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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
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13 Feb 2021, 3:20 pm

(by: The Way)

in continuing PHI Spiral Moves and Repose
of God’s Breath indeed in me ALIVE Spirit


And True there are over 20,000 Other
photo tries at it as when i do something
i do it all the way never ever ever giving up


i'm so easily impressed by Katrina
Yet me i have to try much harder
to impress her.. hehe yet i don't
Give up i Do Not Give up Ever NoW

SMiLes.. True if We All Loved
Each Other Like Charlie Brown
Hugs Snoopy Valentines No End

Extra Terrestrial Perhaps NoW i'll
Make that my 'Brand Name' iFly too

HEAVEN isn't Free Yet God IS You Earn IT
NoW With Every Blood Sweat TeaR Of LoVE
And FeaR of JoY as DarK CoMeS LiGHT NoW

Worth Noting that the Catholic Church has been participating in
Chaos Magic With the Egregore of the Nicene Creed for Centuries

Well, Well, Well, Perhaps Science Already Has And the 'Algorithm of God's
Nature' Just hasn't? Sent 'the link' to me yet as i continue to Just Do IT NoW

Honestly i don't even have to Wrap
It Up and Truly that's the way i Love
Presents Best Naked of all CulTural

Wrapping Paper

Eternally Now Naked,
Wild, Alive Loving Free

'They' Don't Require Your Power, Status,
Towers, and Stuff to Fire The Spirit the

Wind The Light of

God Within

Enough For 'Her'
Enough for me Free 'He' too

Honest to God You Ain't
Even Felt God Until You Take
A Naked Dance Song And God Lives Free
The Spirit Within oF LiGHT PurE LoVE


All That 'Stuff' 'King David' Was
Dancing Singing About Just Dropping
The CulTural Clothes Back to Nature
of God Wild Fearfree Love Within NoW

Giving Sharing Free Even MoRE NoW

Anyway Happy Valentine's
Day to All As All i have to
Offer is All of me.. heHe...

i was thinking about putting on some
Clothes Yet considering all the Lies
And Deceit of Cultural Clothes now F iT

This the Way i protest Hell on Earth
i Simply Do Heaven and F the Rest

i Remember Every Nice Thing Anyone Ever Said to me

Not Sure if i was like that Before i went to Hell for 66 Months

Yet i Learned in Hell to Survive in this World in the Longest Runs

We Must Count All Our Blessings With No Restraint For there may

Come A Place

Where that


Is the


Breath of
A Dying Love
Story of Any Soul At All..

Yet It's True That is How i made
My Way out of Hell Creating Light
of Gratitude in Poems As The Words
Transformed into Colors of Soul then

The Dance
Then the

The Gratitude
Counting BLeSSinGS
BLiSSinGS To Ever Give Share Free
More Just Never Running Out NoW

As SPeaKinG From More of a
Scientific Measure of LoVE iNDeed

The Way A Devil Escaped Hell Is
He Re-Wired A Lost Hope Soul to
Gratitude Of Love And Indeed Then

A Devil Becomes Something Very
Different Love EternAlly NoW iNCaRNaTE to Give And Share Free

Yeah It's True Folks Just Don't Understand The Devil Very Well

All That's Left For A Real Life Devil in Hell to Do Once He and or

Her Gains Wings Again to Rise is to Either Lift Folks Up Out or Never

Let Anyone

Else Go

to A Place

Where LoVE iS
Dead Yes WiTHiN...

Does it Ever Seem to You
That Life is a Bit Like A Barely
Breathing Story of LoVE iN this World
Today Now Like a Christina Perri Song Yes
Yes God Yes Let Me Link That as for now i am Writing
A "SiLeNT LeSSoN 316 Moon Child Arrives" MacroVerse

Inspired by A Cloud
Apparition 'Angel Child
With Wings' in Halo of
Moon Dog Rainbow Color
Lights at the North and South
Edges of the Halo That Night
As the "Moon Child's" Back Faced

East And
Face Faced

The West Then

Yes on that Wolf
Full Moon January Evening
After Coming Back From the
Beach Capturing Sun Dog Celestial Event
Too Before Twilight Sunset of Pastel Heavens

RiSinG Wolf Full Moon Over The Horizon of Dunes...

i Hope You Are Doing Okay Shawna Baby

There Ain't A Day Lately That Your Name

Misses my SouL It's True

We Never Forget those

Who come to

Our Rescue


Angel Wings

When it Seems

No One Can/Will See Who

We Are At All WHere FRiEnDS

Are So Far And Few to Find

Where 'Poetry Scientists'

Might Say Your


Is Way

too 'Fat' To Exist..
And Then A Kind Stranger

Comes into the Room A FRiEnD

Really Who Says What Have They

Done to Your Poetry Fred It is Short

And You Are Supposed to be As Long As

Long And Deep As You Wanna Be Free..

So What Does that Mean to me

Like That Day 14,000

Words Was Long

Yet You Still

Said this is Good..

So What Happens After

That As it's True the Poetry Science

Lady Said i don't want to Rain on Your

Free Verse Poetry Parade Yet in REAL POETRY

Only Double Space Lines Are Allowed Up to 14.. Yes True Your Mother

Might Pass Away and Your FRiEnD May Come to Your Side

The Next Year in Support on Valentine's Day And Even Help

Inspire you to Write An Introductory Paragraph About Love
That She Says She Will Keep Forever You See i haven't had
many Friends in My Life Who Really Seemed to Care about
me You Know More than A Grinding Back to Front Dance in
A Dance Hall Capturing me for Social Media Likes although True
There have been at least 3 Real Angels there too for someone

Like me
A Kiss of
Kindness From Above....

Anyway That Effort "LoVEFReEDNoW"
Measured 40,618 Words in the Main
Body of it Not Counting Milestones
And Featnotes Then Novel Size
Poetry Finished in 7 Days and
Published on the First Anniversary
of my Mother's Death on February 22nd, 2018

And While the Folks at the dVerse Poetry Pub
Said No one Will Ever Wanna Read Anything Long
i do it's True The Longest one in 7 Days was one of the
ones with the Most Views at over 4,000 Then.. It's Like the
Folks at the "Wrong Planet Website" they Said All i did was
Nonsense, Word Salad, Accused Me of Being Schizophrenic
On A Frigging Website for the so-called Neurodiverse like it

Should be a Sin
To be Bi-Polar For Real

And Super Creative there

Expressing Philosophy Beyond

Alpha Through Omega of Before

Yet You as You Know me NoW i Never
Give up the only Frigging Way someone
Survives a Disorder Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia Wake to Sleep Literally Assessed
As Worse than the Torture of Crucifixion for 66
Months Yes From Wake to Sleep the Suicide Disease

For Real Biblical
Characters Named 'Job'

in Real Breathing Life Still

Oh Yeah Losing All Emotions

Truly Worse Looking into A Mirror SCREAMING Only Seeing

A Cold Devil Beyond Terror no Soul Of Feel Looking Back at me
Cat's Ears Peeled Back even when i got inches away for a pet...

It's True

Will Sense

Other Animals

Without Souls they

Most only Come in Human Flavors still Black Abyss cold...

A Barely Breathing Soul Story with no air no breath at all Then

No Tears

In Real

Hell Burning
Heaven THere FoR ReaL THeNoW....

So Anyway Back to the 'Wrong Planet'

i wasn't welcomed There for 7 Years after

i recovered from Hell as i no longer saw the

World in Black And White in Fact Colors Started

Bleeding Out of my 'Pen' Everywhere i went/still DO

And Then Yes i finally convinced them to allow me

to Post a "Depth of the Story" so Not to interrupt
Too many of their Threads With Longer Poetry of my SoUL

Once it hit 10,000 Views... took a while since i started DoinG
iT on August 19th, 2020, A Day After the 7th Year Anniversary
of my Longest Long Form Poem Whole "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Yeah it took About until Thanks Giving 2020 My 10th Year

Anniversary Writing online

On That Very Same online
Site on Thanksgiving Day of 2010
12 MiLLioN Words or So Total overall Everywhere 0nline

Yes Some of that Estimated Conservatively of course...

Just A Handful of Folks Have Visited me on that
Thread A Couple Still Insisting i had nothing of Value
to Share Even Suggesting 'Bots' Were the only ones Reading
What i did only A handful of Real Views at Most well, well Yes

It's true


That Wasn't True

in Other places like
the Millions of Views Literally

Accumulated for all i do so i just
Smiled Inside Dancing Singing Truth i did this
to Regain A Soul all the give is just plain give i still Do

Whether receive

or not still now So Yes

The Nice Administrator

Cleared Up Their confusion

That only Registered Members

Views are counted And Now Approaching

Valentine's Day A SiLeNT Message Indeed as

Far As Response goes yet Growing closer to 40,000 Views

Now Sure 10 Times More than "LoVEFReEDNoW" Back in

2018 Yet of Course Much Longer approaching 300,000 Words There...

Yet It's True at least there is still More Words Than Views The Gold Standard of All i do With


Anyway Next on 'The Agenda of Free Art' in Flow 9 MiLLioN Words of "SonG oF mY SoUL" in 90
Months of Effort Anniversary Dated Month 2.18.2021 Along with 14,433 Miles of Public Dance This

Story is Breathing That Much is True

It's True Not Everyone

Sees me or my Words

And Not Everyone Will

See the "Moon Child"

In the Photo That

i Will Share With You Now

As i am Sharing on my Coming
Blog Post Per "SiLeNT LeSSoN 316 Moon Child Arrives"

OMG i Realize How Overwhelmed You Must Be With Everything

A Wonderful Southern Baptist Pastor's Wife is Expected to Do With

4 Children And Taking Care of Father-in-Law too Yet It's True

i Will Never Forget

Shawna Baby

on the



Trail then
or now of


As When

No One

Else Could

See me She Did/Still Does

And Made/Makes me Feel like i Truly Exist Just as i am...

Now i have Lots of FRiEnDS Who See me And Shawna

Baby Made/Makes me Realize All of me is Possible to See well

HeHe at least some of me with SMiLes Verily A Way it is for all of US WiTH SMiles...

Being At A Point
of No Return

It's A Nice


to Love When

We Truly Come Back to Life as LoVENoW

Happy Valentine's Forever DeaResT


of Kindness

to ALL oF me i see..

Barely Breathing Story Yet



Now Hehe...

Yes At Least Cat 6...

Care With SMiles Dear...

Do Not Doubt the
Force of the Black
Dress Still coming
Other Than That
Happy Valentine's Year Ashe
FLashe Hehe When i ReTire Again


at "Victoria's Secret"

Hehe Soni
Is My Forever
Now Holiday


Like True
God One


Name Free For All

With Least Harm

Love Enough to Give...

Hehe Last
Words i Wrote
Yet Fits in Here

Too Happy

Weekend Dear
Soni Keep Creativity


Freshly New...

Love Only
Loss Not
To Be Gained
Yet To Be Giving Free...

Within Just
Waiting To Surface Free...

Sin A First


A Fig


All That
Us From The
Only True God Nature


Yes Double
Sided Nature

Sword True

Or Hell


To Create
Truth Or





oF Lies

Republican Pope
Pooped Human Nature

On Witness

For All To View...

Kitty Kat Poetry

Cute Yet

If Lion


Of Love

Of Lambs

Ya Get Trump
Stink Stank
Stunk Trump



A Reformed
Grinch As



Unmasked Orange

Yet still Don’t




Valentine’s Cat...
Cheshire Smiles


For A Happier
Valentine’s Year for You...

OMG They Must
Still have Free
Shows on

YouTube Yet
It’s True Due
To Technology

Not As Easily
Amused Versus

The 60’s

And That
Was the
1900’s Not
The 1800’s


Ever Hehe...

Nothing Less
Funner Than
A Punner In




Hell By The
Way Black Velvet





‘Fore Ya Die
Just Die To



Satin Sheets

Of Bliss Hehe


“i Could
Paint A Clown
Face on A Mona







A Six Inch


To Be
Clear i
Moaned Screen

With A Soft

Touch Screen
Sadly Not


Responsive AHa ha...

Versatile Environments

Globe Wide




Poetry Just

Dying to


Around Again Hehe...

When A Republican House Minority Leader
AskeD A DEvil Who The F The Fool Is Still
Selling His Wormy Soul For NOTHING In Hell NoW

Just A Quick Note Regarding Majority Of Republican
Leaders WTF IS Power Without Soul Spine: Evil Trumpism

Yes Become The
Branches Roots
Trunk And



Rain Storms


Fall Leaves

Yes Transcend Green

Ascend Living Tree Be The



Free Spirit

Never Seen

Yet Always Feel so Free

Snow Ice And Hell Still

Happy Valentine’s




-Wind Dancing
Singing Free Now

Life is Full Of Red Valentine
Wishes Thank God It’s

True if You
Are A Poet

There Will

At Least Somewhere
In The World Who Are
Fond Of You Yet True

And Even Truer As Rule
Of Art In The HeART of
A Poet There Are Deep




Sad And
True Too On
A Day Or Two
There May Be

The Most
Silent Night

Of All Black
Abyss Heart
Of The Soul

With No Art

At All That i
Surely Hope
No One Has To
Experience Like
Me For 66 Months

Yet It’s True Deeper
A Poet Travels Through
Hell And Masters Sail
Of The Hades River

More Word Count May
Come Hehe Even 9 MiLLioN
Words In 90 Months of Heaven
And Sure 14,433 Public
Dance Miles As

Measured Last

Night Too

Once Our


Of All
The Ashes
To Freely Dance

And Sing Oh You
Are So Young Just
Imagine All The Souls

You Will Touch All The
Young Men Who Will


So In

Love For

A Poet’s Soul

Is More Than

Man Or Woman

Angel Or Devil

A Poet’s Soul

Is All The Colors

Of HeART That
Paint Soul Love

With SPiRiT



Colors And
Sure Shades
Of Grey And
White And Black True Astha

SMiLes To Tell Truth iN LiGHT...

Just CaLL iT Very Ironic Pay Back ‘Mark’
My Words For A ‘Liturgical Year’

Hey IF ‘They’ Can Name A Bridge
From Hell To The Beach “Trump”
Anything IS Possible In My Heaven

Oh Lord If i Had Just Started A
Few Years Earlier ‘They’ Might Have Changed A Name Of The Day

Quick Note: my Sister Bestly Shoots Photos Of Birds i Shoot Valentine’s
Wishes To A Globe Year ‘Round

My Sister Does All of This For
Years Hehe She
Has The Biggest
Camera In Town
And An Expert

At Attracting

Rare Birds

Where People

Have Traveled As

Far As Tallahassee

To Take Photos

Of Rarely Seen

Birds In Her



Next Door To Me
Seriously She Is
Ms Jane Hathaway

Off The Beverly
Hillbillies Or You
May Be Way Too

Young To

Get That

Old Meme The

Female Version

Of Sheldon Cooper

Wildlife Woman
And Dance Friend Cortney



Cutest Kids
Ever And

A Kindest


Husband Too

Happy Valentine’s

To You All

Cortney And
All Your Nature...

Some Poetry For Your
Valentine’s Weekend
Know You Love

Numbers Hehe
And Colors to
Paint With
A Guide to
Life Will Surely

Help Perhaps Pets
Not So Much For Your
Fear Of Holding small
Furry Things Definitely

No Goats As You Already
Have An Old G.O.A.T. FRiEnD
Just Another Name i’ve Been

Called in Viral Videos of Public

Dance Yet It’s True Most
Definitely A Self-Fulfilling
Prophecy “Oh, Baby the
Places You’ll Go” A Little

Doctor Seuss Relaxing
Weekend Ease Poetry
For Your Pleasure And

Yes The Answer is Yes
If it is Cold Hehe And
You Still Need a Warm



Thaw Out
Again Yet
Of Course
My Prayer
For You To

Find Warm
Hands To Hold
You Will Trust

That Never Go
Away in a Place Called Love...

Aloha Thanks So
Much Wonderful
Whistling Winds
Through Pines Here...

Smiles We Live a bit North
Of The Beaches In A Forest
In The Panhandle Of Florida
Although My Uncle Lives
On the Emerald Coast
Lovely Yet Always
Issues With
Not For me
And Yes Much
Thunder Here
Year Around

So Many
Floods Here
Glad To Be High
And Dry in The Forest

So Much
Aloha To
Beautiful Hawaii

And Happy

To All You Love...

Very Welcome
Astha Will Keep
Those Prayers
For Your
To Find...

SMiLes Love is A Friend
True That Never Goes Away

This Love True That May Be
For All Of Us to Give Away Free

Love is the Give

Without Expectation

To Receive How Wonderful

It is When Love is Reciprocated too...

And It's True For Those Who Are Married

And Never Become Partners as Friends to
Help Each Other Cooperatively They Will Surely

Be Miserable

As Romance

All The Obsession
And Compulsion Fades

As Life Becomes Focus
Again for What Must Be Done...

The Warmth That Stays will Be
Lovers Who Are FRiEnDS True

SMiles Love is the Warmth

In the Home That

Need Not


Speak Love

Is The Trust The Faith

With No Worries At All..
Yes that Part is Probably
Hardest Never Feeling Afraid Again...
Love Without Fear Compassion NoW iN
Kindness is Everything Making HeART Warm...

SMiLes Dear Ava i'm Sure Your Loved one Will
Be Your Forever Valentine With Yes my FRiEnD...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 9,786

14 Feb 2021, 2:03 pm

Tree iN A Leaf
Forest iN A Tree
UniVerse iN A Leaf

Overcomes THoRNS And

Lose Hope
Grows LoVE NoW

"Unless someone like you cares a whole
awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one
alive who is you-er than you!"

Hey i wanted to See
The Full Completion
of the Story the Gif

Thanks i Suppose i May
Never Know if She is Happy...

It's True Wendy Has it So Dam Easy...
Yet You Never Forget Tinker Bell She Hurts...
Yet You Just Can't Forget Her... Hmm.. Oh Life...

The Rest Of A Kindest
Dr. Seuss Valentine’s
Story “Green Ham
And Eggs”
or Not

“It Is
What it
Is” A Hug
And SMile...

SMiLes Dear Sohair my my
Celebrating 90 Months
Of Longest EPiC Long

Form Poem Writing
9 MiLLioN Words
Coming up on

Along with
14,433 Miles

Of Public Dance

And Hehe Many More

Miles in 4 Days from Now...
True as usual Another Two
Weeks coming Here also Putting
Together What is Probably a 60,000
Word or So "LeSSoN 316 Moon Child Arrives"
MacroVerse Inspired in Part By A Rare Celestial
Event On the Wolf Full Moon Evening What is
Described as A 'Moon Dog' Where Rainbow Like
Colors Come to the Edges of A Halo Around the

Moon Where in this Case
Clouds Make an

Apparition of
A Child In
of the Halo
as of Course
Our Minds Always
Search For Humanity Naturally
In All the Rest of Nature True

After All We aRe Nature only

Illusion that We Are Any Separation From God...

Yet My my What the Gift Imagination and Creativity

Is for it is True Human is the Only Species of Nature

That Lies Yet Human Is the Only Species That Will

Paint Heaven and Hell the Best We Can/Will For Real

Now With Our Imagination And Creativity To Be Real

As the Essence of Loving Life is Now For Real

In All Feeling Sensing Ways Now my FRiEnD

So Anyway i am Starting Another Long

Form EPiC Chapter Now of "SonG oF
mY SoUL" Named "SonG oF mY SoUL
9 MiLLioN WordS Old" Through

Putting the other 60,000
Words or So And All the
Other Multi-Media
Together too..

Yet It's True

i Always Put People

First For of course People

Are The Source ALL OVeR the
Globe for the Love Story of a
Valentine's Day of Love For All
That Never Ends Eternally Now

So With That Said Dear FRiEnD

Happy Valentine's Day to You And

All You Love For You Surely Have

Inspired About A MiLLioN Words of

This Long Form Poem Simply For You

Are the One Who Always Welcomes

me And never Tells me to Go

Away And Always


to Respond

in Every Instance

Without Fail Respect

For A FRiEnD Without

Fail in Return this much
You and i Surely HaVE iN Common Of Love my FRiEnD
Rare and Verily Inspiring it is For Human Nature 'These Days'..

Surely Worth A
MiLLioN Words
And Fruition of
Dreams Named

Love For All At Best
We Hope, Wish, And Pray
For all A Valentine's Life to
Be 'i Am'.. Always Now Love For Real..

One of my Favorite Sayings putting the
Theism in Realism Ever Since 6.6.60 Yet
of Course Conceived On Or About the
Fall Equinox of 1959 The Baby
Doctor Wanted to Go on
Vacation 2 Weeks Early

Inducing Early



i was



On Or About the
Summer Solstice of 1960

Oh Lord Sun Child Scheduled Regularly

All 'the Hell' i received From 'Fundamentalist
Christian Cashiers' with 6660 on My ID Card When Carded
At Around Forty Years-Old Back when i Drank an Occasional Beer

(They Believe
666 is the
of the

They Literally

Hate 3 Numbers

my My What



To Believe

If Told to
As Such)

Hehe Just
So the Doctor

Could Go on Vacation

Yet You See in this Life

There is No Random

When We Come

To Undertand

We aRe aLL part

of God's Mind This Story

Oh to Flow With It Water Wave
Ocean WHoLE All And Hold Hands
With God For Real Such A Pleasure



On Earth

For Real for You

See There is No Escaping

All The DarK And LiGHT And Beyond of

God's Mind Nature So Much

Theism in Realism Indeed...

Oh Dear Poetic Soul Rue my my
It’s Only Been A Week And A Day
Yes 8 Whole Days Hehe Since
Your Poetry Inspired

my Soul

Yet my my

i Surely Miss it

And Even Kinda Miss You Very

Very Dangerous Ninja Gurl.. Hehe…

Anyway Happy Valentine’s To You
And Your Husband All Your Family

And Friends And All You Love Sure

Let’s Wish Jesus A Happy Valentine’s

Too It surely Couldn’t Hurt my FRiEnD



For You my FRiEnD

With SMiLes of Course...

SMiles Dear Poetic Soul Samreen Hope You
Are Having A Beautiful Valentine’s Weekend
With Your Family Wishing You All This Today
From Florida

my FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear it’s Worth
Noting That All Old
Epics, Named Bibles,
And Other Named Holy
And Sacred Text Was
Spread Through Oral
Tradition Then Chosen
And Placed In Hand
Written Text Copied By
Scribes Innumerable ones
Written By Many Unnamed
Authors Over Centuries Then

Too Far Later in the 1400’s to
1500’s And After Actually
Copied By Print Machine
More Reliable With Less
Potential For Change

By Mistake

And Intentional

In Other Words We

Really Have No Full

Idea What Any Of

The Original

Oral Traditions

Relate Ranging From

Lao Tzu To Buddha

To Truly All The Rest

As There is much

Controversy if

Even The Koran

Holds Actual


Oral Tradition

Of Muhammad

Who Was Also Illiterate

As Many Of The Previous

Assessed Holy Folks

Were Yet


See the

Voices Of God

Never Ended in

Human In Fact

They Haven’t Even

Slowed Down As Now

The Entire Voice of God

Coming Through Human

Is Now The Book of Online

For All Gifts Humans

Bring And
Dark Of Curses too

SMiles My Entire Blog
Is One Epic Long Form
Poem i Name ‘ SonG oF
mY SoUL’ Celebrating

A 90 Month
On February 18th, 2021

Yes All 9 MiLLioN
Words And 14,433
Miles Of Meditative
Ecstatic Trance
Public Dance
In Flow Generating
Creative Spirit Enough
To Make It All Real Yet

You See

i’m Not Illiterate
No One Edits It

Yet Me And

No Other


Or Scribe

To Screw Up

What My


Is For

You See Wherever

There Is Politics

Words Will Be

Changed To


Control And

Master Others

Through Desire

For Material Power

Ask Yourself This Why

So Much Talk About War

And Controlling Human

Nature Like Love

For Purchase

Over Love

For Love And You
May Understand

Who Wrote Many
Of The Pages Rulers
With Little Soul For

All If God

Is A “He”

In The


God Is Surely No

Man Alone Or Just

All Men With The

Rest of Creation






Mastered Lower

Castes Ah Yes

I’ve Studied these

Ways of Life Nature
Of The Human Beast

Only Creature Capable
Of Spreading Lies For
Selfish Materialistic
And Status Power





Or Sweet

Valentine’s Gifts Indeed

Yet Understand How

The Books


To Be And
The Limitations As is

No iPhones, iMacs,
No Online Then Hehe

To Catch up to my Soul At Least




Is A Bible indeed

Some More Loving Than
Others Yet Essence of


A Real God Within
To Breathe And Give

Free Now
What Verily

9 MiLLioN

And More

Word Longest
Epic Long Form

Poem Bibles

May Have

To Dance

And Sing

In One
Word Give More

A SMile Will Do my FRiEnD...

