millions of children around the world die in wars, from hunger, abuse, etc. but pick a random Lithuanian girl to paint heaven and pictures of Jesus when she was between the ages of four and eight - and then NDE'ers swear up and down that they haven't seen a picture of Jesus that matched their encounter until they saw her paintings (and to be fair - she's a pretty good painter, I'll respect talent where it's due but..... this is where Jesus shows up after the Holodomor and gulags, Unit 731, the Third Reich, reign of Genghis Khan, Leopold II in the Congo, even bypassing the trailer parks, heroin overdoses, and deaths of despair, more important to teach random young girls in midwestern suburbs to paint I suppose?).

For as long as I've been around and apparently longer we've been really good at carving ourselves into supernatural versus anti-supernatural, spacemen vs. no-spacemen, God vs. no God camps, none of those polarities really help us much here, and similarly - I think Jacques Vallee's one of the only people who really brought up the likelihood early on, explicitly, that these could be as much manipulative horse manure as they are actual events with physical components. I did watch the Rogan interview being discussed in the first video below and remember Vallee saying something very specific about a sense of unified benevolence in these phenomena.... I don't know what to do with that exactly, not that I specifically want to run from that for the sake of it but if it's up to constant chicanery our method of engaging with it at a sincere level is... what exactly?

I'm for the simultaneously 'real' in the non-psychological sense and pure BS in content position. It's hit me off and on before but, it's really starting to break my imagination that the world is going to be a better or more coherent place as this goes on. My guess if I were going to venture it - the 'gestalt' of these phenomena will probably start showing common wear-marks to the point that some person much brighter than myself will be able to pin something down about them which lands them in the realm of side-effects from some particular theory of physics (probably one that's at least ambiguously open to panpsychism or idealism). That might be about the time that all of this comes to a head and dissipates in a cloud of flatulence.

The Youtube videos below are just more for arranging my thoughts and something of a condensate for people who've never really thought about this before who might want to get more details, feel free to either poke at them or completely ignore them, but I added John Gray's retelling of Walter de la Mare at the end because it's a useful touch (and I wonder where he'd find himself sometimes in relation to Vallee's work).

We're already bathed in the absurd when we turn on the news or open social media, we've been living it for most of human history, and it seems like the world of the unseen might very well be every bit as solipsistic as we are if not more so.

The video Titles:

Jacques Vallée, UFOs, and the Case against Extraterrestrial Origins (Think Anomalous Youtube channel)
Interview of Lue Elizondo! (UFO MAN Youtube channel)
Raul Esparza "There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute"
The Limits of Materialism | Os Limites do Materialismo | Philosopher John Gray

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