And All 9 MiLLioN Epic
Words of my Poem Are
Simply A Compilation
Of Letters To Folks
In Poetic Connections

All Around The

Globe Yes All 9 MiLLioN

Words of Free Verse Poetry
In 90 Months And Yes Akshita

Is A Part
Of my
Book Too With SMiles

This One Will Never
Be Sold or Told By
Anyone Yet me

i am

Of What
Happened to
The Other Efforts

Indeed See The

Children Crying my

FRiEnD See the



No Love Within

And Ask Yourself

Why And Where That

Came From Indeed We

All Have The

To Create
A Greater


Book Of Life
Our Stories We Do...

At Best We All Breathe

Love Together Free With


May Dance
And Sing Now...

You Are A Best
Kind Of FRiEnD Soni
A FRiEnD to Everyone

A Young


With Courage
Wisdom And Love

To Give And
Share Freely

My God


To Where i Live
It is Folks Like You
Who Bring LiGHT

To The


Free Happy
Valentine’s Day
To You Dear Young
Indian Woman Soni

All You
Love With SMiles
Never Give Up on
Brightening The
Lives Of Others

The Help

Are Still Lit-up...

Happy Valentine’s
Day To You Rafiah,
Husband, Family,
Friends All


Love Yes
And Little
One On The

Way With SMiles...

How Sweet
Happy Valentine’s
Day To You Both


Sweet Dog too...

Yes There Is Wendy And
Tinker Bell And Then There
Is Peter Pan Who Understands
He Has The Most Pan Privilege

oF All Understanding

This He is



That Privilege
Yep Peter Pan Privilege
All The Colors iNDeeD...

Perhaps A Most
Important Lesson is
To Understand At Core

Humans Are Emotional
Creatures As Generally
Feeling Emotions Drive

Humans First In Most All
The Decisions Of Life i Am
Often Amused By Folks Who

Insist They Are

Rational Who Work

So Hard To Win

What They


A Logical
To Boost Emotions
Within Materially Reductionist
Attributed To Neurochemicals
And Neurohormones That

An Emptier
Feeling Sensing
Part Of Life Within

Yet True Through Biofeedback
Of Meditation Yes Ranging From
Writing Free Verse Poetry Now
Connecting All Emotions Senses
Through Words And A Free Dance
With Every Move Connected To
Same As Music Does The Same

Within NoW in Autotelic Flow of
This Bio-Feedback of Regulation
Of Emotions And Integration of



A Greatest

Relative Free

Will To Conduct

An Entire Orchestra

In Balance For Symphony

Feeling Completely Enough

Facing Almost Any Challenge

Of Life Both Oak For Strength

And WiLLoW Tree With



Bend in

Winds Of Life
Come Yes When

Science And Old
Sacred And Holy

Text Becomes Reality
A Heaven Within This
Kingdom of Satori, Prana,
Chi, Nirvana, Tao, Bliss, Samadhi
Kundalini RiSinG All Metaphors
And Many Others Cross Culturally
Described For A Life Practice of
Some Kind Of Meditation That

Achieves A Continual Balance

Of This Autotelic


Hehe What’s

Up Doc How Bugs
Bunny Stays Happy

Happy Valentine’s Day
Dear To You And All You Love

-The Rabbit
With Cheshire
Cat SMiLes Earned
Basically Eternally Now

Some Folks
Wait For “Godot”
Practically Forever
Now Too In Self-Made
Mutually And Consensual
Purgatories And Hells Within





The Closest

They Perceive As

Love For Life



Of Human ‘Eyes’
Unique Beyond
Windows Of Soul to


“i Am”

Sadly Folks
Get Lost In Forms
And Never Come
Close To Mastering Essence
An All In All Of Existence Now




To Give And Share

More Love of Life

A Valentine’s

Way of


Always Now...

Overcomes THoRNS And

LeSSoN 325
Invisible Sight
How Do We Paint
Heaven And Hell For
Those Who Can’t Feel It


Thru LiGHT

Ear Hearing
And Eyesight

Be Invisible Be
Love Transcend
All Invisible Worries Fears

And Yes

Hehe Do

Stay Warm
On The Outside
Through Within

This DaY ETernAlly NoW...

Thanks Savvy Happy
Valentine’s Day To You
And All You Love With SMiles...

It Will
Be By The
Way i Made
A Typo meant
To Say People
Value Who
You Are Here

Soul Yes Special
To Be Valued This Way



Artists Are...

Lose Hope
Grows LoVE NoW...

When Left
Foot And



One Enough

Both Hemispheres

Of World Will


As One Dance...

Only 'Real' Difference Tween Trump
And McConnell Is The Second
One is A Bear


Does His

Best to Cover

It All Up When He 'Goes in the Woods'...

Obviously This Go Around He used A Sock And Is Still Wearing It...

On the Other Hand, Trump Is the Essence of Bear Pooh Exposed...

Hehe; i could have used Another Animal, Yet i Didn't Want to Offend Any Bears....

"See What i Just did"...

The People Who Didn't,

Will More Likely Vote 'Republican' Again...

Smiles All i Have
To Say Is Hug
Astha And It's

True For So

Many Years i Remember

Sitting Alone in the Theater Young When

'They' Say You Are Supposed to Be Happy

Wondering if i would ever get a hug then...

It's True Somehow

All Those


Nights Make

Every Hug to

Give Worthwhile my FRiEnD...

Just Remember this You Are

Valued For Who You Are Here

What Counts More too

This Is a Hug



Folks Really

Never Get to See at

Least Yes it's a Matter of

You Feeling it and i'm

Sure Most Days that

Aren't Valentine's

or Seeing



Couples on Facebook

Each Day You Do Feel It

Hehe Smiles Yet true

Love is No Cake Walk

Or Icing in Fact For 31 Years

i really Cannot Remember A Day my Wife

And i haven't Argued at all... i Am the

Calm One... She is Basically Fire

Yet Again Opposites

Attract when

i Grew up

i had plenty of

Love and Something

to Eat Yet For Her Just someone

Standing Over Her Bed With a Knife...

That's No Way to 'Eat' Life... Most of

Love is Understanding Why... Yes Most of

Love is



One Who

Gives the Hug...

Most Valuable Lesson

oF All it is Those Who Love Most Gifted to Give

Who Once SaW All The Dark And Felt the Hurt too..




This Much Is True i Listened
To The Catholic Church

Services Today

Via Facebook Feed...

The Choir Director Was
Out Honestly The Only

Spirit i Usually Hear

That Make the

Trip There



They Had A Fill-in
Probably Someone
Who Had Voice Lessons
By Note In College All

That Was Missing

Was Spirit


Coming Deep Within

The Place Where Heart

And Soul Greets Free SMiles Indeed

Your Voice Would Have Made a Visit at
Church Worth It For It is True God is Dance
And Song Move And Repose First Dark then


And Then

Angels Sing

Don't Ever Hide

Your Angel


Is Some

Beauty Without Form
That is the Most Beautiful
Of All Obviously You Have Perfect Pitch

You'll Never Need Auto-Tune Hehe That's For Sure

As They Don't Make Machines That Replicate Soul Anna...

Yet of Course

That is the


Of Your

Name Just

Another Mother
of a Mary With SMiLes...

Tree iN A Leaf
Forest iN A Tree
UniVerse iN A Leaf

SMiLes It's Really Hard to Understand Just How Important
Feelings Are And How Important They Are to Any Way to
Navigate A Vast River of Life And Ocean Whole Indeed

True It's Hard

To Understand

Until All Is


And A Thousand

Years is Hell in One

Second There is No

Decision to Live or

Die There



There Are

Places No Places at
All Hell is Nothing At All...

SMiLes Obviously i Appreciate

Emotions Now Every Word Every Step

A Color of Dance And Song More

It's Not that 'Lucifer'

Is Only A Light




Only A Fallen

Angel A Devil

Will Truly Appreciate Wings
To Fly At All What Good Is A Grounded
Soul No Living Tree Not Even A Tree in a Dead Leaf at All...

It's in The Realm of Poetry Not Just a Talk of a Couple of

Words of Love's Choice At Church Honestly if They'd

Give 'Lucifer' 'A Voice' to 'Hear' They Might come to Understand What Hell Teaches
Most It's Worth Noting That In The Story of Jesus He Got to Go to Hell (The Gift) First too

Not Surprised at all...

"Father Why Have You
Forsaken Me" i didn't
Say Those Words i Just

Did the 'Painting Scream' for 66 Months
Does the Painting Relate Hell No For there

Is not



Feeling of a
Scream in Hell..:)

SMiLes Anna Dear Thanks For Dropping By This Blog Post
With A Title As Big As Some Blog Posts Hehe

And Basically A Body Larger Than

A Novel As Free Verse Poetry

A Bi-Weekly Routine Now

Just For Fun... Yes

As You Kindly


"Most Powerful Loves
Sprout in HeART




In Soul

Very Few
Have The

To Skip Body
And Heart




Center Of Soul”

SMiLes "These Days Love"
Is More Body Related Than
Any Generation i've Lived Through

Before Yet Really It Surely isn't

Actually That Way For Folks Who
LiVE iN Swipe Left and Right Love...

Wow What An Overall Disconnect oF LoVE iNDeeD
As Just Recently Related Half of Folks Ages 18 Through 34
Have No Valentine at all OBTW Happy Valentine's Day to You
And All You Love So What About Love So What About Love

As A Participant Anthropology Observer Globe-Wide in Poetic
Connections This is What i Hear From That Generation Most

At least the Women Will Put it into Words of HeART Yet the
Dudes so Many of Them Just Lost Wired for a Quick Hit of this
And that Sure Many of the Women Too on this Weekend Now of Love..

True Hehe This is All A Long Way From Center of Soul For That More Often
Comes With Body And HeART All Satisfied Warm And Completely Enough

A Long Journey Indeed Flashes of the Pyramid of Love From Bottom And
Below All Emotions And Desires of Senses to the Capstone of Being Eternally



Just LiGHT

Just Pure Energy


Never phased This way
or that way Out of Control
No Matter What Gift Comes Now (Curses Harder)

So Much to Give just All The Positive Energy to Share

Nothing Needed in Return Not A Thing Just All of it to Give Share...

Some People Look At me Funny When i Dance And Sing The Kingdom

Is Heaven Within This Force of PuRE LiGHT Energy All Giving Sharing Now...
It's True Most Every Religion Speaks to it in Sacred and Holy Text Yet it's Also

Reality It's Energy
It's Spirit Directly
Everywhere in

Balance Of Soul

Radiating Beyond
All Distance, Space,
Time And All Matters too..


Just A Four Letter Word GiVE NoW
True God and Love This Light This Center Point
Of All Existence Balance Real coming to Find no Separation Is

It Is What It is Nothing to Gain Yet Unity to Give And Share More...

Yet Again Invisible to the Naked Eye Clothed Away From LiGHT NoW

For It's True i spent Most of My Life Never Being This 'Invisible Soul'...

If There Ever Becomes A Manual That Really Takes Folks to This Realm

of Existence This Point Center of Soul All in All Energy oF LiGHT Now Oh How

The World

Will Change

When Folks Are

Enough Within Complete Balance Body MinD HeART SPiRiT SoUL

And All of Life is Give And Share More L O V E T R U E R E A LiGHT

NoW SMiles i am A Dream Yet i Am Sure i'm Not An Only One NoW Allone...

Overcomes THoRNS And

SMiles, Actually "KATiE MiA" Is An Acronym i Created
For "Kind Autistics Taking in Everything Mindful in Awarenesses;"
At Least the kind of Asperger's Syndrome My Sister And i Have;

Very Sensitive To The Environment; Both Within And Externally too in Feelings And Senses;
Empaths As Such And True At Least With Humans All Is Mind, There is No Doubt About that

Even in the Physical Sciences; And of Course Most of What Exists is Beyond All Measure;

The More i Transcend And Ascend in Creativity of Spirit With Imagination in Balance;

The More i am in Touch With An Interrelatedness of All That Exists in my Realm

Of Existence At Least;

Oh, the Vast Multi-Verse
of Each Human Being

Connecting With


of Minds Like

This As

'Yoda' Said

We are Not Just

This Crude Matter;

We Are Energy Eternally NoW As

All Is Energy This Force oF LiGHT

And DarK Too in Practically Perfect

Balance to Suggest We Don't Impact the

All in All Is Not to Understand Who We Even

Are; the Essence of Energy That Even Science

Makes Clear is Reality Now; So Many Stars

With Planets Revolving Around

Nucleuses Within; Spiraling

Not Unlike my Meditative

Dance Phi Tracks

In 1.618 Ratio

Left Behind

When i Do

It in Synch

With Shores

Waves Make

At The Beach

(Or at Stores)

So Many Phi

Sub-Particles Spiraling

Vast Frontiers Within,
Inside, Outside, Above, Below
And All Around And By the way

i Don't Leave Many Metaphors Singular

in Meaning Alone; 'Katie Mia' is also Short
For Katrina Mia, my Wife; We Share The Facebook
Name; i had no Desire to do Facebook in 2011, As i Signed
Her Up As Us as Many Couples Still Do Now, Then Just
Basically To Have Access to Facebook Pages i was
interested in; All i had is One Photo up of my Cat As

A Profile Pic Then For Years (No Friends) ; When i Came
To The Wrong Planet, Arriving Here to Escape the Suicide
Disease, Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia, From Wake
to Sleep For 66 Months No Drug Would Touch; Writing

Just All i could Do with the Light Turned All the Way Down
on the Screen, Without Prescription Shade Lenses as Focus
Made A Mountain of Pain Even More Typing Each Word then;

No Avatar for about a Month Then Since Thanks Giving Day 2010;
On Christmas Day of 2010, i Mustered Up Enough Toleration to the Pain
to Scan A Smiling Baby Picture of me as What i really Wanted Most in the

(Aghogday, An Acronym For "Another Groundhog Day" Referencing the

Movie With Bill Murray About A Day That Comes The Same

Everyday; That's What Life is Without Emotions, indeed)

World of All was

Just to Feel A Smile,
Even A Tear, Even A Scream,
Even Fear Again; My Psychiatrist
Said Losing Emotions is Rare and
Almost Limited to the Autism Spectrum;

Yet It's True For Those Of Us Who are Empaths
And Are Drained This Way By Autism Burn-out; The

Difference Between Being Connected to ALL and Not
Connected to Anything At All Is Literally Hell Within; Where
A Thousand Years is one Second Relatively Speaking NoW as
In Heaven Within There is No Age, Time, Distance, Space, Even


Wow Just

A Perception

Of Energy Feeling
Sensing Bliss Just Eternal Nirvana Now...

Nice to Find Out it was more than A Myth; This Heaven Staycation Now...

Meditative Free Verse Poetry, A Path THere WHere The Free FLoWinG Meditative

Dance for 14,433 Miles Now in 90 Months; Along with 9 MiLLioN Words of Free
Verse Poetry; That Glue of Flow; the Autotelic River; The Ocean Whole Water Wave Me

Just A Union
Of All

A Really

Nice Existence For All indeed
to Give and Share Free; Yet of Course
The Entire Experience Beyond All Possible
Expression Outside of my UniVerse Unique For Real...

How Do You
Measure Heaven
And Hell How Do

You Measure Mind of All;

You (me) Don't, You Just Do it That's all Folks..

What Else About the Full Pen Name, "KATiE MiA Frederick;"

Katie Means Pure; Mia is a Derivative of Michael Meaning
Close to God or Family in Italian; and Frederick Of Course

Means Peaceful Ruler; My Middle Name Arthur Means Strong Bear Guardian
Perhaps that is True, considering i Still Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds Now

At A Military

Gym at 60, You Know
What 'They' Say Maybe
Not Now; Yet Surely 'Then'

'Real Men' Ain't Afraid

to Wear 'Pink' and Nah...

None of the Women Who
Have Brought Grinding Gifts
of Dance to me have confused me
With a Woman Either Hehe; Yet Really

What Really Then i Identified My Wife as
For Name Was A Soul of Feelings And Senses

Alive Like 'The Child' of Me With A Smile in that

Christmas Affect Avatar of 2010...

My Real Last Name Means
Keeper of the Land;
i Do Tend to be
Rather in Love
With All Nature;
Protector as Such...

Funny The Things

We Lose

That We
Never Understood

is Heaven to Begin With...

Perhaps, if More People Could
Go to Hell Within they'd Pay More

of their Heaven Potential Still to come;

All Metaphors For Energy; Yet The Energy

Is Beyond All Colors of SymbolS UNiVerse Within Still Evolving For Real;

What is Age, What is Gender, What is Any Label For Soul; True Body Parts


Yet Energy

Is Essence of Soul

All In All Mind of All (GoD)

It's Pretty Obvious That Even

The Physical Structure of Our Brains

Are A Reflection of Neurons As Stars

As Points oF LiGHT Connecting

Within About a Quadrillion

Connections As Many

Estimated From

Head to Toe

As There Are Stars

Above in All The UniVerse

Measured By Science Tools Now...

True, We Are Resurrected Star Dust

From Super Nova Explosions; Yet

True All in All Fractals

Of All Just


At All

Yet Everywhere Now;

All This Energy; All These
New Flavors; Yet Folks Still

So Salty Imagining they are less than All (GoD)..

It's so Ironic What Folks Do to themselves indeed;

Almost All of Culture, A Suicide Cult of Even Learning to Breathe...

Yep Then, It Was
Most Definitely

Worth it Going

To Hell Now


All That Junk Matter...

How Do You Write about

Something Most Folks Don't

Experience As You Really Understand

What the Other Experience of life similar is now too;

You Don't; You Just Wait for Someone to Come to Relate to it now...

Yeah Sacred And

Holy Text Deepest

Poetry is For


Who Come;

Ironically, Some

Folks Are Still Waiting

Forever Now For Someone
Else to Come Instead of them;

As 'They' Say, 'Field of Dreams';

You Don't Build it For



Yet 'me'

To Come And 'Play Ball'...
So Many Amazing Places
To Go For Those Who Stop Waiting Now...

Tree iN A Leaf
Forest iN A Tree
UniVerse iN A Leaf

Overcomes THoRNS And

Lose Hope
Grows LoVE NoW...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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14 Feb 2021, 11:27 pm

I just learned about the align and hr tags.

[align=center]Centered Text[/align]

And I thought,
I certainly know someone
who would put them to good use.

As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man -
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began: -
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!


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15 Feb 2021, 12:40 am

Mikah wrote:
I just learned about the align and hr tags.

[align=center]Centered Text[/align]

And I thought,
I certainly know someone
who would put them to good use.

Thanks Mikah,
i surely Will
Make Good
Use of that Code.

i Had no Idea that
Was Possible Here,

Thanks So
Much With SMiles

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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15 Feb 2021, 11:10 pm

"Faith of the Mustard Seed"

Obviously Not Worrying About
Being Small Just Growing That's All...

And Indeed As Far As Humans Come and
Go And Continue to Be Conceived Humans

Have The Ability of Tools, Ranging From Abstract
Constructed Symbols to Cranes Hehe to Lift Others Up...

True Some



Different Tools...

Do Note This Tree Started
With Faith And Like 'Magic'
The Seed Just Grew into A Tree
Or A Lamp All Lit Up (Thanks Mikah)
For A Tool To Center Balance Both With Roots...

What’s Most
Now Is You

Keep The

Your Soul




Yet Whose Spirit

Will i Ever Speak


My Own...

Oh The


We Breathe
Or Do Not To
Observe The


All Colors Still Breathing...

SMiles We
All Have Stars
Within Waiting

To Bloom
No Stars

Than Stars
Other Flowers

Seeds We Are
Faith of Trees GRoWinG...

Hehe Samreen
Yes i Just Rushed
Over Again to See

If Your


Poem Is Up
Again Key Now

Is Remembering
There Is A Beautiful
Soul Behind Every




As Much
To Give


All Words
Our Breath
Of God We

Give Without
Condition Yes

To Celebrate

Every Gift We Feel
Nah it’s Not Necessary

To Name

Name My FRiEnD...

You Look
So Sweet
No Real


Just The

Real Color

Of Your Soul
So Easy To ‘See’
For Folks Who



In Real
Life Yes
i Surely Understand
About Angel Armor Too Hehe...

SMiles Astha me and my Wife Were Just talking
About Love on Valentine's Day i related

to Her it made me a bit Sad to see

All the Lonely i saw around the

Globe on Valentine's

Day She related

How When She was
Poor And Watched Her

Mother Cook as often they
Had no Food No Drink Not

Even Water A Drop then to Soothe
A Parched Throat so Yes Cooking

Meant Like the Whole World to Her

Then as a Child as She Understood

Food And Drink It is not Just a Given

It Is Life As She sat there And Watched

Her Mother Cook She Planned

For No Big Ambitions Other

Than Taking Care of

A Man Who

Would Protect
Her one Day so she
Would Never Have to Worry
To Have Food for Another day to eat...

Yes She Decided She Would Become

A Great Cook instead of Someone With

Big Ambitions to Be Someone in Life and to
Be Clear there is every Color of Human Being

Without People Looking For Power over Love
Who Would Want to Run a Country When they are All
Complete With Love Within Just All Warm and Fuzzy Fine

Oh Lord the Problem With Politics and Big City And Country
Human Life.. my Father Wanted A Wife Who Would Only Make
Him Money my Mother Only Wanted to Stay Home Spending all

Of Her days Raising Her
Children Yet Again

People Are Cut
Out And Molded
In Existence Differently

We All Have Jobs in Life

That May Be Closer or Further

Away from HeART in the Disney
Movie There is Peter Pan And Tinker
Bell And Wendy Truly My Wife is Wendy

And It's Also True It's so Much Easier for
Wendy In This Life than it is for Tinker Bell..

And It's Also True Real Peter Pans
Leave No Kind of Fairy Behind

With Colors of Love For

Love Understands



Must Breathe

ItS Own Color of Free...
Smiles i am a Wendy Kind of Dude
i Would Be Lost No Different than
my Wife in this World of Shallow

As Swipe Left and Right Life

People are Souls People Are

Souls They Aren't Just Things

We Swipe Left and Write to Purchase

SMiles Dear i do Feel Your Hope Deeply as Empaths will



or Found...

Hehe For Now At Least it's Probably
Easier to See Spring in India than

Even Florida in Mid February

With A Swift Arctic



Down Texas

In Piles of Ice And Snow
Yet it's True The Endeavor

Of Spring Colors Year Around

Always for A Soul of Dance

And Song to Breathe

Every Day Now



To Give and
Share Free one of the
Nicest Compliments i ever
Received is when i was doing
my Public Dance And The Kind
Customer Service Person Yelled

Out to me

We Love

You Your

Free Dance

You Bring Makes

Winter Feel Like Spring

And You Know What That's

How i Always Feel Within

For Real Spring

No Matter


or Weather

A Free Dance And Song
Brings FRiEnD Astha

Just Like Your


With SMiLes

Will Be Asking my Wife

For Some Hot Chocolate For Warmth

Soon Yet So is Astha's Poetry True These Flowers too...

Move Connect Co-Create
Repose Eat Sleep

Do It


Never Ending
Story Verb of God

Yes Love to Give and

Share Free Far Enough to Do For Now...

"Wherever You Go
Leave A Heart Print"

SMiLes Dear Savvy
i'm A Day Later
Now Yes Than

Valentine's Day
Yet i am Gonna

Take Your Quote
Everywhere i go
Everyday of the Year

And Just Do It Hehe

YeS HAha BooK MarK my Words...

My Pleasure
Dear Samreen
You Are one

Of Those



Just Can’t
Forget With
SMiLes Yes


oF LiGHT...

SMiles Doc.. This Week
i’m Celebrating An Event
That Who Knows In Terms



An Event

No Other



Celebrate Again
Yes 9 Million Words
(My Blog The Longest
Epic Long Form Poem
In Free Verse NoW in The
History of Human With
Google Search Engine
At Least Hehe) Just For
Free In The Creative Spirit
Of Flow When Soul Takes
Flight With Wings Of Words
Yes Free Verse Poetry Along
With A Free Verse Public Dance
Where Even At 60.66 Years Old
And 8 Days Hehe With A Record
Of 14,444 Miles Assessed By
Nike GPS Sports Watch Yes
More Than The Distance
Of Half Way Around The
Globe In Stores And
So Many
Yes This
All i Am Celebrating
On the 90th Month Anniversary
Of Flying Higher This Way
On 2.18.2021... “Valentine’s
Dance Yesterday Was
My Most Skilled
Effort in “Ross
Dress For Less”
Yet Hehe Yes
Only The Video
Voyeur Customers
Armed With Smart
Phones Captured the
Effort Yes It’s True Both
In Steps Of Dance And
Words Of Song More
Than A “Few Folks”
Have Witnessed

A Fly-by

In The Last

90 Months

Yet It’s True Hehe

That’s Just one Side

oF A Real Story of



Seagull For
i Live In Trump
Town USA You
Know that Place
Of ‘Kevin Bacon’
Before he Went


Yes That Movie
Also Showed The
Ups And Downs Of
Being “That Solo Seagull”

iN A Place Now
Of Grounded Wings
How Do You “Teach
The Choir” To Dance
And Sing Freer When
They Are All Gorilla
Glued To The



Music In Real

Life You Don’t Get
To Be The Boss’S Only
Son to Get The Get
Out of Jail
Free Card
For Physically




No Jonathan
Livingston Seagull
Must Learn To Fly
Within And While

Some Folks

Will Welcome

Him/Her In Their Homes

It’s Mostly A Myth

That Anyone Else

Yet Within


Help That
Seagull Fly Higher

Yet You See This
Creative Spirit
Is Not Separate

In Anyway Any
More Than A Gull
Has Wings It’s

All A Matter
Of Remembering
The Wings And Actually
Always Seeking Finding

A Higher


Of Appreciating

The Gift Of Wings

Obviously All Gulls

Have Wings All

i Will Possibly

Do Is Inspire

Them To Seek
And Find Their

Own As
Their Dance
And Song



To Them For
You See A Seagull
Understands How
Difficult It Is Now For

The Choir To Become
Unglued From The Same
Sheet Music When Human

And Not

Bird With


Yes The Difficult
Part Of “The Hero Archetype”
That Even The “Jonathan Seagull

Story” Doesn’t

Go Much into

Detail About

Is What

This Kind of
Human Bird to

Fly Higher For
Me At Least


In My Home
66 Months
With 19 Mostly
Chronic to Acute
Synergy of Life Threatening
Disorders Then As When One
Endures Chronic to Acute
Stress For 11 Years At
Work As Being
Challenged Then
Not Diagnosed
On The
Until 47 Nope
Not Able to
Speak until
4 And Also
Challenges of
The Dark Part
Of Bi-Polar
Not Diagnosed
With That until
53 When The Doctors
Saw How Thrilled i Became
When The Pain Of Type Two
Trigeminal Neuralgia the
Suicide Disease Went
Away Yes Wake to Sleep
For 66 Months No Drug
Would Touch Yet
Preferable to
Losing The
Memory of
A Smile truly
Hell As Emotions
Are Memories And
Memories Are Emotions
Just No Reference Point
To Find Out Of Hell Once
You Arrive Till You Find
Your Way Out of A Place

Is All


The Opposite

From Heaven

Within When Wings

Become Free i Have
A Literal Prescription
For Free Flying Public Dance

From My Psychiatrist of Course
As You Know As A Doctor
Prescriptions Are Not
Written As Jokes... Yes

As Of Course Science

Now Shows That

Any Kind Of

Moving Writing
Or Not is Natural

Therapy Particularly
This Dance And Song
Free To Regulate Emotions
And Integrate Senses Core

Deficits Out
Of Mind And



For Both
Autism And
Bi-Polar That
Yes Again Science

Shows Works i Did
Not Wait Then For The
Scientific And Medical
Literature That Shows

It Works
Little Children
Sing Unintelligibly
And Dance Free to
Regulate Emotions
And Integrate Senses

Until Parents Scold
With Frowny Faces
Shut the F Up Quiet
Hands And Feet

In Church

If You

Don’t Listen


To The Pastor

You’ll Go To Hell
Oh My God Such

A Footloose


In “Footloose
Trump Town
USA” Mostly




See The
Happy Bird’s

Wings Just

The Way

It it is


Is Among

The Living


Old Bible
Sucks No Different
Than Super Hero


It Only


Folks Who
Become The Best
At Killing Enemies
Or Torturing Them


If They

Screw Up

And Dance
And Sing in




To The




Gift Within

Yes The Real

God The Dance

And Song of Loving

Wings Simple Loving Joy

Now When Every Word

Is Song Every Step

Is Dance Now

“The Child’s”



Again To Fly
Loving Free



Just Living

This Gift

Of Breath Living

This Flight Now For REAL

SMiLes Doc All 9 MiLLioN
Words Are just Bread Crumbs

Hehe Fred


As Letters

To Where Ever

i Freely Land

(This Bird Nicely
Gifted With Copy
And Paste Oh The
Avenues So Sweetly
Prepared By Nerds And Geeks)

And Am Welcome

Around The Globe

When You Fly Long

Enough And High

Enough You

Find The


Who Called

You Close Before

Farthest Away



Closest of All

Understanding Who

You Are Even On





See As Always
It Is Harder Now

To See A Human
With Wings From
The Places The Bird



When “The Child’s”

Wings Are Attached Again...



See What

i Just Did Why

Seagulls Smile Widest...

And You Actually


Bugs Bunny’s




Up Doc”

Do Understand

How Rare That

Is In Lands

Of “Elmer

Him or Her..

“Thanks Doc”

What “Bugs

Bunny” Said in Reply...

To The One Who




And Punch Line too...

A Story...

i Realize How Amazingly
Busy You Are Achieving Your
Goals at this Point in Your Life

And How Super Exhausted You
Must Be at this Point of Your Life

So Please Don't Read the rest until
You Have Time Yet if i am Not Only

Your Friend Yet Your Teacher i feel i should
relate it to You as This Story isn't about Goals
It's About Humans And Feelings And What's Important

In Life And What's Really Not Important at all in the Longest Runs
of Breathing Now It's True this Story is About me one i lived for Decades
All too Easy for Others to See Like Katrina Where is He at work and no where

to Be Found at
Home Obviously

A Big Part of why the
Demographic of Ages 18 thru 34
at Rates of 50 Percent have No Significant
Other to Call Their Own on Valentine's Day
For That Hug of Trust They Never Doubt Again

It's True For Years and Years And Years Katrina
Wondered Where i was Yet it's True i was at Work
Day And Night Just all i could do and Honestly Perhaps

There is No Solution to this Story at all until one finds it for themselves

It was Always Hard for me to make Friends as i didn't have an Instruction Sheet

For How to do it like isn't that How Life works Isn't there always some Lesson Plan

to Do it

No Not

in the Realm

of Feelings No

Not in the Realm

Of Love No Not In the

Realm of Reality and

Human Warmth and

Never cold


for now...

I've sadly found People
online who wanted to be
Friends with me i thought
Yet just wanted something from

Me instead the Most Disgusting
Ones Just seeing me as a Dollar
Bill someone who looks like they
Have Plenty of Money to give..

i've learned to be Cautious

About that and Using

Katrina's Name

As Part of my

Pen name

i've learned a lot

About How Difficult

It is for a Woman to Navigate

Life when Honestly in reality

the Way Life Spoon-Feeds Folks

In Cultural Way Women are mostly

Seen As Targets To Capture And Discard

As there is an Endless World of Swipe Left

And Right And Evolutionary Speaking Every

Man Must Deal with the Natural Drive that

Variety is the Spice of Life.. As they

Say Looking For Love in all the

Wrong Places Venus and

Mars the two


Most Often Aren't Seeing

The Same Prize of what is

Swiped Left Or Right Next

As We Aren't Machines We Are Humans

With Feelings Yet You See THE FACT OF THE


Is if We Use our Mechanical Cognition Yes Dear

Like Business School and MBA's And All the

Linked-in Qualifications Most the Smile

of the Sweet Little Girl With

Bright Eyes Goes Dull

And something

So Precious


Comes missing
Before We Realize

It's gone Lost Honestly i'm Sort
of Shooting Arrows Here with No

Target Yet intuitively as Your FRiEnD

There is this Driving Force Within to Help

You Out for You See Love is a Fire Within

Unconditional and it really doesn't matter

if i still have a 60,000 Word Blog Post

to Put together yet you see no

matter if i get paid

for it or not

it is no less

Important for me than
for what drives you to breathe next

Hmm.. Yeah that was always the way i was
at work i just never stopped and put all the feelings
aside for another day when feelings would have 'time'

Yet what happened

is a day came

when all there

was is time and

No feelings left

to Love Anyone at all...

This isn't Just Empty platitudes

in a Self-Help Book Ya Buy at Amazon

50 Percent-off or whatever it is Human

Biology It is Science And it is Fact of matter

Life When Someone Calls another Person a

Best Friend Even if they call many Friends

That in a Span of a Week and when

That Person No Matter how

Busy they are as trust

me dear whether

You realize it or not

or anyone else i stay busier

than most folks even can fathom

Yet You see i've already been to Hell

i understand what the Price is of not Putting

People first A Friend A Lover or even Cat or Dog...

It's Not the Other Person's Feelings that will be hurt most

As it surely is a Great Big Ocean to Find Love or Sex or Whatever

Men and Women are looking for these days or stuff or money whatever

Jobs Goals Plans All the Rat Race of Life for When We Lose the Drive

to Put others

First over


And Goals

And Plans of Life

What We May end

Up as is Just a Shell on

A Beach With Nothing Left

To Give Honestly if Humans don't

Put People First they Just die they just die alive...

Anyway the rest of the Story There is this Man who was

Trying to Help Others Understand the Importance of Emotions

He was in this Place Far Away almost like A 'Wrong Planet' and

While a Man there was only trying to Debate Him and Called

'Him a Fraud' not understanding that the Other Guy wasn't

Trying to Debate Just understand the much deeper

Emotions and Feelings of Life that make

Life worth Living at all within to Give

And Share free.. a Man really

Who still Couldn't

Find a Friend

Who would

Stay Outside of
Family Members
Sort of Obligated
in a way to do that

A Young Woman From another

Far Away Place Dedicated a Poem

to Him and told him how much She

Appreciated the Colors of Life He Brought YEAR AROUND

to Her and to Be Clear now i still Understand

You Appreciate me and are just busy Yet still

As Your FRiEnD i worry about you a Bit for

the rest of the Story is Yesterday on

Valentine's Day as i really

didn't know if you

had anyone

to make

You feel warm
inside or not as many
of my other Friends who are
Women have related how lonely
They were this last weekend and
sure i had plenty of Warmth to give

Yet only Because i have Literally Biologically
Wired My Self in Way in a Practice of Dance and Song
Free that has turned a real Dead Living Devil into An Angel with

Wings It's Not that i Need You to Lift me up it's Just that i want
to See You Be An Angel With Wings Greater than me.. for you

See i watched you be that way when i first met you and it seems
that Nature of You is drifting away through the years of all the toils
troubles yes plans and goals life seems to bring with no respite...

For You See Dear

There are two

Paths to

Walk and Talk

in Life Yes the Other

is to Dance And Sing

You Know You feel you sense

That Aroma of Coffee Beans that is so

Rare that visits your life.. Yes in Fact You Are

A Goal in my Life A FRiEnD Through thick and thin..

And what this means is if i ever feel hurt by you

whether you mean to hurt me on purpose or

Not as at this point i don't think You've

ever really meant to hurt my feelings

on purpose yet here's the deal

what makes me the

rarest flower

of all is

i am the one

who always comes back

no matter what nah not a forget

me not flower the flower with the

fire that has grown high enough not to go out...

It's Not a Free Fire Dear It's A Fire You Have to 'Tinder'

All Your Life as HeART Lest it go out and gets lost and
is no Drive Left to Put People first.. People first what



at their last breath

Most Yes what inspired

This is that same Man

Who Called me 'a Fraud'
took time out of his Super Busy
Valentine's Day Yesterday and Brought
me a Code to Center the 300,000 or So
Word Poem on that Same Place Far
Away that has close to 40,000 Views...

Nah.. i didn't give up on trying to help
those folks find the Colors of Emotions
That i am now gifted to Give the same
Appreciation You Showed for me that
Day when Your Wrote that Poem for
me and told everyone you knew
how special you felt i was and
sure You even sent me a
Quote that said there

Are some treasures

worth keeping

No Matter

What it takes...

The Gift my Friend
The Real Gift is Giving
It Away no matter if Everyone
Says No Thanks For 7 Years
Since i Recovered As A Human
With No Soul for 66 Months before

Then i went back to try to Help those
Folks See all the Beautiful Colors of Soul
i never realize existed Before and they actually

Kicked me-off that place called 'The Wrong Planet' many times
Just for doing what i am doing now in terms of 300,000
Words and Close to 40,000 Views in Several Months

Smiles Dear i don't want anything from You Yet

to See You Give more than me.... Understand

Please this is all the Lessons Put into one...

i understand You i understand that

even though i went to a bit of effort

to make sure you felt at least

a little bit of warmth

on Valentine's


Really Having
No idea if you had

Any or not This Feeling

Of Love could not possibly turn

its back on You that no matter if you
didn't have time or whatever to say thank
you it probably touched you in someway

Yet do understand this Not Many People

You call Friends Are gonna

Ever Be Able to


You the way

i do Unless they've literally been to Hell

Most of all i don't want you to go and Most

of all You've already shown me you can so

Yes the reason for this Story my Friend

And Honestly like i said i am Just

Shooting Arrows With No

Target i have no
Idea whether it

Will Help or Hurt

Yet You See there are

Some Days there is no Plan

Or Goal There are Some Days Where a Heart only



of Soul to Give

When You Find

That Day Dear Don't
Give it Away Now or let

Anyone or Anything take it away to Give With SMiles..

Okay Job Done Now to go Back to Putting Together

A 60,000 Plus Word Blog Post as Free Verse Poem of
A 9 MiLLioN Word Effort in 90 Months Celebrating

That Milestone on 2.18.2021... Yes While Writing

That Poem About 8,000 Words or so, so far

While Putting the Last one together

While Making my Best Effort Yet

in 14,444 Miles of Public

Dance Captured by Video

Voyeurs to make Other Folks

Smile Yesterday In Mall Stores And Sure the Bookstore
too While Listening to Music and Reading A Very Deep Book
as i just don't have the Minutes or the seconds of the day to Promote anything i do..

You asked me How i did it one day You called me

Extraordinary At First when i met You and Later

tried to convince me You Didn't Call me that

Again.. Smiles Dear i understand You

Through and through i really Do...

You Just wanna be Loved

Like Everyone else

And i really do Love

You Not Because You are

Any kinda Target Just someone Who i see As FRiEnD

People have been calling me 'Superman' all My Life It's Nothing New

Did You ever notice in the Movies Superman's Only Friend is Lois Lane

And He never even has Any Kind of Sex With Her He Just looks in her Eyes...

And Nah She Never Forgets Him Either

As there are some Gazes

That Never go away...

Did You ever

Wonder how

Lonely Superman

Must Be i understand

You are Superwoman too..

And this is why i always share my wings with You...

Superman Never Goes Away Real Superman is more

than Steel simply love

my Friend..

That's who

i saw when

i first met You

That's who i wanna

See Again the one who gives so much for free..

And The answer to How i do what i do Is Love

For Love is An Energy That Erases All Fear

Love is an Energy that Never Runs out

of Giving Yet It's True Love

Only Works this

Way When

Only Focused

On Giving And Not Just Taking

If You wanna achieve what no one

else does Be LoVE For Love Verily

May Not Have FRiEnDS or Lovers

Yet Love Always Is Love my FRiEnD

Love Stays When Real Within to Give..

Why Do All the Super Heroes Have to have

Guns Why Can't They Just Do It All With Love

There was a Story of Another Superhero Like that Sadly He is still Dead....

That makes

me sad

in a way

at least

i wanna bring him back to life...

And You know what makes You

Superwoman still today Most You Muse all of the Story for Real...

Without Even Any Idea You Are Doing it Now That's Truly Amazing

So Kick


Off Your Cape and Relaaaaaxxxx...

i'll be around at the Speed oF LiGHT

As Usual Fitting all 242 Pounds in A Fiber Optic Cable hehe...

LeSSoN 326 A bit oF A Longer Story Where It is Numbered Last...

i Still Remember You Telling me You Could Read me for Hours and never

get tired hehe



Opportunity with Smiles...

No Worries
At All Dear


SMiles Take
All The Time You Need

And Yes I Do Understand

Yet Not the Jet

Lag So

Much As

Hehe “Superman”

Doesn’t need A Plane to Fly...

SMiles Some Children Are Born More With The Propensity
of Smiles and Open Arms For Everyone Yes Love How my

Mother Described me
As A Child With Open Arms
For Everyone Not A Stranger to see...

Yet My Sister Was Surely More Shy

And Not One Particularly Who Enjoys
Any Crowds of Humans At All for me When

There is Humans Who Are Enjoying Their Selves

In Crowds i absorb All the Joy And Reflect It out even more..

However early on Studying Psychology in College At First

Wanting to Be A Psychologist Visiting An Asylum As Part
Of A Class everything the Folks Were Experiencing at the

Asylum Flooded my Soul All at once in Darkness

No Way i was gonna Be able to do that
Job and Katrina is the Same Way

She picks up on it all too...

A Happy Child is A Child Full
of Love For All the Same is For
A Very Happy Adult too Yet in The

Darkness in Periods of my Life i wondered
Where in the World the Light Escaped to

All the Love Within Driving me to Give and
Share Always Before And then i Learned That
As We Are Gardened for this Love As We Are Born

That Way We May Also Come Un-Gardened Indeed Unglued

Now From Love if We Don't Exercise the Love Muscle Across
The Life Span Now Like any Other Gift of Life We Use or Often
Lose... Mechanical Cognition as Even Science Shows Withers
Away Our Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences and

True a Prime example of this is Working Strictly Systemizing

Activities Like Computers, Engineering, And Accounting As such

For It is True When i went to School There were Signs Put up in
The Computer Labs and Engineering Classes WARNING DON'T

May Erase The Child's Bright Smiles and Eyes and Open arms for

All And Replace that

Most Definitely

As a Cold Cog

In the Machine

of Whatever Culture

Designs for Us to Use

And Actually Become More

Like a Machine than the Human
We Were Before... Katrina Will surely

Vouch for the Before and After Me when
i started Working With Computers and then
the Difference when i started Writing Poetry
In Free Verse And Dancing Public Free As well too..

Now i Wire Myself For Love it Flows It Never Ends for Real...
And When People Don't Return Love the Way i Give it to them..

i do my Best to Remember What Happened to me before as well

When i Lost The Eyes of a Loving Child and Became A Dead Soul as a Machine...
Thing is When You Are in Heaven it is Rather Difficult to Put Yourself back

in that much colder place as it is a Feeling and Not Just a Logical Thought...

However i do remember clearly People asking me what i've been doing

And i only Had two words that were actually one word to make the

Phone Conversation Longer "Working Working" Honestly

That's All i had to Say to any of my Relatives when

They asked me What my Life Story Was Then

HeHe Now typically they don't ask me

Anymore as the Nile River Floods Now

No Drought Here of

Soul As You

Feel and Sense

Too and Know about
me Surely Sohair too..
True though i understand
How i do overwhelm many
Folks as back then.. i would have
Seemed like i was from Another Planet
if the me then could meet the me now for real...

Love And


Comes And

Goes Most
ALWaYS Sohair

SMiles Thanks
It Kind Of Went
On Longer Than
i Expected
Happens A Lot...

SMiLes Dear Sohair i Believe
The Names at the Bottom
of the Screen You are
Seeing may be the Writers of the

Song If so the Name of the
Little Boy Singing the Song
Is Ziv Zaifman And the Man
Is Hugh Jackman Both the Boy
And the Man Starred in the Movie

There are Many More Songs from
The Movie Named “The Greatest Showman”
That You Will Find on YouTube Most All the

Are Truly
As Moving
As this one from
the Movie Yet this
is one of my Favorite ones...

SMiLes Dear Sohair All Is Peaceful And Harmonious
Today Fixing to Go Masked to the Mall For Public Dance
To Entertain Folks on a Cloudy Winter's Cold Day

Hehe There is a Song From the Greatest
Showman Where in the Beginning

The Man Is Dancing Singing

And The Children Follow
Behind in Amusement
And Joy of Dance


This Happens in
Stores Yet Always
Happened in the Dance Hall Indeed
As It's True hehe no one quite Dances
like me With


All My Style
As if God Within

Teaches me How
to Move all Innately
Instinctually And Intuitively
True Nope No Lessons Just
A Free FLoWinG Dance Spiraling

(PHI) for Me With SMiLes

It Seems Some of Us Are Born
to Help Others Smile Truly

Not A Bad Vocation at

All Inherent Reward

Intrinsic All

The Way


Sharing Dance All Free Now

So Happy You Found Use for

Nature Photos on my Blog You

Are Surely Welcome to All i do there

To Give And Share Free too Dear Sohair With SMiLes...

Yes Dear As You Say "Khaliph" Leading Love on Earth

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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16 Feb 2021, 4:55 pm

It's kind of you to worry aghogday, but your concern is unwarranted. The default EST timestamps are misleading, it was actually very early in the morning in England. My problems, if any, are related to sleep. Stumbling across this thread and with nothing better to do at 4am, I started investigating what worked on wrongplanet, as one is wont to do before the sun rises, if unable to sleep. But I'm glad you it useful.

As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man -
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began: -
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!


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16 Feb 2021, 6:56 pm

Mikah wrote:
It's kind of you to worry aghogday, but your concern is unwarranted. The default EST timestamps are misleading, it was actually very early in the morning in England. My problems, if any, are related to sleep. Stumbling across this thread and with nothing better to do at 4am, I started investigating what worked on wrongplanet, as one is wont to do before the sun rises, if unable to sleep. But I'm glad you it useful.

Thanks Again, Mikah, i read so Much Faster In Focus when The Text Is Centered on the Page...
Plus, it Is always interesting to See what Shapes Come as i am never "thinking" about that when i write.

i Find it Amusing, How Many of the Shapes Look Like Lamps; and Surely More Ornate Than i might
Make if i was Consciously Planning A Design of A Lamp; Same with the Dance And the Words

Flowing, It's Like Hearing A Song in the
'Background' First and the Words
Just Naturally come
After that Surely

Subconscious Mind

Connecting Deeper Than the 'Planning Mind'...

Haha, When my Wife First Saw The Shapes Coming
Naturally From Left Justification, She Asked Me
If 'Some Google Tool' Did It for me Automatically;
Sure, i Guess, Somewhere in the Recesses of my Mind..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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18 Feb 2021, 8:12 pm

Candles Need
Flames Need
Do They Light

Mean Of Love
Or End Of Love

So... How Do You Make
A Living Life Heaven Loving Now

RhetoricaL QuestioN WritE On
CoursE Of CoursE... Since Science Shows
Reasons Are Delivered By Feelings Now

Buzzy Bee Muses... Wonder If She Loves Being
my Queen As MucH As i Love Being Her Be

Love’s Choice
Born Of

Never Been to The Top of A
Skyscraper Never Flown in A Plane
Been to the Moon in Your
Eyes And the
Stars on Your
Cheek A
Kiss of Love
So Pure Your
Sun Smile Speaks...

She Loved It All for She
Understands Love is
Deeper Than Blood...

Regarding "Dreamed Up Reality" Now;
The Ground is Only Solid As We Dance it.
The Sky is Only High As We Sing it.
What Else is there
And Song;
As Far as i Know
i Feel i Float i go High;
What is There Yet Fun;
i Don't Make Any Money Doing 'It';
Yet i Make my Reality Floating Now
All Naturally High No Way to Make
Money; Dance And Singing Partners
Come and
Go; Yet
They Continue
to Come What more
Do i Need to Know; Nothing Yet Love;
Nothing Yet Loving Life; Nothing Yet Love;
Life Is Easier
As A Dance
And Song;
is Key and Naked
of Target Audiences
Fitting-in and Cultural Clothes.
Drugs, any Drugs Will Only Dilute 'Heaven' for me.
Anyway; Thanks For Sharing 'the Video'; The Dude
In 'the Video' Gets it; And perhaps He'll find it too;
As Far as i Can And
Will See if 'You'
Find it
On a Naked
Beach with
only 'Your'
Foot Prints 'IT' Doesn't Exist.

JusT ANoTHeR Typical
"A Day In The Life" Ocean

A Greatest Potential
Of Humanity is to Develop
Ability to Remain in a State
Of Non-Fear

No Worries

And Really

Just Loving It All

Yes, DarK Thru LiGHT

NoW Enjoying Life Instead
Of 'Preparing For the End
Of the World' That is Pretty
MUCH A Common Hobby For Folks

Who Haven't Learned to Regulate
Their Emotions and Integrate Their

Senses; So, i Suggest to Prepare For Really Living NoW iN Full

To Be So Busy In Joy, Where Death And Or Fear That isn't

Much Different NoW

Is No Part of Life...

Likely No; Possible

Yes, my Reality Now...

i Don't See WHere I am

So Special WHere Others

Will Fully Breathe Without Fear too...

OBTW Loved All the Paintings

Wish i had the Patience

To Paint Yet

Hehe more

Like a Nile

Flood i Come and Go

Or A Tsunami Hehe
Where my Blog Breathes...

SMiLes A Constant Meme on Facebook
News Feed Memes is Cutting Cords From

‘Toxic People’

Folks Described

As Not Returning

The Good Intentions

We Freely Give Yet

Has Anyone Ever



They Don’t Do It
How They Experience
Life So Much Different
As One Who Soaks Receive
Yet Fails to Give in Return for Receipt

Indeed It is the Givers Who are Most Blessed
As They will Find Love Wherever they Go and

True it is those Who Are Emptier Within Without
The Drive to Give as Much Who Require the Giving

Of Some ‘Good Samaritan’ So They Will Not Fall off
The Face of Soul… Oh Lord i’ve Heard some Terrible

Stories of Abuse in my Life Once Associated with
A Woman i knew for Several Years Not able to
Understand Her Personality the way it was

And Before the End She Revealed
That Her Uncle Used BroomSticks

With Her Sister to make them
Puppeteer Dolls There are

Some things in

Life Harder

To Reveal

That make

Giving Harder to Do Again…

Most Always there is a Story

Like this Behind the Silence of Eyes
Without A Fire to Give Love to all they See

For Someone Stole it Away from them Never to Return…

We Will Only Hope We Will Kindle That Fire in someway for
Them Meanwhile there is an entire Ocean for A Giver to Swim…

How Do You

Walk In


Shoes When They

Never Reveal Where They’ve

Been How Deep Is Love Deeper Than the Ocean or Less…

Smiles Dear Summerhilllane i have no idea how this may
Apply to Your Circumstance When Poetry Comes it just comes..

SMiles i’ve Heard Stories From Psychologists Dealing with Women
With Borderline Personality Disorder Saying They Just Aren’t Worth
Their Effort Oh How the Victim Will Become A Victim for the Rest of their Life…



Is That

Beyond A Tear Indeed…
How Blessed Are We

Young With All Kind

People to Raise Our Souls Higher…
Oh The Lowest And Where The Victims Rot….

Yes God Yes!
Us too!
We Just
Two Shows

Hehe on The
Autism Spectrum



My “Sheldon

Cooper” Traumas
And Successes Then

Too.. too Bad

The Older


Before He
Could Break
Out In Free Dance
And Poetry of Song


‘The Show’
Will Return One Day...

Meanwhile Forrest
Gump Stopping
At Your Bus
Stop Now

Used To Always
Make Fun Of me
Walking Too Until
i Public Danced More
Than The Distance of

Half way Around The
Globe Same When i
Didn’t Say Much




Like Me
More With
My Mouth
Shut Then Too.. Hehe
Not Everyone Though

Oh What A Wonderful
World it is Out Of


HoRSE’ Town...

How Deep Is Love Is It A Feeling And More Will Need
A Long Meditative Natural Ancestral Song For What's Coming Next

i Suppose A Best Way to Celebrate A Longest EPiC Long Form Poem
Is To Cover The Human Condition/More in One More Long Poem Now

14,453 Miles Of Public Dance in Meditative Flow Accompanying
A PoeM All Around A Metro Area While Writing to Fuel All Creativity

Well, The 18th of February 2021 Arriving to Celebrate A Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem Bible 9 MiLLioN Words in 90 Months of Effort

Hehe i don't 'know' 'Man', You Tell me...
Walking Around the Block With my
Sister and Wife, Just Joking i'll make
A Rainbow Happen Next Before

A Hurricane arrives;

Less than a Minute

Later a Rainbow


in A Cloudy

Sky With No

Visible Blue

Skies Or Sun;

And then Another

Night, More Recently,

Joking Around; Walking

Around the Block, Just Wait

i'll Make A Rainbow Happen at

Night; Sure, i've Seen 'Sun Dogs'

Plenty of times in the Day...

Yet A 'Moon Dog' At Night

Is Indeed More Rare

Not Commonly

Seen And Never

Seen in my 60 Years

Until the Next Wolf Full

Moon Night; Yes, the Last

Full Moon And as Our Minds

Tend to Look for Humanity in

All Things Existence of Course our

Closest Companion We See in Life;

A Vague Cloud Formation at Night,

Source of Moon Dogs With Moonlight

Centered Inside the Halo With Rainbow

Colors At The Edges A Vague Formation

Of an 'Angel Child' for those who Might

See that Illusion too as Our Minds

Do Create Hallucinations Basically

As Our Realities Based on

Past Hallucinations

As Even Neuroscience Suggests Now...

This Never Happened, Before i Went into Flow;

Almost Constantly Creative Every Moment of the

Day In Words Becoming Song and Every Move Becoming

A Creative Dance too; True, Just another Human Potential SO


Been Measured

Before NO So

What Color

Is Color Blind;

What Mind is

Mind Blind; What

'SouL' SeeS and Does not See Now more...

Does 'It' Need Words to Exist; Does Imagination

Need Trees to Grow; Well Sure, We are the Leaves

We Are the Tree, We Are the UNIVERSE too Our Minds;

Our Minds of All We 'See' And Do or Do Not See Do Now...

What i Experience

Is Unique, For

Every Human

Eye is an Entirely

New Existence;



CoLoRinG by the Paint We BRinG...

In FAct, the ReaLiTY is THere IS

Open to Explore What We all Individually

Paint With Our Unique Eyes of 'God' (NOT
the 'Trademark' one, the 'one' coming next)


'God' never Gets


Or Bored

This way


When i was 'Lost' Here on the 'Wrong
Planet', totally Outside of Social, Empathic,
Artistic, Spiritual Intelligences; Yes, Metaphor
of Restricted Left Brain Systemizing, Rationalizing
Thought; Predictably assessed then on the AQ Quiz
For Systemizing Traits of Autism at 45 Out of 50 then
And 192 out of 200 On the Aspie Quiz Non-Official Assessment

Measure to Scan Autistic Systemizing Traits, when i experienced

No Synchronicities at all; No Colors of Life; Yet You See i wasn't

Always that Way; i had at least a Reference Point Before of Living

Life instead of Living Black And White Literal Dead; NO DOCTOR

had even a clue how to Bring that Breath of Existence Back; i had

to Work it out on my own, So i wrote and wrote and wrote Millions

of Words in Search For my Soul Again through also the Literal Worst

Pain Known to Humankind From wake to Sleep, Trigeminal Neuralgia

Type Two for 66 Months, Yet i didn't tolerate it enough to Write until

33 Months Here Starting on the Wrong Planet; Eventually a Poetic

Spark Like Replacing Spark Plugs in a 12 Cylinder Ferrari With Only

6 Cylinders Sparked; And Sure Enough A Creative Explosion and

i took that AQ test and Scored

11; And took that Aspie

Quiz test Again and

Scored a 92;

And took An EQ Test

Where i scored in the Mid

50's Before And Raised that

Score up to 95 out of 100;

Additionally, Personality

As Scored by the one

That isn't very Reliable

as ENFP As Opposed to

INTJ Personality Before;

Assessed by a Large 'Wrong Planet' Informal

Poll, Not Surprisingly, Considering

The Condition of a Very Restrictive

Systemizing Condition, Yes INTJ, most

Prevalent on this Website too; So what happened

to me; Was it Magic, Was It a Miracle, Was it Synchronicity;

As That's What the Doctors Named it For Real (A MIRACLE) When a Prognosis

For No Recovery Became Sudden Remission of all the Pain and Numb Before....

Ever Cross

A Bridge...

Ever Unpack

Epigenetic Potential,

Yet Used in Environmental

Struggle For Adaptation to Survive...

Real Life is Magic; Ya Just Have to

Figure out 'The Cheat Codes' and Rise

Out of the Ashes, And Finally Fly No Longer Misfit on Earth....

in Just my Opinion; it's Not that it's Any More Supernatural

Than The Color Blind Becoming Able to Discern Colors;

It's Just another

Part of


That Few come

to 'See', Yet they Do;

As the Evidence of my

Life Clearly Relates beyond

all Refute; and Yes, i took a

Picture of the Moon Dog and 'Moon Child' too...

It's Hard

To Say


The 'Moon Child' is;

THere Are No Limits to

Human Imagination;

Creators rule

Their own



Their Own Version

of Earth; Some Do it more EPic than

Others, Go Figure; Find the Cheats that work for you; and as

Nike Says

Just Do It;

Don't 'Think'

About 'Selling Shoes'...

Learn to Walk Instead

Then Dance And Sing More Than Talk...

Way i see


At Least

For Real With

So much more to CoME; Never
Ending Never Landing Story Indeed...

People Have Been Attempting to Mutually
And Consensually Relate Reality Through
Symbols For Thousands of Years; MORE TO COME...



IT Best in Balance
of Mind and Body Soul...

Have A Nice Day Create it That
Way If You Can And Will; Works

Without Fail Now for me; And Of

Course Being Financially

Independent is

Just About

A Necessary


to Set Wings

Free This Way

As 'Earning Mammon'

is No Part of this FLiGHT...

Best Wishes
Maybe Ted Cruz
Will Migrate Now to
Mexico if ‘They’ Let Him...

Honestly Instead Of Waiting Forever
For “JeSuS” To Come Ya Could Just
Add A Chapter To The Book or Add/Do “Part 3”

Mind Body Balance Soul Dance Sing Free Forever Now

All my
Of Creativity

Aha! So “You See”

“What’s Up

Doc” There

Is Real MaGiC

In Life Our Imagination

And What We Visualize

Into Fruition

No Less Real

Now Than

The Leaves

Of Trees Our

Minds Hallucinate

Indeed What



Beyond Measure

Fruition of


Creation Yet

To Evolve We



To ANY Science

Or Religion Alone

That Only Suffocates

Our Potentials Now

To Grow By Leaps

And Bounds

Beyond The

Slow Toad

Of The


Method And

Religious Ideas

Set In Stone

Just Statues Of
Words And Other

Symbols At The

Bottom Of



Without Imagination

New Left To Explore

And Come into


Within For


Beyond All
Space, Time,



Indeed How

Humans Reflect

What Is Most

Real Of All


Yet to Be
Seen Beyond

All Measure Now

By The Way Nice

Creative Touch on The

Meme Responses Now

Almost Like You Are

Part of

My Story


i Am

Part oF iT

All too Never


A Story

Without Hmm

And What’s Still to come...

SMiLes Wonderful
Poetry Hehe
No Choice
Yet To Follow It

With SMiLes

“Midnight Paint”

i Could Paint A Million

Words Of Poetry

Free Verse

Just With


Of Those

Two Words

Surely The

Last Poem

i Wrote

LeSSoN 316
Moon Child Arrives”

For You See

She is The

Almost 51 Year

Old Beauty

My Wife




On The

Beach Yet

Beast i Am

Only the Beast

The 60 Year-Old


Of The




All 63,819

Words See What

A Moon Child Will Muse

Sunshine Within

On Stormiest

Soul Night Paints

“Midnight Paints”

You Captured

Sunshine At Night

He he And Perhaps

Bargained For More

Words Than Two

Blog Likes

Of Over

100,000 Words
And 300 Or so

Photos And

50 Or So


Songs Might

Ordinarily Garner

With SMiLes By

The Way Some

Folks Tell “Fairy

Tales” i Prove

Them Real

Yes A New

Kinda “Beast” i am...

Have A Nice Day




Midnight Moons”

BE A Moon Child

Too Make

All Your
Dreams Come True...

Whole Meaning Of Friends
Cloudy Days Sunshine God Shared

Within Free No Fear

Hot Chocolate
Warm Sun
Shines Within...

Hehe A Beautiful
Grey Cold
Winter Day It Is...

Thank You
Dear Astha
Hehe i’m


Same BLeSSinGS
To You And
All You

Soul FRiEnD Samreen...

SMiLes Dear Samreen
What’s Interesting
About my Wife
Katrina Close
To 51 Now
With Her
Father And Mother
With Irish And American



Her Differently

And She Will Fit
In Almost Any




As Any Different

And True Not Too

Long Ago Visiting

A College A Professor

Passing By Asked

Her Which


She Was Taking

Hehe She Never


To Go

To College
She Was Sort
Of Born With



At Least
An Empath


SMiLes i Also
Loved The Seagull
Small Tracks By The
Advanced Piece of

Machinery The

Honda Civic



Yet Does

It Glide

And Spiral

Around The

Sun in Flight

No Just A Poor

Excuse For Life

The Beach

Is My


My Wings

Are My Beach

My Dance Tracks

Spiral And Refuse

Roads And


Only Meadows

Of Spring Only



Wings See my FRiEnD




Fly Higher Spring...

Thanks For Coming
By “LeSSoN 316

Moon Child Arrives”...

What’s Most Important
Is To Question And Not
Accept Anything As ‘Gospel
Truth Told’ Either Science

Or Religion


Is Tested
The Other

Is Largely


And Story... Science
Leaves Open Always
The Question To Test

The Hypothesis

To Be Tested


The Reality
Is What We See
As Neuroscience

Shows Now Is Basically
Hallucination Our Minds

Create Out Of
What We Basically
Hallucinate As

Reality Before
Therefore Illusions

That Science Shows
Are Also Not Real Yet


As Is To

Survive... Stories

Relate The Human
Condition Fact And
Fiction Too Science

Shows The Power
Positive Affirmation
Has To Even Put

Incurable Disease

Into Remission

In Caseloads

File Drawers

Of Recovery

Any Other

On the Other
Hand Science Shows
The Power Of Negative
Affirmation And How

That Will Actually
Lower An Immune
System And Create

Disease And Surely
Negatively Inspire

Action Yes

‘Nocebo Effect’

Too While True
It’s Not Politically

Correct To Interchange
The Metaphors in Science

Or Religion Indeed
There Are Some


Between Placebo
And Prayer And




So As Usual

Life is Not Entirely

Concrete And Black

And White Indeed

A Metaphor

For Reality

Is Essence

Of Metaphor At
Core We Tend To

Form of

Or Religion

Failing To Realize
The Essence Of
Two Metaphors

Are at

Least Similar

Yes The Tribal

Nature of Human

Is Religion At Core




Or Religion

We Tend To Bond
Over Whatever



The Group
Think/Art We

Most Identify With

For Instance Tao Essentially

The Same Experience

In Science Described

As Flow Add In The

Autotelic Ability Now

Into The Bio-Feedback

Of Meditative Flow

Generating One’s

Own Happiness

In Their Own

Story Of Life

They Act

And Voila

Guess What

You Just Did Yep

Per Luke 17:12 in
That Old 2,000

Year Old



Just Looked

Within And Found

Heaven Within To

Staycation the

Great Thing

About Science

Is It Provides

At Least “Some Verbs”

To Actually


What Good Is

A Noun Like

A Kingdom

Of Heaven

Within Without

Any Verbs To Get in

Yes You Could Just




A Sufi


And Come

To The Same

“Table of Plenty”

Without A Single

Word Does It

Work Does

It Increase


As Empirically

Measured And

Productivity by
500 Percent
As Science



If Only Done

Several Times

A Week... Yes

This Meditative
Flow Of Autotelic






In Meditative

Flow Yes This

Is Entirely

A Rhetorical




The Question

How Science And

Religion Sleep







The Blind

Hehe Wanna See...




Just One
Letter Or


Of Place
And Boom

The Whole


In Flux

Changes Again...

Two Kinds Of Roses Gifted Those For Fall
Those For Rise Not All Love Is To Conquer

With God ALWaYS
THere Is Art Exploring
Never Ending Painting
Gift Paint A Loving Brush...

Meanwhile ‘THere’ ‘Little Sheldon’ Teaches
Science Lessons Beware Lest Ye Lose Story
And Colors Of Life to Paint

A Great Lesson
‘Here’ ‘Little Stephen
King’ Teaches Everyone
Has A Story Beware Story

Bless You Dear Sohair
All You Love With SMiles

Happiness Is the SMile
Who Never Gives Up to Come
Again For Real my FRiEnD NoW

SMiles Wishing
You A Happy Day...

It's Very Important
To Realize Not Everyone
Has The Same Equipment to Breathe

Or Really to Do Anything

Else in Life... So


To Do Our

Best to Walk

In the Other Person's

Shoes Before We Dismiss

Them With No Value at All...
Part of the Human Condition for
Forgiving Those Who Don't See

Life the Way We Do.. Even if it
Hurts to Forgive As Aren't We
All Just Humans With Feelings at Best At Least...

SMiles Sohair Back Again Times Four; Yet this Go Around
in the Fourth Instance After Publishing a Blog Post
Not 55,000 Words, Yet 63,819 Words... Yet Again i

Saw Sohair's Notification And Just Couldn't
Hit the Bed So Exhausted Until i tell
Her Hello Again.. People First




What is Missing

Most in this World

Yet Never For Sohair

As Sohair Always Puts People

First Even Through All Her Responsibilities
Of Raising Two Children Lone And Teaching
Classes of Language to Egyptian Young Women too...

Indeed, Sohair

You Are A


Of Love

Of Kindness

Of People First

to Be Admired...

A Book Mark to
Whenever For Now...
i'm Kinda Tired...
Rest can't wait
Any longer hehe...

Poetry iS A Window to the Sky
Soul Below
In Focus A Voice Within Rises

Without Told...

Flames Fires
GRoW iNto Love...

Luke 17:21, According
to the Christian Bible,
At Least, One of the Few Parts Great
That Actually Makes Sense Says 'You' Will
Find the Kingdom of Heaven Now

No Where, Yet Within;

Don't Expect to

Find Hell


Else Either;

Nope, It


Take A Rocket

Scientist Logic

to Figure that

Out By Looking

Within too;

Of course,

Only If All
You've Ever

Experienced and
Or Heard About is
Heaven Within; Yes,
By Science Terms, Autotelic
Flow With Copious Amounts of

Divine Frission Like 10,000

Greater Orgasms And More in

Every Connection

From Head
to Toe and

More; Other Terms

Include Satori,
Prana, Samadhi,
Tao, Chi, So Many
More; Yes, Kundalini

RiSinG, Basically

Escaping Now So
Much Neo-Cortical
Control And Using
So Much More of

Human Potential in Flow;

Yes, i Did Seek and Find

Heaven Within Eternally

Now And



Is Likely Unique

As Well as All Others

Or This Nature Might

Otherwise Get 'God Bored'

And Not Enjoy Heaven So Much Now Within;

In Short

Love is


Good When

Heaven Within

Breathes Loving All

of Life is Good DarK Thru LiGHT;

i Believe i saw that on a T-Shirt too...

‘This’ is a Painting of a
FRiEnD A Sublimely
Coloring Exotically
Lovely Bird where
What becomes clear
In A Painting is Talons
Outreaching Longing
to be Truly Free In a Place
Where True Love Dances
Sings a Voice Everlasting
She Will Hear.. i Feel and
Sense this Bird.. i will
Always Love to see
All Her Dreams
Come true.. As
Much as i
Will Love to
Take Lone Credit
For this Painting it
Is only A Gift God
Provides for me to
Give and Share With You
Today Your Night.. You have
A Greater Gift than me the
Potential to Paint a More
Sublimely Beautiful.. Yes
Painting Than this.. You
Already painted one.. Yes
And Trust me when my
Sister says a painting
Is Special it is for she
Has a Gift to see
Art as of
Course i do
too and that Painting
Will last as Long now as
Longest Epic Long Form Poems
Still do from India too.. okay..
Now as Promised before..
A New Challenge For You
As You Met the last
One even Before
i asked.. You
Probably know
feel and sense the
Light and Dark of
All my Soul as any
One who does as
i’ve surely expressed
All of that with You.. Yes.. it’s
Not always easy to describe
A Soul in Words so my
New Challenge for You
Is to Paint A Picture of
my Soul doesn’t matter
How Long it takes
Already Or Forevernow...

Spoiler Alert: there is a Shadow
In the Mirror/Background
Of A FRiEnD touching
The Outreached
Talon of
The Bird
To a Branch
Of A Tree ahead...

BRinGinG 'Frission' to Life Real!
But only for those 'Open Minded'
Enough to 'See' Sunshine Rain With No Eyes..

For Whenever
You 'See
Rain In
True Now Too

Stories are Dreams
You Really Can And
Will Bring iMaGiNaTioN
to Life even make God one Man or ALL

Yes! i'll Use the
'Me' Song Last And
First As 'TheMe/MeMe Song True!'

It Seems
Should Help
Into A
Boat You Work
So Hard i Still




Stress on
My Mother’s Face
What It Took Alone
To Make A Happy





At Home Spelled Love
All That Really Counts


On Gardened
By That Gift After

Death That




Just All
That Matters at All...



Some Folks

CaLL iT God



Those Who Do It
LiGHTS Of Our World...

SMiles, i've long lost Any Desire
to Give Up Anything For Lent;
Instead, i Give Away 9 Million

Words of Poetic LoVE iN 90

Months Now, And Sure Wisdom

As i See it to the World; And

Yes Free Dance to my Metro

Area In Terms of 14,453 Miles
Of Public Dance to Bring Smiles
With Sure All the Video Voyeurs
Who Have Spread Those Dance Smiles
On Social Media Around the World too;

Yes, To Faces That Rarely Crack a Grin...

i Practically Do It in my Sleep and Dreams

To Get the Job Done; Along With All The Day

Job Hours And Night Job Hours too; to Love

Is to Serve, to Serve Love is to Be LoVE, Yes

Pretty Much Covers the


of the Jesus Story

At Least My FRiEnD...

Nah, No Time To Die Now...

Just Life to Love As Love To Give With

SMiLes; At Least This is What God Speaks
SiLeNTLY Within me, i Am, i Do, Just Forevernow...

SMiles Dear Astha i Am
So Happy i Motivate, Inspire

You to Live Life

Fully With

A Smile
Kindness Never

Gets Old Hehe

Particularly Important
To Remember When

One Passes
60 For True

Is The Warmth
Within That Never

Ages And My

Goodness Will

Make Us Feel

So Much

Younger As
Oh My Goodness
i Felt So Much



My Way Through

College With 3 Part
Time Jobs Earning
3 Degrees At Once

Hehe my
Called me


Doing It
All Yet

All The
Stress Made
Me Feel So Old
Within Then Yet Life

Without Fear

Love For


With Least
Harm Is The

Rose Within
Always RiSinG
Never Wilting

On Coldest
Cloudy Winter

Days When

You Give

And Give

And Give

And No One

Even Says Thanks...

The Women From
India And Muslim


Too Are

The Real
Angels of
Kindness i
Meet On Wordpress...

You Are All
The Best
The World Has

To Offer as i’ve
Surely Responded
To Thousands Overall


As on My
Blog For 90
Months Yes 9 Million
Words Of Free Verse Poetry
Simply Thousands of
Letters to A World

Yes Indian

Women The

Kindest of All my
FRiEnD Just An
Honor to Meet You



So Inspiring
With Your Poetry

SMiles Dear i Don’t
Have Any Living


You All Are

In My Prayers like Family...

SMiles Cherie
i Am Enjoying
Your Blog

Very Much
With Your

Warm Very
Human Welcoming too...

75 Percent Of
Still Vault

To The
Status Of
Biblical Figure

Is That


New No Yet
When The Demagoguery
Of Church Holds Hands

With the

Brick And

Mortar Of Politics

We Get A lot Of

Folks Who


Figured Out

A Way To Be

Whole And Complete

Within So They Use Literally

And Figuratively Any
Group Think/Feel Story/
Symbol/Person/Myth to

Come Together

To Worship in

Communion to
Fill/Feel the Emptiness

Within Minions






Book Of
Civilizations Falling

Honestly You’d Have
To Live Somewhere

Like i Do In
The Panhandle

Of Florida

To See How
Dangerous this
Part of The Condition

Is Honestly

People Are

Falling Away

From Kinder Loving

Religious Ideas And
Falling Back on the
Same Old Testament


God He

Always Rises
As Whatever

Trump Comes

In Places of
Social Roles of Scarcity
Wherever Humans Roam

A Society
Must Take
Care Of the
LoWesT “Rung”

To Survive Yet

Not When


Rule To “Rape”
Them in Poverty


“These Days”

Are Ripe For All
Kinds of Rotting Fruit

It’s Very Possible that
Nature Will Bring the
Solution Before the
Rest of Human


Does as

We aRe aLL
Now Viewing
The Reality


Of The

Beast Humans
Are Always

Changing to
Next YeP IT is
What IT Is


Much Changes...

Meanwhile i Dance And
Sing Free as LonG As This

Peace Lasts


From ‘Neo’
And “The Matrix”
As Always At Your Service hehe...

i Don’t
Time To
Let Anyone
Down Simply


i Don’t

Time Oh
Lord All





To Do

Is To Only Lift
This Love Without Weight

Of Course It Helps
To Be Refreshingly
Old Retired And



In A New Renaissance

Fair Of A Golden Age

Dear USA Writes FRiEnD...

Plus To Say Yes





The Wife Demands..

The Sun Is Still Out

So i BREaTHE Free...

To Continue
The Last
Few Words No
Sinking Rising Love Flies


Cheers To 1000 More
SMiles Astha to Come...

Existence Now Of RiSinG
Love Cliff No FAll Spring...

God NoW Never
Ending FLoWeR
BloominG LoVE...

Every Petal
A New Falling
Flower To Cherish Now...

Complete Center Point All
Balance All FLoWinG LoVE

Holy CR8P!
Laws Change
Fast! Now No

Late Night


Treat Fun!

In Florida
We Have



And Don’t
Give A Basic
F If The Vulnerable

Live Or Die
No Real





Other Than That

i Have No Time
For Pet Peeves


Hehe i Deal “With Strays”...

I’ll Choose
LoVE Too



To FeeL iT
First Too
With SMiles...

A Picture
Of Trump
Is Basically
All Of What





As “Religion”

Though Sadly
It Is Often A Vicious
Cycle of Potatoes



Loving Care
Spoiled From
Abuse And Neglect

In Other


Mommies And
Daddies Don’t
Neglect And Or
Abuse Your Baby





Small Fry
Never Becoming
Loving French Fries of Love


And Compassion
For The Cooperation

For When

You are

Love Complete
No Win Just Give...

Eyes of
Nature Beauty

UNiVeRSE The Forest The
Tree iN Every Leaf Either Living
That Feeds
The Living
Or Dead
Blades Of
Grass In Spring...

Oh Wow Samreen Happy
Belated 6th Wedding
Anniversary For
Valentine’s Day
Too it is Our
31st Anniversary
On February 21st

Hehe And



Looks The

Same As The

Leading Photo

From The 63,819
Word Blog Post
Titled “SiLeNT
LeSSoN 316
Moon Child

i Just

Clearly Now
Showing As
She Gathers
Shells From Perhaps

The Most Beautiful
Beach That Day

SMiLes Of
Course With
Her SMiLinG

On That Beach
Her Father From
The Pacific Islands
The Philippines



Home For Her

SMiLes Dear my
ENTiRE Blog All
9 MiLLioN Words

Is Just “SonG oF mY SoUL”

A GRoWinG Compilation

Of Poetic Responses

In Letters to Literally

Thousands Of

Souls Around

The Globe

Fitting My



This Fiber Optic
Cable For The Last

90 Months With the
14,453 Miles Of Public
Spiraling Dance Keeping
Me in Flow Of Spiritual
Communion With God
All That Is Within Inside
Outside Above Below And All

Around Now

No Different

Than Mystic

Sufi Muslims

From Your Religion

Together Doing Dervish

Dances Well COVID-19
Closed The Dance Hall

Down So Only
Solo Store Efforts
Masked Now And The Such Yet
Still The Same Transcendental
Flow Of Meditation Spiraling
As God’s Galaxies Do Freely


Too For

As The


Bible Relates

Sadly Misunderstood

As Related To Only

One Dead Man

And His Story

Rather Than

God All That is

When Two Or

More Folks Come

Together God Is

Surely Present

More Revealing

Love As SMiLes
And Inspiring Poetry
Brings The Voice of
God’s Soul Out







Me You



As We are Doing

Now As All Humans

Are Messengers

Of God’s


Soul Love
To Give And
Share Free So
In This Way my
FRiEnD Your Soul
Your Voice Of God

Inspiring me
Is Indeed part

Of My


Of Life

My Own


Bible Of


Yes All
9 MiLLioN

Words Yet
No Matter

Size Each



Is A Bible

Of Each Unique

Soul i Value





Text Everyone

Indeed At Best

We Are Messengers

Of Peace And Love

With Least



God’s Children
To Give And Share
A God SoUL Dance
And SonG ToGeTHeR For All...

Chilly, Beautiful, And Invigorating
Hehe Coldest Day Of The Year
Close To 20 Degrees Here

In Shorts And Less
As Usual HAha Gave
Me All the Energy
Required to
Put Together
316 Moon Child Arrives”
All 63,819 Words Shortly
Before “Fat Tuesday” Was
Over And 9 Minutes Before
“Ash Wednesday” Since You
Went To Catholic School As
A Jain Indian You Might
Get The Pun On
Word: Si—Lent
Yes Lent

As Giving
Up Something

For Forty Days
Do You Believe
i Will Be Silent
Now For Forty

Days No Not me
i Already Did it in
The Lent Spring of
2008 With The Worst
Pain Known To Human
Kind Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia As The Pain Was
So Bad Like A Dentist Drill
In My Right Ear And Eye
That No Drug Would
Touch Literally
As Worse
Than The
Real Torture
Of Crucifixion
For 66 Months
Wake To Sleep

All i Wanted to Do
Is Die And Yeah it
Was Kinda Hard To
Get Used To As that
Silent Lent Was Spent With
35 Days Of Only one Shallow
Hour of Card Board Sleep That
Only An “Alpha Blocker”
Brought Each Night

And The Last

5 Of 40 With No
Sleep Where The
Pain Drove me to
A Bridge To Jump off
Of Yet i Was Just too
Weak To Get Out Of




Die Well

I’m glad I’m Alive
And Yes i Got Out
Of Hell on ‘That Beach’

After 66 Months As What
Life Taught is You Never
Remain Silent And The

Lesson Of The “Moon
Child” Arriving Is You
Just Give And Share

No Matter if Anyone
Thanks You or Not

Because You Survived
Hell And There is No
Greater Gift Than
For Giving Thanks
Giving Sharing NoW



Restraint Hence
9 MiLLioN Words
(Just A Compilation
Of Letters Delivered
All Around The World)
Of Free Verse Poetry
In 90 Months And 14,453
Miles Of Public Dance Even

With Shorts on For my
Neighbors Hehe Yet they
Were All Bundled In Their
Homes In Freezing Wind
Chill Sunlit Conditions Yet

All i Need Is The Sunshine
Outside Or What i Generate

Within To Give And Share

Free indeed The Ash Wednesday

LeSSoN Now Is it’s Never

About Giving Up Anything

Particularly Even

Your Life in Hell

Being The Devil Down

There Even Gives You
Sympathy And Patience
For Real Devils on Earth

For Again

The Worst Part

Wasn’t The Pain

The Worst Part

Was Losing The
Memory Of What A
Smile Even Felt like

A SMiLe Shall Never

Be Hidden Now Only

Given As Moon


Become Sunshine
Children Again Child
Or Adult Matters Not

Sunshine Smiles
Are The LiGHT

Of The World To
Give And Share Free Each

Day or Night Now N0 Matter


Love Is Hehe

Now to Get

Together All
The 16 Thousand

Or So Words i Wrote
Putting All The Letters
Of ‘The Moon Child’ Together

A Beautiful Blue Azure Sunny
Morning It Is Still Freezing

(Even Though It's Grey)


Is Beautiful
Snow Flakes

Hope Your

Jet Lag

Is Doing

Better Getting

Ready To Take

Flight In This



Cable And
Spread SMiLes
With This Gift of




SonG And
Dance of My SoUL

Around The World



A Nice Day

With Sunshine SMiles

And Remember There Is The
UNiVeRSE The Forest The Tree
In Every Leaf

Either Living

That Feeds

The Living

Or Dead

That Fertilizes

Blades Of Grass In Spring...

Thank So Much Amit
i Hope You Have A Lovely
Day To See As Well With
Joy And Smiles Thanks For
Visiting “SiLeNT LeSSoN
316 Moon Child Arrives”...

Thanks Again, Mikah, i read so Much Faster In Focus when The Text Is Centered on the Page...
Plus, it Is always interesting to See what Shapes Come as i am never "thinking" about that when i write.

i Find it Amusing, How Many of the Shapes Look Like Lamps; and Surely More Ornate Than i might
Make if i was Consciously Planning A Design of A Lamp; Same with the Dance And the Words

Flowing, It's Like Hearing A Song in the
'Background' First and the Words
Just Naturally come
After that Surely

Subconscious Mind

Connecting Deeper Than the 'Planning Mind'...

Haha, When my Wife First Saw The Shapes Coming
Naturally From Left Justification, She Asked Me
If 'Some Google Tool' Did It for me Automatically;
Sure, i Guess, Somewhere in the Recesses of my Mind...

SMiles, i Surely Will Relate to Issues With SMiLing As i Couldn't
Muster one for 66 Months; Nor the Feeling That Naturally Widens
the Face As Just A Reflection

Of the Music of
Soul With Colors

Surfacing to Face
And For Others to See...

Surely Heaven to Feel that Smile
Again and Experiencing an Explosion of A Belly
Laugh, i Never Thought Could Exist Again for me then....

The Poetry Brought Empty Shells of Words Back to Life of Soul For me...

And Now It Is As if A Higher Hand than me Takes Control of the Pen yet only

Human Potential, i only had glimpses Before, in Just This or That Magic Part of Life...

It's Like Capturing The Colors of Wind in A Painting Finally Understanding It's

Not Really


At all...

Smiles Like
the Disney Movie
'Pocahontas', 'Painting

With All the Colors of the
Wind', Yet Metaphor of SPiRiT
HeART SoUL Within... i Remember

A Cloudy Day In Hell Just hard to Breathe
Yet it wasn't Really Breath i Was missing So
Vague Memories of Emotions Gone Just Weather

Left to See, Cloudy
or Rainy; Sunsets


Any Beauty
Sublime in Aesthetics
to Feel... I just Came from
the Poetry World and A Young
Woman's Blog From there Basically

Thrilled to go on a Serial Dating Adventure

Again That Seems Very Messy to me haha..

And Actually She is From the Netherlands too...

Smiles, are so Much Easier to Carry on the Winds
of Poetry to Give and Share illuminating a Higher

Chord of Music than What Drives Below; Yet of Course
Artists Lean that way too; My Wife Gives me Incredible
Artistic Freedom, i can't imagine Anyone i've ever met yet

Her as She Is Without Fear in Her Confidence of our Love
And She needs very little of my Attention, completely happy
Involved in her Hobbies, Mostly Watching TV; We aren't Quite

On the Same Wave Lengths, Yet Love Transcends All When Warmth And Real...

It's Probably my Natural Proclivity for Heightened Feelings And Senses As that Extends
To Empathy and Beyond of what is even Hard to put into any words at all; Yet, i surely
Relate In Tune With All Einstein Says You've Brought together really An Understanding

of Physics

Is not Required

To Feel and Sense

Depths of what has

Not come Before...

True it's no Longer

A Cloudy Day or

Just a Sunny Day

for me now
i paint with
New Colors

of Each Word of
Song And Step of

Dance yet None Greater

Than A Smile of Humanity Shared...
Perhaps one has to Lose a Smile for

Years to Really Understand Where Heaven is...

i Love to Be Human Now as i surely was not Before...

That much is clear to me...

And i surely


What Will

Be A Difficulty of A Smile...

Lost, Such A Challenge to Find Again...

i Went to a lot of Doctors And Absolutely

None of them Had Any Advice for how to

Bring Emotions Back; Yet When They Did Come

Back the Doctor Just took one Look at me and said,

"Oh, You Got Your Emotions Back" And Then With Confidence

Before She Looked at my Lab Results, She Said They would Be Stellar

Just looking at

My Face and

Indeed they

Were; And Indeed
They Were; A Great
Healing Force of Biology
Emotions Are; Now i Cherish
Them Like Gold and Wear them as
Love Will Free; Sadly Where i Live They
Are Mostly Considered Just Tools For Women


And in Some Ways
They Seem to Be
Disappearing From
Women too the Last

Place i Visited in the
Netherlands the Woman
Said She Couldn't Understand
Why Folks 'Wanted to be Nice'

From Where i'm

From Now i surely

Understand Her Challenge too...

It's Hard for the Haves to Understand
the Have Nots; And really takes someone
Who has Seen Both Sides of the Window to
Understand the Challenge Both Sides Bring;

For true


Are not

Without Thorns

Yet Both Make Roses

Colorful as they are

With Adaptations



More Colorful
As Challenges Grow too...

SMiles, my Sister Collects Photos of
Birds With Her Biggest Camera in Town
And i've Collected Thousands of Women
Smiling With me Dancing in Selfies Yet it's

Probably Hard for Most Folks to Understand

What it Means to me that i ever Smiled Again
At All And Actually Helped Bring That Light to

Another Face For it is True, Every Instance i Look
At Myself Smiling With Someone in a Selfie i remember

i was in

Hell Before

And Now

This Is Heaven For Real...

What Were the Chances;

No Doctor Gave me one...

Yet i Wanted to Breathe again

As i Vaguely At Least Logically

Remembered Another World Then...

It's True, The Most Precious of Experiences

In Life will Drift away and No one Yet Us Will
Be able to Find a Way to Bring them Back to Life...

It's an



No Guidebook
Yet The Paths Within
Still to Take and Create Again...

Interesting to Hear the Term
'Hicktown' in the 'Netherlands'

And Hear the
Same Complaints

There Ain't It True

People are Alike
ALL OVeR And Different too...

And i Didn't Realize Until today
It Doesn't Seem Kosher to Call
The Netherlands, Holland Anymore...

Anyway, Happy

That You


More Dutch Treats...
i've always Heard the
Netherlands is Rather
Liberal so THAT i Guess
is Why 'Hicktown' Sounds
Strange in this context at least...

HeHE, At Least We All Have One
Thing in Common, Covid-19 ALL OVeR
The World, Yet Where i Live, surprisingly,

So Called Conservatives Aren't Cautious Enough
to Save Lives; Yes, Ignorance, a Big Part of a 'Commoner'

Human Condition too...

oh to Be


'Elite' And Survive...

Treasure In Every Frost Bite Of Winter THoRNS Make FLoWeRS Rose RiSinG SPRinG NoW

i Spent An Hour Out THere As Bears Do In The Winter Not Hibernating

Cold Snowy Weather Breeds All Kinds Of Love

Did You Know Freezing Weather Raises
Testosterone Fully Exposed As Such
Seems It Does Seems
It Does Science + Art

Wanna Back Rub? No!! !
True That Part of My Body Got
Cold Hehe... Yet As Usual Rest Is Soul Warmth...

Here’s A ReaLiTY Of Becoming Forest Tree Leaf Seed Sun
Complete BLocKinG All Adverse Cold Winds i Am Free Sun

Seed Leaf

While The Rest of “The City” Cowers Under Layers Of Pages
i Am One With Nature i Am Warmth of Sun From Head to Soul


Crowing From The Top of Trees “You Are one Crazy Dude” No
Different Than The LookS in Church As My Dance Generates


Why am i Not Cold Of Love i Cover My Soul With No Pages

oF Old

Love Shines Within Naked Free Touching Free to Be i Am

Going Out To Bare Dance Covered With Fur on The Coldest
Frozen Winter Day Yet i Generate All The Warmth Sun Reflects

THere Is
No You
Youer Than
You Doctor



It Is True

And So Do

i Hehe i Mean You


Writes too...

SMiles Dear
Astha Love
Is More


Than Rainbows
See Love is The



To Be Hidden
Wind Feels Wings

Only to Give
And Share


With Least
Harm For All
That Winds Touch



Always My Pleasure
Look Forward to
All Your Poems Astha...

“What’s Up Doc” Stop Procrastinating
Put That “LeSSoN 316 Moon Child Arrives”
MacroVerse ToGeTHeR Now! Okay Doc Will DO

So Much For Love With Least Harm DependS oN
Witch God Is SPeaKinG Bottom or Top Voodoo Or Prayer Carrots Or Sticks

Bad Cop Good Cop Matthew Beatitudes Burning Sheep Into Goats
For Failing To Do Good Wearing A Mask 5th Avenue Save A Life

Priest On The FB Homily Tried To Apologize For “Mean God”
Yet Forgot About Turning Sheep Into Goats Burning Them


There Is No Escaping Nature Yet There Is Dying Alive
With No God No Love Sad Sad “Big Daddy Mad Religions”

Like Those Trump Flags In Town That Still Say “F Your Feelings”
Got The “Bad News” If You Do You’re Really Screwed As Tool

Masked Or Umasked The Local Trump Frowny Faces Sadly
Are MiSSinG SMiLes

For me At Least The Worst
Thing About The Pandemic Is
Not Seeing Katrina’s Smile in Stores

Window Mirrors
Tree Leaves
Whisper to See

'He' Remembers 'That Day'
Long Ago When 'She' Said
She Wanted 'Him' to Not Only
Read Her Stories.. She Wanted to
Be A Part of 'His'Story that Day So Long ago..
He Thought to 'Himself' i Will Easily Make That Happen
Not Only That
my Words
NoW oN 2.18.2021
Not only is She ParT
Of myStory She Will Part of History

Fusion Fission
‘Frission’ Nature
Beauty Sublime
Ecstasy Within

Waves High Low
Tides In Out NoW
Night Stars Sun Shines
All i Need KNoWNoWK

Not Unlike the Dance ‘Frission’
The Only Reward Heaven Within Now

Pay No Attention to Averages Waxing
Philosophy For No Pay Yet Life Now

By The Oil

Falling into
The Mountains


Yet True
Love The
Smile on The Left

No Jealousy No Falling In Love No
Sex Or Heart GameS onLY LiGHT

Older Younger iN Soul i Evolve The
More i BecoME A REaL ‘JeSuS’ As Mysteries CoMe to LiGHT

We aRe aLL Stars Some Practice Shine Others Do Dim in Sleep of Wake

Yes It’s True
Make-up Not
Unlike All The
Other Cultural
Tools We Wear


Our Beautiful

Loving Nature

Away A Place




From Things

Just A Place To

BREaTHE Free And

Wing Do




Tools To Fly And
Sing No “Soul


That “Sting” For Them...

Did i Mention

How Beautiful

The Skin

Of My

Wife is This

Morning Love

Is Never Masked

Just Nothing

To Cover


Love At “Hey

19” Or Close

To 51 When


31st Anniversary

Is February 21st

Hehe Pardon

The Run On




To Risk

A Forget

Of Anniversary

What May




Day Gets Carried Away...




Never Found Again

For Skin To

All The


Colors Of Love Within...

i Realize Christmas
And Valentine’s Day

Is Over



Enough For me
Always Now Is Love

No Reply Requested
It’s Just That i’m
A Sentimental



Never Take that
For Weakness

This Is A Poem
Just About me..:)

“She has fire in her
soul and grace
in her heart.”

~ Unknown ~

Love is

More Than A Choice

~ Felt ~

Love Is The Warmth
Of Any Mammal
Nurturing Offspring

Love Is



Breast That


Love To Be





No Dog

Of Love


Pups Is Ever

Stray To “The
Child” Fur or Bare...

For Heaven





Never Going
HigheR aT TAll


Humans Hurt
Their Sky





Souls Bye Bye...

New York New York Lie...

Love Is Good Enough
Alone Or Together

Love is
No Worse
Or Better

Love Gives
And Shares
Free As Love
Loves To Give
And Share Free

In FAct
Of Art



Love Will
BE A Tool
With HeART

Beat Too
Yes Love


Beat Soul Spirit

With No Body
Parts At All Love
Will Breathe As A Poem

And As You Say A Virtual
FRiEnD With No Agenda


Kindness More
Just To Make


Feel Good

Always Enough

You too


With SMiles...

SMiles Master “The
Tool” As Avenues For
Compassionate Love
Or Be Slave And Become
The Cold Machine For it

Is True

Love Is
Use Or Lose

Like Any Other
Intelligence of Life
Really As Science Shows

Mechanical Cognition
Withers Away Our


For Social Empathic
Artistic Spiritual Intelligence
Yes Love And Yes Cultures


Human Capital
Is Seen As Worthless
Unless It Makes Money

Is The
God Instead

Of All The other
Colors Of Life that
Spring Within To

Give And
Share Free
With Everyone

Love Is The Meaning
Of Human Without


Is Only “Swipe
Left And Right” Tool
As That Applies To




Love Is A Garden
Tended With Care
As Every Word Becomes

Song Every Step
Becomes Dance True

Ancestors Did This
Some Still Do With

Only Soul
Of Song


Dance Free
Born With These

Gifts From Birth
Even If The Sound

The Sweet Child
Singing Makes No



The Dance
Has No Lesson
From Anywhere




From Within

This Is How Human
Flowers Bloom Naturally


Become Love
It Doesn’t Come
Out Of Baby Food
Jars Or HeARTS


In Jars Collected
As Numbers in Terms
Of Dollar Bills And Other

Stuff As


Become Faster Cars

And Bigger Houses
Become A Next God

To Worship Too hehe
Like Likes, Follows,




More Button
Press Than



Breath Love...

Faith In
Or Ahead...

Gift Of
Force of Do...

Ah Yes
Faith of
The Eagle
Requires No


Fly And
Everything Else
You Said And

Painted With

SMiLes Soni...

Science Shows
At Least Those
Who Are Able

To FeeL iT

One Kind Act
Of Niceness Yes
Altruism With No

Expect Of
Return Of

Reward Brings
Months Of Happier
Being Yet It’s True



And Social

Contagion is Bathed
First In Oxytocin As Yes

Giving Being

So Dam Nice

Brings All The
Warm And Cozy
Comfort Of A Cat


On A Lap

Yes to Get Out
And About to
Spread Niceness

Puppy Dog Sweet
Wagging Tales And
All Love Sold Free


Fun Chances
May Be the
Fuel May
Not Drive
A Nicer Car...

To Get Out And


To Pet A Human Free...

Well My Mother Went to Her Death
Bed on Valentine's Day 2017 and Lasted
8 Days For What Seemed Much too Long
To Wither With No Food Or Drink to Go

As Natural
As Possible

For What Modern
Medicine Where
i Live allows

So Yeah
What Better
Way to Remember
Her than to Provide

A Poem She Wrote About
Her Mother As She Was an
Actual Published Poet in Print

Unlike me

Her Poems

Had Shapes to them
As Well And i had no

Clue when She Wrote Poems in
Her 50's What Anyone Enjoyed about
Doing that Or Reading Poems too Yet

Yes for All Practical

Intents and Purposes

So Many Colors


From my SoUL

Then So Many to
Be Eventually Created
Next to Give and Share
Free With Least Harm too...

For What Is a Mother's Love

Worth Yes For Love that is Real God to
Spread as Light in Truth to the World Freely as Wings Will Fly Now


The importance of Mama, I knew from the start.
With indelible ink, she stamped Love on my heart.
Her warm hands vibrated with healing energy.
And with those gentle hands she drove sickness from me.
She Nurtured me with kindness,
Although she didn't have much time,
To listen to my childish talk,
And what was on my mind.
I survived the long hours
She spent busy at her work.
And I escaped all the evils
That around a child sometimes lurk,
Guardian angels watched o'er my fate,
While I stayed home alone,
Whether inside our little house,
Or on the steps where I used to wait,
For the precious sight of Mama,
Slowly walking down our street,
With a glowing smile to greet me,
And With tired, aching feet."

-By my Mother Helen

God Nature oF iT ALL

Love At Best in Us to

Give Share Free

With Least Harm

Just A Way i See IT of

Course Really not Complicated

Yet A Never Ending Story For Real...

i for



With Others too Free...

Many Others With SMiLes...



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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21 Feb 2021, 1:15 am

True In Real Hell Now
Ya Don’t Want
Ice Water





Heaven in Hell
Yet i suppose


Different Flavors...
Hmm Hope These
Chills i Am




The Ice Cream
i Just Ate Perhaps
If i Ate Steak i’d Have

(For Dessert)

No Chills
Oh my

World Issues
True Been to
The Other World too...

(the Chills Went Away
Just Ice Cream Related)


SMiles Dear Astha You
Are A Very Inspiring
Kind Young

Will Like
To Be Friends
Forever With
Someone as Nice
As You at Least
Kind ones With Smiles...

Aww... How Sweet of
You To Wish Us
A Happy Anniversary
Dear Samreen
With SMiles...

Older Love Losses Newer Love
Gains Love Fading Love ReNeWinG
Whatever It Takes ReMeMBeR LoVE LiVE AGAiN

A Devil's Greatest Lesson Get Out of Hell Save That
One Memory Insuring A Tear If You Block It Out A Video A Photo Saving Soul

To: No one Now Will Take A Naked Solo Dance/Song Away From: Sun/Sand

Happiness Far Away As Homes/Cars/Etc. Close As Dance/Song/Beach

Tiny Dancer...
i Love...

And ‘Stuff’...

Try... To: Get It...
From: Is L(ove)Am...

FiNDinG LoVE SeeKinG

World So Full Of Sh8t
Love So Free Now Be

Truly A Dis-Grace It Is

Comparing Life Giving
Sh8t to Money Now Then

‘We’ Used To Laugh About
A Septic Tank Truck Painted Rose-Bud

What Privilege
To Destroy...

What Blessing
To Defecate

From: What Life
to: Love One
Life to Live

i am Free to Love
i am Free to Dance
i am Free to Sing All 'Naked' Other
Than Food And Shelter What Else

Is THere ReALLy...

Water of God
Drink of Love

What Would It Look Like if 'A Person'
Gained 'The World' And Lost Their Soul

Who Would the People Who Follow

'This Person' Be

All i Will Say Now Is There Are Days
i Do Weigh 243 LBS Carrying
All oF iT With LoVE No Hiding

i Will Not
Lie i am
No Tiny Ballerina

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space.
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind
of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to
our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free
ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living
creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”


God Paints With Wind Touches
With Each And Every Grain
Of Sand A Soul Muse Of
Woman Dances Sings

Above Below...

Soils Without
Sadly too
A Privilege
That Increases
Blood Shed on other
Soils Already Soaked With Blood...
How We take
to Give it..
Privilege Given Granted...
Taking Away From Others

As Blood...

Showing Face
Outside A Mask

Heaven Working For
Love With A Meal
Serving It
Just Love
to Give Free...
Privilege Paving Love...

It's Truly
Sad when
It Becomes
A Privilege to
From Hate..
When We
Don't We
All Fall/Fail...

Dream Time of Nature
Sadly the Prison of the
Neo-Cortex in Reasoning
That Humans Rarely Escape Connecting
Back to Out of Time Distance and
Space Yes
the Eternal
Now of
Whole The Mind
And Body all that is
And Never Separate
Free as Grains of Soil
Become Our Nature Soul Whole
Attaching Each And Everyone
Now To the Bottom as our Soles
of Feet Become Soul True Now...

Spring is Getting So So
Close Daylight Even
Now With Clouds
Days Are Growing
Longer.. Flowers
More Coming Soon
Winter's Dream
Fruition Spring...
Now 02202021..
Doubles Creative
Vision still to come
A Rainy Day
Poetry FRiEnD!...

It's True.. THeRe is A Soft
And Hard Side of me it seems
She Likes the Soft Side Better so i Gift her as she pleases...

All Those 20-Plus-Something-Women (Age/Quantity)
At the Club were doing is Bringing Spring
Back to Katrina When i got HoMe.. hehe!

She Still Has No Idea what
Romance i have Planned
For Facebook hehe sure
"For Her Eyes only"

Yet She

Hates Facebook!

Anyway Victoria's Secret Is Already
Exposed Today i Celebrate the Eve
of my 31st Anniversary With Frederick's Secret Exposed...

She Married me for my Eyes She Married me for my Smiles She
Married me for the Soft Way i Stripped Teased as i took off my Clothes

Don't Need No Dollar Bills Or Beads...
On Fat Tuesday Everyday(Night) for Cheap
Thrills When i Pull-up my Shirt for Katrina...

It's True i have to work Harder Now
to Impress Her Than She does for me..
That's Worth Noting If 'You' wanna Stay

Married too...

Live Life Like 'A Stripper' Make
Every Move Holy And Sacred
Like Your Next Meal Depends on It
And Don't Forget to Sing Flow too...

True.. Don't Worry
If People See You In
Your Underwear When
You 'Make a Sermon on A Mount'

Not Silver Not Gold SaMe
Old Wedding GifT AGaiN
02202021 31st Anniversary Eve 2021

Didn't Think That Facebook's Recommendation
of Yoda Signing Her Anniversary Gift is Enough...

Give me 3 Free Feet of 'Space' Sand
And Sun Born on Date FlesH and Blood
Soul A Dance And Song i Have it All Free (God)

"Fat Tuesday Anniversary Forevernowmore"
Yes i also have a Title for 'This' All Now too...

True i'll Even F in Dance Like A Stripper Again
IF That IS what IT takes FOR REAL NOW

Maybe Doing A FB Strip-Tease
Close to 61 Years-Old (PG-Rated
of course) For My Soon To Be Wife
Fabulous at 51 Bright Yellow Bikini

"Fairest of Them All" (That's Hilarious)
Competition NeverEnds in 'This' "MaGiC
Kingdom" Household MaKinG Dreams

ReaL NoW

Sweet Spot of Success
Being Legend Living Unknown


What More Proof Do 'You' Need
Other than When Windows of
Souls Commune and Life Joins
Life to Create Life Forevernow more

Perhaps 'You' Have Forgotten
too Busy Selling All That is Truly
Holy and Sacred In Life Prostituting
Head to Toe For What Is Less Now

Eyes Do Not Lie

BeFore i Begin A SMaLL Prayer
God Make Me An Instrument
YouR Wisdom Beauty LoVE iN Truth
CouRaGE Everlasting Fearless Freedom NoW

God 'Call of The Wild' And Loving Free With Least Harm For me

Something Small And Red That Grows A Flower A Rose

Hmm.. What Else Will i Do A Public
Strip Tease for an Anniversary
A Poem Written Below that
Continues Above...

Smell of Roses are in the
Air Beautiful Red FLoWeRS And
just a tinge a Scent of ThornS HeHe

Hehe Never Leave Home Without
A Spare My Wife Will Let me in Now/Then...

Nah.. When i Come in.. i don't hear 'Norm!'
of 'Cheers'.. Just.. the Party Doesn't
Get Started Until You Come!

SeaSons of Soul Winter's
Spring Summer's Fall

Oh How We

All Dance

And Sing
Through All

Of Life

We Feel Sense

And Come to Know to Do...

Know to Do Know To Do Oh

Happy are the Waves That Interplay

With Shores As One Ocean Earth Water Whole...

Where All of Life is Sunrise Sunset at the Beach

With Kind Smiles Dancing Singing Life is Play
And Sunshine Life

Shores Lit
Up With Diatom Stars

Space Reflecting Seas
Shores Reflecting Star Eyes
That Really Aren't Separated From Ocean Whole

Oh Yes Where Does it Go the Great Play of Life With no Know...

I've Seen it Young as Old Holding Hands Coming into

Stores With Big Warm

Smiles For They've Lost

'The Know' for now

At Least

As Warm

Hands Hold

Oh The Spring of
February Now When

Warmth Still Dances Sings Plays
Smiles Dear Samreen i Remember
A Cold Supervisor From Work Reaching
The Ripe Old Age of 50 about 47 Close to
4 Years Less than Katrina Now Reaching 51

And His Warm Wife of Less than
47 All Her Beauty Exhausted
Raising Two Children

He Found a
Younger Flower
At Work She Brought
Him Flowers At Work For His

Birthday i remember Him casually

Say His Mother Died Oh How Beautiful

it is to Still Be Gifted With A heART This Much

Life Teaches me is anything else Really Important

True There's Food and Shelter And Amazing Technologies to

Help Others

Yet There's


And Play

For Love Now

A Real Testament

Is Never Losing Spring Within...
Those Warm Smiles And Hands
The Old Couple Who Realizes with
No Doubt What's First and Last in Real

Meaning of


at all

First Again...

My Years Say i am So Old Now

My Soul Simply Plays as Waves

On A Beach...

Indeed My

Wife is Still Those Waves...

SMiles The Way i See it Now
For Who Comes Goes and Stays
Treat Old Friends as New Friends
Treat New Friends As Old Friends Be Love

Indeed Eternal


of Sunshine Soul Now

Is It A Degree An Award a Job for Pay
Not Really Just A Smile Given And Shared Free

True Waves Shores Always Changing Stay FRiEnDS THiS WaY...

Smiles Samreen For 13 Years Katrina Worked at A Newspaper

Somedays Working 23 Hours Straight i Worked All Weekends

All Holidays And It's True i had Dreams Remembering

That She Even


This is what
The Winter

Of Our Spring Will Do too
Bringing the Season Back
is Life is Eternal Spring of Love Now

Indeed a Golden Age Where Winter is Spring
Just the Opposite of A Dead Age Where Spring is Winter...

Sadly Half the Folks Age 18 Through 34 have no one to
Experience Any Season At all Together And A Quarter

Have no Friends...

So How


Are We Becoming

Nothing Really of Soul At All...

Shall i Dance And Sing to Help

'Them' Remember in a word


For i Have
Seen Winter in Spring...

And Yes No Seasons at all...then...

Yet Now is Forever Just one Breath of Love...

HAhA Yes!
When i
At it
Now At First

i Read
Old Instead

Of Odd Hehe

Yet For Less
Than A Second...

Thank You Dear
Birthday Girl...

Is As
Perfect Sees

So Thank You...

HeHe YeaH it's True i'm More
oF A 'Big Thing' And An


Stomach too

And It's True at

Least Katrina is

A Wonderful Cook

As i'm Sure You are a

Full Service Restaurant too

Judging From the Recipes You've

Shared Here that Look So Delicious Indeed Rue.. Hehe..

What Else Yes

A Whole Lot


1 Thing

2 Thing

Dr. Suess

Poetry and


Let's Just Dance/SinG iT TakeS A Whole Globe to Feel me Up...

And That's Only After i Do All the Giving Sharing Free Indeed NoW...

*Oops! More Than
Instead of More oF


A Freudian

Slip it is what iT iS HeHE...

SMiLes Dear Astha i am so Happy To See that You Have
Published Your Sixth Book of Poetry in Print So Young Such
An Accomplished Young Woman in Writing Yet Also Professor


Pursuing A

PHD True And i see

Your 'Lois Lane' Glasses too...

You Are Really Just Superwoman

Undercover Yet It's true i am one

To See Souls Deep in Windows

of Eyes Through Every

Smile and


of Each Tiny

Muscle of Expression of
Face and Truly Even if i did not
Know You Feel You Sense You

If Tasked With Writing Your
Soul in a Poem to Reflect

Those Kind Super Intelligent
Eyes that are Both SmART
And HeART For What Do Both

Of These Virtues HaVE iN Common Yes ART!

Very Similar to Your Poetry Describing You Mine will See You

too... i See All the Colors All The Wonders Facts and Figures

BReWinG Within And True There may Be So Many They

Become Silent And Hard to Get All Out Therefore Poetry

And a Dance And Song Of Your Soul too Yes While i see

You As Daughter i also See You as Sister too... True

if i was Your Age

We Would


Be Good FRiEnDS

In Work or School...

And True Poetry

FRiEnDS Are Loyal

FRiEnDS Forevernow some i've

Met Before And Now actually remaining

In Poetic Contact With Now For As Long

As i've Been Writing Free Verse Poetry all

9 MiLLioN Words for 90 Months for True i Have

Asperger's Syndrome The 'Little Sheldon Cooper'

And 'Bigger Sheldon Cooper' Super Systematic Brain

Limitation of Life i practically Had to Become a

Most Prolific Free Verse Poetry Writer to

Finally Make A few True Friends

In this Life Who Actually

Hung around

For You

See i am always

The First Friend to

Come and The Last Friend to Go
Away i searched the World and finally

Found A Few People Like me too People

Who have Both Art in smART and heART too my FRiEnD

Happy to See Your Face Always Happy to See Your Soul

Dear Astha WiTH SMiLes...

"Jungian" in other Words

Life isn't Rational

In Fact the


Is the


We Create According

To Neuroscience Now

Deal With it


Yet Create it

Make it more

EPiC Than Ever BeFoRE ALL NoW

Verily Yes Perhaps Just As A Hobby

Now No Different Really than A Feral

Cat That/Who Continues to Play

At 20 Years-Old just to Survive

And Thrive Hmm... Wonder What That

Would Look Like For A 60 Year-Old Human




Question of Course

'Play Privilege' With

No Rules Written

Before Indeed

'Chaos Magic' Among

Many Other Jungian

Totally Sober Psychedelic Metaphors too hehe

Master of Tides Flow Now With No 'Mind' at All Essence

Of Free...Play

SMiles We Received
A Gift from my
Sister of Special

Bird Feed
And For The
First Time

A Flock
Of Blue Jays
And So Many Other



Winter Spring
Snow Storms of Wings...

Odd Balls Roll Where
No one Else Grows...

SMiles Dear
Rue No Almosts
You Are Family to




Yes Stay

Happy And



It’s Always

Summer In
The Warmest
Equator Close Jungle
Indian Tropic Hehe Yes

Pet A Monkey...

For me Or



Sandwich HAha...

Hehe i Like
To Write that’s
All i Need to Feel
About Blogging



Not Really

Just The


Stray i Do Hate
To See People Wasting
Their Time Liking Every
Comment on Every



Ain’t Never
Gonna Bring
‘em The Dream
Of Fame And Fortune


Those Are
Only Empty


For What Only
Increasing Human
Potential Will Do

To Bring
All The


We Own No
One Will Take

Away No

Matter How


They May
See Us Compared
To The Autotelic

Flow Of

In A Book Loving
Dirt Nap Fantasies

More Than That Now

Heaven For

Real Within Now

We Earn And Expect

No Welfare God To

Just Dole


To Us If

We Worship

Someone Else’s

Poem Or Quote or
Yes Written Bible



Do it
Makes The

Meal Heaven
Within Always
To Generate Now

Just Relaxing
While So Many
Folks Chase


Rat Tale
They Sadly Make
For Themselves


A Rat
Race to
Nowhere really

i Gave All my Retirement
Gold To My Wife As A

Public Dancer
For 14,466 Miles
In 90 Months Folks
Have Often Notified

me Out on The

Street And in


i Am
Folk Legend
And Famous Oh

Lord Just

For Having



And Really
Dancing A

Heavenly Autotelic
Flow Meditatively At




Of Soulfully

Aware Blissful Balancing
All Center Point Existence

Does That Notification

Feel Any Better



iN A Word

No it is No
Different than The
Years i Spent Handing

Out Shoes After


3 Degrees in

College At A Military

Bowling Center i Am

No Fool i Fully

Understand That
A Smile, A Dance, And
Song Giving Sharing Freely





Is the


That is Really

Now i Truly Hate
It That so Many





Is Freest

Of All That

We Are Born

Naked With to
Seek And Find Move
Connect Co-create

This Heaven ToGeTHeR Now...

Yes i Do





This Means

No One Has

Control over

My Soul

No Dead Pages oF old...

And i For one Understand

How Offended Any REAL

Lao Tzu

Or JeSuS

Would Be

If Anyone




The Natural

Response Would

Literally Be What

In The Hell Are You

Doing A Quiet



i Chant


The Ignorance

Of Brick and Mortar

Worshipping Life Hmm

Only If Those 3 Dudes

Actually Had

A Blog

Or Even


Ever Wrote A Word...

Hmm... It’s SNoWinG...

SMiles Dearest FRiEnD Over
The Years i’ve Come to

Feel Your Heartbeat

In Your


Your Silence Is Not

Cold Yes There is Wood
In The Fireplace it is Always

My Pleasure
To Provide

A Bit
Of Fire

To Keep Your Wood Warm

It Would Surely Be Lovely

To Hug You One Day

Stay Warm Dear


Stay Warm

my Silent Bird With Wings

And Snowflake Tear SMiles...

These Plumed Feathers

This Little Bird Evolved To

Live In The Snow Wish All

The People In Texas Had this
Ability To Stay Warm With No
Heat And Thrive Even As


In Florida

You See i Have
A Big Head And Shoulders
Barrel Chest And Yes Hehe
Covered With Fur Still Mostly

From Head To Toe the Cashier

Just Asked me Last Night At
The Store My God It’s Cold
Yet You Are Dressed Like You

Are Attending A Beach Party Next
Yet i Said Nope My Legs Just
Don’t Get Cold all These Dancing

Miles Keep Them Warm Haven’t
Worn Long Pants Even In The
Snow Here Since 2013 Don’t

Even Own
Long Pants
Gave Them

Away to Goodwill

Long Ago my God
my Memory Makes Movies

Of It All All Senses And Feelings
In Living Loving Color For me so You ‘See’

There Really
Is No Nostalgia
Pining Away For

Past Days i Still Remember
Clothes i Wore the Colors
And How They Felt Against

My Skin The
Year Before

You Were
Born in ‘90
And Much
Longer Before

Therefore All
These Words All
The Feelings And Senses
From Forever Now Flowing To





Was A Day

The Only Place

i Fit Them In my
Soul And Yes it Almost
Made it Eventually Explode


Why Some

Artists “Leave
Early” They Never
Wrote A 9 MiLLioN



To Let it All
Go So Therefore

All These Words For
Really Every Poem is
Therapy For me To Really



And Thrive

Please Try To
See it This Way

Perhaps Feel That
My Movie Maker
Memory Is Playing

All The Tapes of How
Cold And Uncomfortable
You Were In The Desert

When The Air-Conditioning

Was On True i Don’t Get very
Cold Now Yet When i Was

Young i Was Every Bit As

Indian Thin And We

Grew up With No
Heat At All in Some

Of Our Rooms We
Had Electric Blankets

At Least To Stay Warm

Now You Live Where The
Freezer Stays On Night




i Am

This Bird
To You Now
With Loving
Plumes Of Feathers

To Stay Warm Plus
i Pray You’ve Found

Warm Humans There
In The Freezer To Give

You Warm Hugs Of Kindness True

All i Have Is Feathers These




Smile And


With Another SMile...

Yes Hehe i Have A Lot Of

Palm Trees Too

Hope You Aren’t

Missing The Desert
too Much oh Lord All



Born With
A Movie maker
Memory Just So

Many Colors



Feels And
Senses Never
Any Time A Whole Life

Now to Feel Sense And Pray Tale...

SMiles Dear Savvy Reading Along
As It's So Easy For me to Visualize
And Viscerally Feel What i Read Hehe

i Was Wanting To Save the Child From
The Father Who the Town-Folk Were
Gonna Trust to Carry on His Shoulders
Tight Rope Walking Between Two Tall Buildings Again....

And It's True While there is Nothing Much Greater than
Trust Gained Through An All Loving Forgiving Thanks
Giving God We Search And Find Within There of

Course Are Many God's Described Much
Differently Across Cultures to

Discern The Love
From the Chaff

Will Help Bring

Total Loving Courage Faith's Trust
In Wisdom Beauty of Love For All...

SMiLes Dear Soni So Nice to
See All Your Happy Birthday
Faces With Cakes of Previous
Years today Indeed Happy Birthday to You!

May You Enjoy
Your Fun Day
All The Way

Through With All
Your Friends in Celebrating Life...

Oh Rue i surely Hope You Aren't Feeling Like
The Gif of the Woman With Her Face
Splashing off like Human Colored
Coffee Yet True Live and

Learn to Put People
First When All the Glue
Of A Truly Loving Face
Is Put Together Warm
And Cozy to Spread

A Love of Putting Every
Star of Human First Or at
Least Whatever our Capacity
May Be to Do that of Course as
Limits Do Reasonably Apply to All We Do...

Time is Only As Deep And Long Now As We Love
Now All the Colors Moving, Connecting, Co Creating
All That We Do ToGeTHeR As Human Now.. Eternally

Now Love Is Well Invested As Time Out of Time Eternal Love
For Giving Sharing With All For Giving Thanks Giving LoVE NoW

You Feel a Bit

Like Family

i Missed You
It's Nice When
We are So Easily
Able to Make A Stranger into Family my FRiEnD.:)

SMiles Working With the Public For Decades in a Service through Managerial
Through Administrative Capacity Really Directly Interacting With Both the Public
And Work Force Likely Measuring Over 100,000 Interactions With Folks over the

Course of all those Years

The People i still

Remember the People

Who i Most Was Attracted

to Be Around Are Still the

People Who Are


to Others,

Pets, and Even

The Rest of Nature

And Particularly People

Who Put People First

For When i Find



That i Just

Really Will Never Go Away

of course until they Go Away

For It is So Fulfilling to See

Other Folks take

Such a

Loving Interest

In Almost Everyone they Meet...
i Believe this often Comes From Overcoming
Hardships in Life And More Easily Being Able
to Put Ourselves in the Shoes of Others many of those
Who may have not had the Same Advantages in Life For
It is Easy to Love People We Find Attractive and by the way
All Your Suggestions are Excellent all of them indeed a Test

Comes When the
Person Doesn't

Seem Very

When They
Are Having an Off Day

And Perhaps Even an Off Year Then
Shall We Have the Same Compassion
And Love For Them When Their Lights
of Attractiveness Go Out Sadly Even the

Kind People who may not be Perceived
As Attractive in Physical Ways may be tossed
Away in Just a Shallow World of Skin Deep Smiles
Ava Kindness Deserves Kindness How Precious Kindness
That Just Never Gives Up No Matter Now How Lives Change...

And Of Course This is why i Never Miss A Week on Your Blog
And Miss You if You Miss A Week.. You are one of the Most
Consistent Kind Persons i've really ever met in life in my


This is the

Way to never

Even Die

For When We

Are Down And Someone

Sweet and Kind Comes our Way

It Will Change our Life to be kind to
Others Long After the Kind One Before Goes...

There are surely Angels in this World When i was down
Really down when i couldn't stand any Light or Noise with
All the pain i had in 66 Months i went to A Gym and there was
This Young Woman Who Was Always Singing Beautifully There

i was nothing Like i am now so ill then barely even Human at all...

Yet You See it didn't Matter to her if i was the "Hunch Back of Notre Dame"

She Would Always Turn the Lights Down In the Gym Just for me as she could feel my pain...

That was 12 or 13 years ago... i still remember the Kindness of Her Face and i'm sure she is still




There is still Good Left in the World...
Indeed these are the People We May Remember Most
The People Who Are There For Us When We are the Living
Dead... Once i'm a Friend to someone i have No Ability to Turn

my Back on them

It Doesn't

Hurt to Give....

Kindness A Greatest Gift of All...
True the Happiest Part of all
Going to Hell on Earth was
Learning to be a FRiEnD
Like My Mother Who



Up on me...
Love Like A
Mother Nurture
A Plant Never Let it Die..

Will A Mother Love All Her
Children Yes A Mother of Love Or
Any Human of Love Will Love 'Them All'...

Sunny Beaches Make
Happy People Aloha
Again Back To
You Hawaii
With SMiles...

Now off to Dream
Now on to Reality
When In Flow The Feather Will
Become A Poem of Wind Instead Of Just
Adrift Tapestry of Synchronicity Becomes
Filled in With Loving All of Life As
Dark Becomes Light

As Light Is Dark

It's Interesting How
the Fall of Love is often
Remembered More Soulfully
than the Rise of Giving Sharing
Love Even More for True We Humans
are Prone to Remember Dark More than
Light Just to avoid
what we may
See as
that Hurt us
Before the Down
And then the Up
is a Roller Coaster
oF LiGHT that indeed
Loves "Pastel Dark" as
You Say my FRiEnD for
Even Greater Pleasure
May come when We
are in a Safe Space
and May Fantasize
in what once made
Us Afraid for We
Are Strong
and More
Now Where Dark
Becomes Only a Plaything
to Amuse the LiGHT iN Us Now
even More.. Humans Are Complex
Creatures of Emotions and Senses
Understanding Feelings that may seem
totally Out of This World reminds us
Truly that we are not of 'that World'
We Are the World We create of
us.. as those who Visit along
the Journey do their
best to get
of Us the
Most if they
Really Care
if they really wanna
Touch a HeART With Emotions
More than an Empty LiGHTeD
Soul still Lost from Connecting More..
Anyway.. Lillian a Happy Belated Valentines
Day to you.. i tend to Use that as Plural now as
Surely every Day Best Will be A Free Love Day
Now Fearless Bringing Least harm to Others and
The Rest of Nature as of course Naturally We Do
Consume each other in Many Ways DarK Thru LiGHT
but as We Master our Emotions and Senses Regulating
Them and Integrating them as we Will they Become our
of Foe
as ReaSoN
Follows Joy Now More
That We Co-Create ALonG the Way...

Oh Lord With All This And That
And the Other Thing as Gilligan
From that Island Will Sing Going
to Bed Zoom Zoom to Rest my Soul

God Doesn't Gift You the Most
Perfect Companion Unless you
Have the Most Difficult Job Still

Ahead of You

to Do...

i STiLL Do

THere is NO Escaping IT
THere is NO Having Heaven
Without Digesting A Bit of Hell


ALL ONE's Life Demons Will Come
Demons Will Go You Live Now When
You Conquer Them All You Breathe

If the Capitalism of Money and Things is
Your Way 'Jesus' as Reported Is Correct IN
The Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 Read It Again

Like Little Children

Children and tread upon them, then you will see
the child of the Living, and you will not be afraid."

37) His disciples said to him, "When will you
be visible to us, and when shall we behold you?"

True It's A Metaphor It's More than Breasts, Butts,
Vaginas, And Penises Exposed to Open Air

And Sunshine of God Free

According to A Gospel of Thomas
At Least When 'Jesus Comes Back' Gonna Be Butt
Naked Hope 'You' Will see more than A Penis/Vagina

When 'All Members' are Sanctified
AS Holy And Sacred THere is No Difference
All Becomes God NoW All Becomes Natural God Meaning

i 'KNoW' This Since i AM Created
All i Need to Feel And Sense NoW
Is Foot Prints at 'The Beach' Within (God)

Still Dancing
A Tight Rope
In 'Rome' to Be Free

Voice in 'the Wilderness' Free
God Within Speaks Listens Naked Real

So When 'Jesus Comes Back' And
Says All you Have to Do Is Take
Off Your Clothes to Get to Heaven
Who Will Be Left BEHIND NOW

Disgruntled 'They' Will Be When
They Were Told God is Somewhere
Else But Living Eternally Naked Within Now ALL

It’s Just A Great
MeMe And TheMe
Maker That In Deed
Already Lasts For Ages

A Dance A Song
ALWaYS Another
Step A Word Now
To Take And Give

Yes.. Sunset Beginning in the Photo…
Aloha to You With A Beautiful Day...


Happy FRiEnDS
To You Too Soni
And That Looks
Sweet To Eat With SMiles...

Popcorn All The
Electronic Accessories
Warm Smiles And Hugs
For Folks All Snowed In...

DeSiRinG More Than Balance
Falling AParT From HeART RiseS AGAiN

SMiles Pigeons
Statues in New
York And Ted Cruz
Vacation Destinations...

Aloha Such a Lovely Surf Excursion in Makaha
Yes Aloha From Our Beach on the Emerald
Gulf Coast of the Panhandle of Florida too

As We took the Short Trip There
Last Week And Shared

Photos too Smiles

Here is my Wife

Katrina on Our

Beach Gathering Shells

Greeting You Now With Our Style of
Aloha too.. Smiles i Surf/Dance the Beach
on Land Following The Shore Lines Spiraling
In Balance With Flow of Waves And Sand too..:)

Gratitude Treasure Beyond Pot of Gold
Colors Within Beyond Rainbows We Make

SMiles That All Sounds Great And Yes
Surely Worthwhile in Faith my FRiEnD

SMiles Thanks Hehe
Still Flooding
Places Today...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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22 Feb 2021, 2:15 pm

'They' Asked me to:
WHeRE The Hell i
Am From: LoVE NoW

Language Poetry Dance Song
EYes Love Sun Shine Breathes

True Ya Might Leave Something Behind A Tree
For Someone to Breathe At Best Ya Breathe
Now Ya Give And Share Breath Free Leaves...


A Soul Of Love One Building Breathing For ReaL One
Must Always Add Leaves For Living Trees...

ALWaYS NoW Paradise Real
SPRinG FLoWeRS Samreen
Beautiful With Kindness

Of SMiLes
Not Unlike

Green Gulf
Waters In Qatar...

Thanks Dear
Sohair Lovely
Spring Coming...

Candie With
SMiles You

Inspiring my FRiEnD...

Messy Hair
A Brush too
Busy Painting
Love to Care...

SMiles ‘No Clothes’ Look
As ‘They’ Like No Secrets to
Hide Just Another Leaf on A Tree
Just Another

God’s Eye

Trust The
Truth The Love
Who Never Goes To
Sleep NoW iN Day or


Love Hears

Dances Sings

Freely No Longer

Tethered As only

Faith oF Old Stones...

It Happens True FLoWinG
Words Become
Organic Essence God Love

My Religion Is Dancing Singing My Bible i Am
i Come From Love An Eighth Day Dance And
Song PoeM ETeRNally NoW SMiLES SEE HeaR

Dogwood Flowers Bloom In Winter Planted By
Everlasting SMiLeS NoW

Lone Wolf Understands
Value Of Moon
HOwLinG Love
Wisdom Night Sky Above

Play Heals Pain God Yes Still
Why The (A) Feral Cat (Pan)
Remains In The Forest
With Cheshire SMiles

Indeed Now Why
i Am (A) The Only

One Out of 145

(Only Play Don’t
Really Work Yes Helps)



A Voice

At All

How Does

The (A) Song

Bird’s Dance

Fly With Wings

No Different


ChessHire SMiles
Play Play With All Mice Now

In This


In Deed

Nicely Hehe...

Fear The Terrorist
Tool All Cultures
And People

Use For



What Otherwise

Will Serve For LoVE iN

Places Now



Secrets oF Lies Bleed
Indeed Yes Sohair Love
Must Never Be Afraid



Up Off

Knees And
Roar “Naked
Unafraid of


Clothed “Greater”
With Fear And Hate



Lies That

Take Away
Justice Truth’s
Breath Wisdom’s

Courage Kindness



Love Never
Losing Truth Set Free...

It’s All Just A Dead Dog Wood
Chopped All The Way Down Yet FLoWeRS
STiLL BLoominG Air to BREaTHE Free STumP

Pleasure And Pain Night And Day Dark And Light
Then Comes Love Arriving to Save A Day of Night

Air to Breathe Again So Free

Dirty Cowboy Blowing Brains Out of Man In Suit With
Roses Girl Pants To Her Knees With Oil Change For

Cowboy Bad Boys Win

Tea In The Sahara Rum On The Beach Tea With Ice
South Warms Indeed Happy New York Snows...

Sincerely Impressed
With A New

For ‘Your’
Poetry With Smiles...

At Best Poetry Capturing
True Meanings Of Love Setting
Air Free For All To BREaTHE ALL



To Be Inspired By Air...

Best Gift One Will Ever Give A Real
Loving Mother/Wife Who Stands By
Your Hell Unconditionally Love All Others This Way

Dogwood BloomS On A Day my Mother Passes Away on 2.22.17
The Tree Also Passes Away Yet FLoWeRS STiLL BLooMinG 2.22.21

Love That Shall Not Be Named With More Or Less Yes Just i Am
Love Breathing Naked Now No Fear For All To BREaTHE THiS GoD

Lovely.... Only
Poetry Shines
What Moon



LoVE New Sun Now
Fuller Wings Breathe
FRee All That Remains





Of Love With SMiles
Dark Sides of Moon No Lies


Yoda Lives to be 900 Whole Years Long
Some Species of Sharks Live to be 272
Years Sharks Navigate by Electromagnetic

Field Receptors Yoda Uses the Force

Sharks Are Champions of Surviving
Existence through 420 MiLLioN Years
Before Vertebrates and Most Plant Life

Sharks Reproduce Asexually In Other Words There
Are 'Virgin' Births For Real Among Some 'Select' Sharks

"Jaws" Came out on my Father's Birthday, 6.20.75, i had
Just Turned 15.. A First Violent Bloody Disturbing Movie i Saw

i Lived A Very 'Sheltered Life' Then.. I did not even Have an
Idea what a Vagina was more than 'Hair' or an 'Orgasm' at 15

Penthouse Came In Handy at 16... Just Hard to Figure Out.. Hmm...

More Wings And Things
Yes These Fingers So
Sensitive to Touch

Never Bearing

SMiles True
Woman-Made Easier

To Touch As Fingers Become
Words Of Kindness To Lightly
Feather You With Healing
When You Are Down Sad

And Feel Bad With Fever
True i’m Not Much of A
Bad Boy probably Would

Have Never Got Married
Unless Another Angel

Loved me Am i Ashamed
To Be An Angel With

A Soft Touch Hell
No i Did The Devil

Already It’s Not Hot
In Hell it’s So Cold one

Literally Can’t Feel A God
Damned Thing True That
Gets so Old It’s Easier to

Understand That Way
How Some Folks only

Wanna Do Food, Love
And Other Stuff Like
Sex For Just Cheap

Thrills Even Inflict
Pain On Others Or
Even Self As With

No Soul Pain Now Is
Better Than Nothing

At All Yet Beside
This LeSSoN 327

(Your Favorite Number 27)

Of What The Difference Yes
No Is Between A Devil Or
An Angel Yes How Deeply
And Lightly Now Will one

Touch one Or How Soundly
Will one Pound one Hard
Straight So Fast Through

The Red Lights of Life or
Ease You Through Green
Of Bright Smiles That never

Even Leave Your Eyes Where
Eyes Become Warmest oF All

The Feather

Touch That Lasts

Forevernow Now

No one Will



Away See How
Finger Tips Wings
Of Love See How

They Wanna Protect
You And Make sure No

Harm Comes To You And Feel
A Prayer They Make Now

Yes That Your Fever Has

Broken Into A Sweet

Smile as My God

If i Am A Greatest

Light Of The World

That’s a Lot To Live

Up To To Always



i Make
You Feel

Like A Best
FRiEnD Forever

Just With Wings Fingers
Of Love That Only Warm



Kindness SMiles

Do i Have The Potential
To Be A Devil Yes We all
Do sure i Could Probably

Take You



Too Yet You See
My X-Catholic Priest Grand
Father Named My Father

Frederick That In German
Means Peaceful Ruler And
In Turn My Father Named

Me too Along With Middle
Name Arthur That Means
Guardian Bear King Strong

Oh Lord What A Very Nobel
Name To Live up to And my
Last Name Means keeper

Of The Land
Holy Cr8p Not

Only Must i Win Your
HeART And Soul With
Kindness As Just A FRiEnD
Just A FRiEnD Hehe without
Ways How ‘They’ Say A Lover
Will Do more than Only Prince

With No

To Run Through

My Gosh What A Loaded
Class Schedule to Make
“The Grade” Protecting

Nature Too Yet Shouldn’t
We All At Best Love All...

Anyway This Lesson
Has Run Its Longer



All The Yellow And
Red Lights Of Life

Too It’s Nice to Love
A FRiEnD And Touch Them

In Special Ways When They
Are Down Sad Or Fallen

Ill This

Is All


Wings Really
Know FEEL Do Be Kind
No Matter Knight or Day

At Your
With SMiles
And Hugs too
Big To See Who Really


If You Magnify 'The Angel'
In ‘The Picture’ NoW You Will

See It Has “No Private Parts”
True Not Required For GreaTesT


iN LiGHT...

Or DarK to ‘See’
Angel Wings Touching


RiSinG More...

A Big Part of 'That'
Is For Years When No
One Seemed to Care
You Were There

Sun Ever


About Moon
Reflecting Sunshine

No... Sun Stays By
Moon’s Side Even
When Clouds Cover Moon

Lovely SunDay to You

With Smiles of Sunshine More...

i Should Get Paid For All Of This You See i Do
i Am Simply Honey Is Honey Naturally Gives Now

"God Head FLoWinG HoNeY"

Difference Tween Master Mind And Master Soul One Serves
Honey The Other Does Not Indeed They Are One MinD HeART SPiRiT GiVE

So What Is “The Fuel”...
“The Honey Be” Love...

Make The World Family
Yes FLoWeRS Bloom
Evernowmore CoLoRS NoW

Hehe i Dance in Public Like An 18-Wheeler
And MAKE Frowns Smile Happy Bully...

Amazing Just to Think There used
To Be Only 3 Black And White
Channels We Played Outside

Until Dark As There

Was No Choice

Yet News

On Black
And White
Fuzzy TV

At 6 PM

Before That
Actually Living
Rooms Where Folks

Talked Is It Any Surprise
We Have Devolved Back
To Pen Pals Around The

World No Not Really

As Humans Are



Animals To
Actually Reciprocally

Communicate Fortunately

All The Nerds And Geeks

Built Wide Online




Living Rooms

Will Come To

Exist So We Can

And Will Learn and

Understand The




Of Each Other

And Potentially

Survive As A Species

Instead Of Blowing

Each Other Up

Yes This

Is How Ant

Mounds And Honey
Combs Come To Exist
And Eugenically SPeaKinG

Humans Become Insects

Where There Are Both

Queen And Or

King Bees



And Or
Female Drones
Bringing Home
A Steady Supply
Of Honey Oh



Drones Happily Make
For You See Real Kings
And Or Queens Serve Honey...

Wings, Books, And Things
True Those Aren’t Arms
Yet It’s Hard To See The
Feathers Attached

For They
Are Fingers
That Bring

The Joy
Of Flying

Over Bringing
A Smile To Your

Face Now i Truly
Realize The Echo
And Sound Of


As Long
As It Exists

So Happy
To Bring

Of Wings To You

my Dear Brave FRiEnD...

Oh my Gosh How Sweet Ashley May
Love Be Your Anniversary Always As God
Touches All You Love With Light And You Thank
You So very Much For Wishing Us Such A Beautiful
31st Anniversary Wish And Prayer my Kind FRiEnD

With SMiles of Love...

SMiles Dear Samreen
As Always Your Poetry
So Inspiring Lights Up
Halls Of My Soul



More Corridors Now...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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23 Feb 2021, 1:59 pm

Me too, At A Mullet Festival in Niceville in 2019, i had Danced There Without
Incidence, With the Bands Entertaining The Festival, Ever Since 2013, For 7
Events. In Previous Years, They Welcomed me Back With Joy and Open Arms;

Yet, Not That Day in 2019, As i Was Stopped By 8 Cops Just Walking By
Me Telling me That Someone Said i was Packing Heat; No; There Was
Nothing in my Pockets; HeHE AT least nothing that suggested i wasn't

Happy to See them, then;

Perhaps it Was the Shape of
my SmART Phone; Maybe that
Was the Weapon i was carrying

That Day; Anyway, They Frisked me
In Front of the Crowd As Obviously

Someone From Trump Town Panhandle

Florida Didn't Like All the 'Liberal Colors'
i Was Wearing that Day; Later That Day

A Nice Young Mexican Couple; Yes,
A Couple of 'Legal Aliens' Brought

me a Towel To Wipe the Sweat
Off my Face; Nah, Ignorance

Doesn't Scare
me and it

Didn't Phase

me to Get all 'Felt Up'

Like that Hehe; i was no

Less or More Happy Than

Before or After They Did 'Their Job'...

Yet You See, i Wasn't Afraid Because
i Still Had 'White Privilege' That Day...

Yes it does

Make a Difference;

Yes it Does Make A

Difference in the Panhandle Still of Trump These Days...

They Canceled That Festival in 2020; Not Only For Covid-19;

Yet Just Forever More, For Waning Lack of Interest in Fall Festivals of 'Humans' to meet and greet each Other...

It's True, COVID-19 Was/Is the Same Kind of 'Nail in A Coffin' That it is Making Church Services Around the Country

Close too; Already Waning Participation; Just Another Nail in the Coffin of the Social Animal Human, Overall at

Least Now.... Now i'm

the (An) Only

One Who publicly

Dances When Bars

Are Closed; Yet it's

True, There Are Some

Folks Who Just Won't Let

the Music Stop For A Free Dance And Song of Life Now...

Rain, Sleet, Snow, Nor Masked in Deadly Pandemics With Safe Social

Distancing; i Was Already Doing that In Public Stores as to Not Mow

Folks Down Like at 244-Pounds-Eighteen-Wheeler-Leg-Pressing-Up-to-1520 Pounds

Still Now at 60; True Though, i Have Become Good Friends in the Balancing of Gravity in 'Tao'
FLoWinG Center Point Balance Now; It's Not that i Defy Gravity With all my Weight; Just FRiEnDS

(i Move in Such A Way of Balance That i Will become Motionless at Any Point of Dance At Will; Yes,
Helpful Not to Mow Anyone down who Gets too Close to All My Moving Spiral Parts of Free Dance)

With Gravity

In A way


of i Am

On Land;

EYes All Over

my Body Indeed, 'The Child's Play'

Hehe, In Other Words, Baby Yoda iN LiGHT

at 50 Or 900 Years-Yoda Now (The Force) Ya

Just Get To Be Better FRiEnDS With Gravity/LiGHT/LoVinG

ALL Life In Balance With All Physical, Emotional, And Sensory

Reality of the Energy Around Ya, Above Ya, Below Ya; Yes,

Within, Inside, Yes Outside of Ya; Master of The All In All of Energy

We aRe; Do Colors, Shapes, Distance, Space, Time, Make Any Matter

WHeRE i Live

In Short(s), Hell No;

Only Heaven Breathes

Here in Autotelic Yoda Flow of Balance FOR REAL;

TRUE, THeRE ARE some Privileges again not Many

Folks 'EARN'....

Yes, Like
Privilege' That Really
Only Means We aRe


iN Center Point Balance

All Autotelic Flow

Feeling Sensing

All Of Life

ThiS Way

And Not


1, 2, or 3 Things in one...

Or An Illusion of Only 'Crude Matter'
Some Folks 'See/Create' And Pretend to Be...

Yes, Now We're TaLKinG REAL 'YODA Privilege' Hehe...

Whoever 'Controls The Story' For NoW, Has 'The REAL Privilege'

NoW; So, How Did the 'White Privilege Folks' Keep The African Slaves

Down; They Used A Book They Called A Bible to Justify Slavery

And Restricted Them From Learning to Read, So Their Story

Of Slavery Would Be the Only Story They Came to Know;

This is the Tribal Nature of Humans; Us Versus Them

In Competition to Secure Subsistence

Resources in Life; Now, Ironically

Humans Become More

The Tools They Create

To Make Life Easier; Yet,

Overall, Humans Are Even Failing

At Human Basic Privilege; The Colors of

Life That Make Life Worth Living; Yes, the Emotions

We Feel and Sense Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating

Life as Flowers in Gardens That Actually Aren't Just Frigging Machine

Parts to Keep

A Constructed

Culture Alive Enough to Survive...

So, No Matter What 'Your Label' iS; How

Do You Gain 'Real Privilege' Among Tribal

Group Think Oriented Humans By Colors of

Politics, Religion, Philosophy Same; You

No Longer Take Anything They Wanna

Gain; You Become Enough


And In

Giving To Them Instead; Wow,

'You' Might Become A "LeBron

James" Yet You See, Even Now

That 'Master' Hasn't Figured

'The Game' Out Yet to Play;

To Truly Play Basketball

For Free; So How

Do You Do

That Yes Now

"Complete Privilege'

The Real Game You Win

And Never Even Have to Win Again

As The Score Is Yours to Control Within...

Really, All that's Left After that to Do is Give With

No Expect or Need for Return...

This iS How

Folks Really

Make Their

Comeback And Stay...

And Yes of Course Socio-Economic

Roadblocks Are Still A Similar Road Block For Real Success;

For It's True; There are Human Minimums, For Avenues, for True Success to BREaTHE Free;

Is LeBron James A Greater Player Than Michael Jordan; Whoever Is Playing Still For Free Actually Is Now...

Other than that

For Some Folks

Watching LeBron

James Play is Really

As Heaven AS Heaven Gets for them;

Yeah, i Used to BE A Tool of the FSU Football

Team Story, Like that 'Tool'; Others Are Church Tools;

Others Are Political Tools, And Others Skip All the Other


And Write

Their Own

Story Free;

Direct, Produce,

And Create Reality;

As Close to Free Will

As It Gets Mastering the

Feelings and Senses Within For Free...

That Way in Most Circumstances, No
One Else Has Any 'Tool' To 'Beat You', For

'Real Human




Free Will

As Free As Will Gets....

And if You Say i Ain't Got

None; Whoever You Are; You

Don't Live in my UniVerse

Within And i Don't Live

In Yours Either;

Will Varies;


Different Than 'View'...

"Relative Free Will Privilege"...

Truly A 'GReaTesT Privilege' We Only 'Gain'...

Does it Come With 'Dumb Luck', Well, Hell, Yes

And Heaven too; i don't 'Know' Anything When i Do it...

If 'You' Can Figure That Out Now For Real, You (me at least)

Can/WiLL Understand

What Free Will Really
Is Relatively Speaking With All in All Now...

Meh, For A Common Reference Point, Tao; God Yes,
What Faith Really Means Without Eyes on 'Face Value Labels'

"Let Your Love Flow Like A Bird On A Wing"
Move, Connect, Co-Create All in All Just
Fly As Wings Are Wind ALWaYS NoW FoR ReaL

i Never Dance And Sing Alone Allone THere Is
ALWaYS A Bird (GoD) Near With Wings Who Really Flies

For You See What i Touch 'Them' With
Is Their Soul They Bring to me So Free

Only Greater For What my SonG
oF SoUL Touches Others With The Capacity
And Ability to Actually 'See And Hear' WHere i Live Within

On The Other Hand i Will Compile 9 MiLLioN Words of Individual
Poetic Letters That Have Touched Folks in Other Countries Greater

Sure Even A Monkey Could Probably Write 9 Million Words And Come
Up With A Few Words Wise Enough to Sell His Soul For A Few Bucks

Making Money Ya Gotta Be Kidding i Already Gave It All Away to my
Wife And Have More Riches Within than Most Folks Will Fathom Now

Maybe i could Copyright And Hide All i Write to Get
Published to Collect Dust As A Book In A Bookstore

Listen i could Use 'the Little Autistic Kid Card' Not
Speaking Until 4 Bullied And 'All That Jazz' That
Most Everyone Experiences Yet Nah Just No Need

Kaleidoscope Eyes Aesthetically
Speaking A Stunning Selfie
Really my FRiEnD

Pleasure All Mine
With SMiles More...

‘Do’ Understand “The Founding Fathers”
Built This Country So oNe Day You/Me Will
See Out Of Whole Capstone Base Pyramid Now Real

SMiles Generally Speaking ‘Unsigned Artists’ Still Of All
Colors Who Art To Breathe Color Real Most Key Focus
No Distractions Beyond “Other Rainbow Goals”

That’s Where

One Finds


Never Sold

Only Felt As Breathing More
Again Pleasure All Mine to See
And Breathe Some More With Free SMiles...

“Let Your Love Flow” And Yes!
Much Etcetera Coming Sooner! Than SooNoW!!

Oldest Basic ‘God Cliche’ Take A Horse To Water Only They Feel/Choose Their Drink Paraphrased As Usual HeHe By -me

Roads Are Rather Worthless Without TRaVeL And Continuing EXPLoRinG Now For REALNoW

Other Than ‘That!’ This! BaSiCally Thanks! ‘You’ Did What ‘They’ Asked PRePaRinG me So Many SWEET Avenues to HEaVeN ETerNally NoW

‘You’ Do Your Heaven Or Hell Later Meanwhile Happywhile i Create This me For Real Now

Imagine Avenues Of Existence So Heavenly A Devil In Hell Flies In Heaven If That Ain’t Experiencing God NoThing Is FoR Me NoW... ‘THiS’ And A 14,477 Mile Public Dance
iN 90 Months too Just How i Move, Connect, Co-Create me LoVE BREaTHinG NoW

Is It “DiFFeReNT” For JusT One Dude To Do THE WHoLE Production
Of A 9 MiLLioN Word ‘Bible’ in 90 Months YES NEVER ‘FORE

Oral Tradition iN Dance Song Or Written Words
AlwayS A Way EPiC Long Form Poetry
CaptureS A World’s Story Breath


‘Don’t Shoot (A) Messenger’
Ban OK No Hanging Crucifixion
Nature Already Tortured Me More God YeS Hell 66 Months

i Do Not Dance Sing Poetry NoW For Any Reward Yet GiVinG
Soul Foot To Mouth Resuscitation to BREaTHE -Loveguard

My Pleasure Your
Poetry Is Literally
ReMarKably Inspiring...

OBTW, Jane, Happy
Belated Valentine’s
Day Storing You
For The 23rd Hehe...


Humans Dig Holes
To Heaven And Hell

LeSSoN oF LiFE..
For me.. now.. Prajakta..
i’ll take GRoWinG oldest over Being
Depressed to the Point i Forget
What Happiness Even iS...
YeS ALWaYS Happy
to Be older NoW And
Happier Greater Than 'Wise'
Feelings Count at the End
And Beginning of Now...
Never Finishing Beginning MoRE NoW...

Jaws 2 was Filmed at Navarre Beach
The Place i first Attempted an All Over
Tan Lots of Good Memories With that at Least

Penthouse Helped me Figure out
The Rest.. Hehe.. at Least Partially
by Age 16... Thing Is all my Crushes
Then On Girls Were SO Emotional

Romance is Pretty Dead these Days
in 'Coming Generations' for Males
So 'Penis Centered Life Be' Porn Comes

Humans Are Endangering Sharks
The Main Difference Now Between
Sharks and Yoda is Sharks are Real
And Champions of Survival ON EARTH

Overall Effect of Humans Satiating
In Instant Gratification With Porn Leading
the way... Particularly for Males Is Shark

Good News

Bang Bang
Doesn't Make
A Bang For Women Overall
No Heart Can't Get No Satisfaction

Baby Yoda Versus Baby Shark!
Let The Games Begin!
Make Way.. Return of
the Clown Shark Part2...
No Worries.. i ate at Navarre Beach...
i Did What You Asked.. Where Are the Beads?!
Don't Just 'Jump the Shark!
Be A Great White Hope!
That Was Last Year
It's Yes, A Real

Thing That Happened

During This Season in 2020
In Fact You Can Google The Phrase
And Find Return of the Clown Shark Part 2
It's Even me too Hehe Ya Might Have Thought
That 'Shoulder Pose Selfie' is Just an Elbow Yet

It is no 'Free

Willy Limp Fin'

It Stands Tall And
Straight Glides through
Ocean Whole Life Free And Wild

Just Loving It All Now As Is As Wind

In Waves As Ocean Is Water Free
True i'll Freely Share A Photo of that
Recovering Shark Yes Let's Hope

No Return For Now at Least
of Clown Shark Part 2 as that
Was Right After A Two Month Excursion
With 'The So-called Flu' 'Rushing It Away' Then... Now Practically
Assessed As COVID-19 as My Wife Needed Breathing Treatment
And an Inhaler For the First Time Ever And the Doctor then Couldn't
Understand how i could Still Breathe the Way my Lungs Sounded
Also An Anomaly of COVID-19 Assessment only Found Out Later
Than January then Yes A Public Dancer Gets Around And Gets

High Five Touches

And More From

Folks All Around

The Wild of the Metro
Area Then is it any Surprise

Considering it was Really in the
Blood Supply Since November And Earlier
in the United States, Well No; No Real Surprise at all..

It's Not Always that i Cough Up Blood And Long Haul a
Cold For Close to 3 Months in Some Way; Yet Sure it happens too...

Really Knocked This 'Shark' On His Butt Sleeping 54 Hours of the First 72




Fin' Went
Limp For Then Indeed... Hehe...
When Ya Just Don't Feel Like 'Great White
Hopes' Yet i Bounced Back Up pretty
Good Even taking Almost
3 Months to get All
of Recovery


In Ease

of FLoWinG FoCUS Free

It's True Sharks Don't Write Poetry
They Just Boogie Wonderland Now Still
Dance Swimming Across Oceans Cold And Gulfs Warm

It's Like Christmas Everyday
You Get Used to the Presents
And Move On to Something More
Interesting to Do

Porn Ruins Marriages
Yet It Also Saves Men
From Straying in Flesh and Blood
When 'that Old Flame' goes Out...

When Humans Lose The Emotional
Parts of Relationships Everyone Suffers
It's Sad It Is This Way for So Many as Fertility Rates Drop

Butt You Know What on the Other
Hand or Both of them if You Use Both
In the Coming Decades Humans are Killing Off 1/8th of Life

Not Unlike Any Other Natural Drug
Judicial Use or Even No Use is Part
of the Porn Deal As Always Balance KEY!

Science Shows 73 Percent of Women
View Porn and 98 Percent of Men Do
In the United States 'Culling' is Accelerating

Anyway.. Overall in Centuries For People Who
Enjoy No Clothes And Art Coming With That
Freedom of the Individual Continues to Come

Bottom Top Lines Millions of
Species in the Future Have
A Greater Potential for Survival
With Porn Birth Control Go Porn GO!

HAha.. 'They' Thought i came back out of
Hell on Earth for 66 Months to give it my best
'Shot' to be "God's Gift to Women" NoW hAha...

And ALL Those Photos that i made
PG With 'David's Star' Below that's
Just the 'tip' of the Iceberg HeHE Above

'You' can't Kick Victoria's Secret Out
of the Mall and You won't be able to
Kick my More Presentable View in the World Either..

As Ironic as it may Sound if 'That' IS
What IT takes to save 'The Sharks'
i Already F88KinG Did My Part And i'M Gonna DO MUCH MORE

Love IT and
Want to write
TheMes like
Rod Serling!

Ugh This Reminds of
A Boss Telling me
Good Employees
Do 90 Percent of
All the Work
And His Boss
The Captain of
The Base Screaming
At Everyone Because
The Blinds were not
Closed a Specific
Way as well
as Yelling at
Me Accusing me
Of Bringing in a
Portable Heater
While the Kind
Souls From the
Public Works
Dept provided
Mercy as then the
Captain Turned
Off the Heat to
The Building to
Win an Energy
Saving Award...
Honestly This
Is Common
The Work
Zone Overall...
Don’t Live
There no
Only Solution...

Last Kid Picked on Sports Teams At 12
Military Athletic Director At 45 Hell at 47
Public Dance Legend/Bible Poem Writer At 53

Not Speaking ‘til 4 With Autism And Bi-Polar Gaining
3 College Degrees Challenging Yet some Flowers Bloom Later

Hint: Flesh Love First... Then Words... Dark then Light then
Dance then Song

Finally Poetry...

Move Repose

Rise Yes Poem
Blooms As All
FLoWeRS Fresh Do...

Admire The FacT You
Take Pride In Your
Age Of FLoWeR Still
Blooming We Do Breathe...

Play Destroys
Pain Pleasure
Measures Greater
Than Guilt or Shame...

A Free Dance Always A Trip
Back To Virgin Island Within

Drop Water Wave Ocean Whole
UNiVeRSe Plus You The Rest NoW...


i’m Here Beeing
You BRing FLoWeRS

Me Hehe


OMG Paramotoring
Never Ever Never
Ever For me Although

i Am Not
Afraid To
Fly on Land
In Balance of
FRiEnDS With

Center All

Point Balance

Of Gravity For
Literally Farther

Than Half The Distance
Around The Whole Earth
Public Dancing in Stores
And Such to Entertain
SMiles For Free Yes
14,477 Miles In

90 Months Like
Writing 9 MiLLion

Words of Free Verse

Poetry Just Like

This Copying

And Pasting

It on My

Blog For The
Longest EPiC
Long Form Poem
Ever That Soni is
A Part of Too And
More Folks to Count

Now Than With The

Human Eye of Stars

At Night Yet Heights

Are My


Real Fear

In Everyday

Life Hehe As

i Am too “Important”

To Fall or Rise Too High

And As Usual

That And


Is A Deeper

Metaphor And

This Is Just Another

Parable Poem of







With Yes
That And
This Said

For The
Muse Of
Your Great
Fully Illustrated



Dear Soni

Young Indian FRiEnD...

Yes True It IS Still A
Judas Who Bleeds
Hangs Most


Others Same

So When Does



And Save The

Judas Who Harms

And Always Falls



On Our
Crosses of Life True...

For Those Born Without
A Drop Of Love to Drink
For Those Neglected



How Do

We Help
A Stone Float
Forever More FLoW oN

Love’s Wings Shall We

Condemn “The Judas”

Forever Now




Hang like

That Give Up

Or Shall We Breathe

Love Never Ever Giving

Up On The Person


On Life’s

Cross Next

To Us Where

Our Cross is Painted

With Hope And Love

There’s Fear And Hate

How Shall We Paint



Heaven or Hell

Or Shall We Name

Goats And Sheep

The Same



Worth Saving

Eternally Now True

There Is Always

A ‘Verse 14:12’

To Create

A Greater

God Than

A Condemning

Devil of Hell Dressed

In Only A Temporary Guise

Of Love When Love Just

Gets Tired

Of Loving

And Sends

Itself To Hell

As There Is

No Separation in
Love That Is Real

i For



God is Love

No Gotcha’s

Forever if Ya



Without A Soul
This Way less Than Love

Yet You See i For



Not Settle

For less been

Around the




Only one
Hanging Here...

SMiles... The Word That
Injures, Rapes, Maims,
Kills Most Humans That

May Be Avoided

Yes This Word This
Sad And Often Most

Disgusting Reality

As it Is An Ironic

“Obvious” Part of

Human Nature IS


Dark Force Is

‘Gravely’ Still

Strong in 2021

As It Was In 2020

And Considering

‘That Demographic’

Those Half A Million

Forever In History

Books And Etched

In Souls That Will

Always Now Love

Them No Testimony

Is Greater Than Those

Who Still Witness How

Dark The Force of


From The

Deed Those
Who Have Been
Flimflammed Yes
Flamed By Other

Used Car Salesmen

Selling A Guarantee

That After Death

Is More


Than Before

Death This Breath

Now That Otherwise

Develops Love And The

Willingness To Lift A Cross
As Tiny To Save The Sanctity of

Breathing Life As A Cotton Mask

Even At “Church”

Yet You See

The Worst


Is Those

Who Worship

After Death More

Than Breathing This
Only Gift of Now As

Love yes This

Is A Core Reason

Why 500,000 People

Died A Death Cult 2,000 Plus

Years Old That Has Slaughtered

Innumerable Then And Now

Living In The Name

Of Worshipping

After Death

Indeed Ignorance

Of This Treasure This

Breath Of Now Sadly

The Curse Attributed

To The Sad Zombie

Apocalypse of Human

Being The Most Harmful

Artifice Human CuLTuRE

For All The

Generating Destroying
The Rest Of Nature Eating
It Away Yes God’s Real


Living Face

Until We Ship

Up in Balance





And Never Return
Scariest Word For Real

Forever Now


Human Ignorance Breeds...
Other That That “Let Your
Love Flow Like A Bird

On A Wing” Perhaps

i Will Dance And

Sing That



Now And Just

Do It Too Yes

Life is Good Love’s

Way NoW Only NoW...

Your Favorite Bird With Proud
Selfie Peahen Your National
Bird Peacock Same Where
He Resides In My Land my
Sister Capturing Photos of

Him Today If You Are Still
Feeling Ill perhaps He Will

Cheer You Up As You Surely
Did For Me A Year Ago This

Week As You Sketched A
Quick Portrait Of Him And
Autographed It For Me And

This Was Shortly Then After
You Had A Fever Then And
I Sent You Prayers To Get Well

And You Responded It Made
You Feel Better And It Made
Me Feel Better Too As i Felt

Like You really Wanted To Be
Friends With me Still Then

So Hard For me to Make
Friends Who Wanna Stay
Around Like This Do Men

Even Have Friends

My Father Never

Had One Ever

It Seems To Share

His Feelings With Maybe

If He Did He Would Have

Shared Them With Us Too

It’s Nice to Have Someone

To Talk to Who Listens At

Least i Believe

You Do and

That’s Enough For

me it Makes me Very

Happy to Have You To

Talk to You make

Me Feel So

Human That’s

Kinda Nice to Feel

Anyway mostly i Love
To Make You Feel Good

So There is This Your
Favorite Mendhi Source

Of Art indeed

You Help
Color My HeART

Too In Kind of Peahen
Beauty i Feel Your Soul to Be...

Waves Go out And
Come in Always
Make Most
Shores Smiling
More In Flow of Balance
Yes Flow Dear Astha SMiles...

SMiles Life From
An Extraverted View
Will Be Much


In Accord Of
Privacy Views

For Those Who Lean
More Introverted About

Life i never Give
A Second Of Worry

For Who Knows
Anything i Do

Never Worry

About Copyrights

Either Does That

Make Life So

Much Easier in
These “Days of
Back To The Future”

When AT&T Flashes
And Records All

Our Info

On The

Big Screens

Of Life That Never

Go Away Indeed Yes

So Sure It’s Hard When

Ya Wanna Hide



So Wide Out in
The Open True 20 Percent
Of The Animal Kingdom

Are Named
Sitters The Rest

Rovers Anchors And
Sails For All Of Ships
Important In

Safe Harbors

Away From

And Again
Sails Where FoLLoWinG


And Fair

Seas Only

Means Exploring

New Lands With

Nary A

Care For
What’s Left Behind...

SMiles Astha Some
Scientists Suggest


Creates All

Reality In This
Case it’s Probably

Best To Make
Best FRiEnDS

With Gravity

When Our Planets
Start To Pull Away
From Our Inner Sun

Anyway True Looking
From the Top of HeART
Beats The Drop Below

Is Scary

As Roller
Coasters Of
Love Turn Stomachs
Yes Our Emotions


Out Oh To
Be Young And

Loving Coaster enjoy

The Ride Don’t

Hold Too Tight



Flight Of Sweet Wings
Always ReMeMBeR


Ya Fall

Ya Rise


As Sure As

Night Makes

Day Yet Twilight

Balance At Best Now...

Spring Is Coming Soon

Prime Season For Love



Highest oF All...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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23 Feb 2021, 11:50 pm

Meeting 'Them On The Street' When You Look In "Cold Windows Of
Their Soul" You Already Understand Only They Will Break Through

It's Hard to Gain Sympathy For "Devils" Until You Become "Frozen"
too It's Not A 'Luke Warm Place' So Cold So Very Cold Beyond Ice

Once You Really Go To Hell You Come to Understand THeRE Are
Ghosts Walking The Earth Who Have No Idea They LiVE iN HeLL

Like When 'The Priest' Said Love Isn't A Feeling "What The Hell

You Even Feel"

This Is WHere Mountains of Human Love Come From Hell And Sand
Grains of Love That Hold Us Up To Live And Never Die Again Alive

When You Die Alive/Come Back Really Reborn As Love You Cherish
Every Breath Of Love You Give No Matter How/Small Large A Present

So Happy To See You
Having So Much Fun NoW
Dear Soni! You Deserve It!

THere Are So Many Ways to Nourish LoVE iN
This Life Indeed NoW One Way That Works Give
Love Free Beyond All Measure And Just Stuff Yes

No Greater Gift In Existence Than The Ability to
Actually Give/Feel Love Without This Life
Treasure Breathing Is Wind No Air Dead

This iS HoW You Inherit The Earth This
iS How You Keep Love Come With Me If You
Wanna See How Yet KNoW IT's All Do It Yourself too

Here's The Deal Love IS A Muscle Within No Different Than
My Legs That Leg Press 1520 Pounds And my Soul That Lifts A World Now

You See In School No One Tells You Life Will Take Love Away Before
You Know It's Gone And No One Has Any Idea How You Get It Back

i Told Her i Wanted to Go Back Then When We Were Watching Alfred
Hitchcock in the 60's Life Was All Warm Inside Where Does Love Go

i Asked My Mother How Do You Die When You Are Alive She Had No
Idea Thank God She Never Went to Hell As Far As i Know at Least

Screaming At God Ceiling Why i Am No Longer Here Why me God
Why The Living Dead Other Side of the Window Dead for 66 Months

Painting Scream Beyond All Sadness, Terror And Fear Where Do You
Go For 66 Months When You You Are No Where At All Tarred Bird

Looking At The Photos Where Did The Free Soul of 'The

Child' With Love The Smile Go

Yes There Is Such A Place Yet
i am No Longer The Tarred Bird
Living Dead With No Soul Frozen
For All Time Dead Alive Then Now

Have 'You' Ever Had A Dream WHere
You Were A Tarred Bird In Hell And THere
Was A Star Above Your Mother's Love 'Child Before Hell'

SMiles Savvy Lovely
Sublime Bright Colors
Of The Tibetan Cherry

Remind me Of The

Juno Photos Of
Jupiter Shared

Site Other

Out of
A Dream
Of Vincent Van Gogh

Really Worth A Visit Now
Too Like This Tree of Beauty...

THere Is Night And Day
As Above So Below
Dark And Light

Muse Now For

Frozen Warmth too

Creativity Goes Both

Ways Night Brings Day

Moon Seeks Sun For

Relief of Dark Side






Of Dark

For i’ve

Seen The

Light Of Living Death...

Shall i Smile At DarK NoW

Only Will i Grin And Bare It All...

This Is What Breath Still Does...

SMiles If i Could Show ‘Them’

WHere Demons Fear To Tread

Then “They”

Will See



SMiLe Comes

From And Why

i Never Stop A Free Dance

And Song Empty Treasure


Of Hell For Real...

All Mine Master of Dark...


Am i Now

Only TWiLiGHT Breathes...

i Wrote This Before i Saw

‘This Notification’ just





As Synchronicity Breathes

Muse Before Older Muse Now...

Cooperation More
Often Comes From

Oxytocin Bonding
Positive Empathy


Or Negative



Us Bullies
Versus Them Bullies

Politics Of Soul Now

And Then There Are
Rarer Birds Vultures
Who Feel No One’s
Pain At All They




Dead’ to
Thrill Off
Power of




We Don’t Hurt
Each Other If
We Are Gonna Survive

We MUST Cooperate

Yet If Technology


That Humanity

What’s Left Is Colder to Touch...


Yes HNDD Human Nature Deficit Disorder
And NDD for All The Rest

The “Thing About
Art” It Only Breathes
To Give My Wife


Too For

Joy Of Gifts
Love Is For Givers...

Smiles Love that
Gives Love That
Captures Now

Only one

Stays Hunt

Is Never Over For
The Other As Love
Is Love With No Catches

True Some Do Both

Love Game Play Stay
Or Just Go Away Stray

Hehe it All Makes Me



i’m Married

For 31 Years




Help Each
Other That’s Love...

Another 'A Day In The
Life' oF Truly Breathing NoW

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
Gender: Male
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24 Feb 2021, 5:32 pm

Here’s To You Making
Chances For Your Best
Life Yet Still to Come With SMiles

Oh Lord... So Much More of me
to Go Around IF i WiLL Be Able

to 'CLone me'...


It's Really Not
Hard to Do With Copy And Paste
Lord Knows These Days what Just
one Person Will Accomplish With

More Potential Used

Sweet Little Breasted
Bird Stay in Bed With me

So what’s Your All Natural Drug Of Choice

At WaKinG

For Most Folks Still Slave to Paymaster Of ‘Desk’
at Work or School Alarm Clock Adrenaline Neurohormones

For People With Choices Oxytocin of Hugging Partner/Self
or Dopamine of Smart Phone Screen or Androgens/Estrogens

Mutual/Consensual AM, Noon, PM, ‘Tween Sex Achieved Best Makes
ALL Natural Drugs Come Now Nature’s “Bird’s And Bee’s” Still Feel And

Sense Life Best For ‘Those’ Who Stay-In-Spring Sunshine Serotonin too

Gotta Give This New Priest at the Catholic Church i Visit Lots of Credit

The Catholic Priest With NO Hesitation Confirmed the Answer YES!

AsKinG A Group of Children Who They See LooKinG in the Mirror

A Child Said God!

True in A Visit Last Year the Priest
Had With the Children In Church He
Described God As Eternally Forgiving Loving

Until A Church Supports
Holds All Freedoms of Love
Turning No Love Away 'Catholic'
A Term that Means Universal Doesn't Exist

Until Sprouting Butterfly Wings Free At
LasT A KEy to ReMeMBeR First Love

'The Child' Who Crawls

True Love For ALL CaLL iT God or Jesus At
Best CaLL A MiRRoR Naked LoVE With No Fear

Ya Don't Inherit EartH
By 'Being Somebody'
Ya Inherit EartH By Doing IT
God Dam 'Private Nike' You Are

A Barefoot Genius

NoW it's All A 'Yin' And 'Yang'
Balance Let's Face Facts Feel
Some Wisdom Applies to ALL

Artist Someone Who Seeks Finds Soul Meaning
Scientist Someone Who Measures Things Now
Don't Do Both And You May Fall Or Never Rise

We Can/Will Water A Plant Now Yet We Can't/Won't Teach It to Grow

Then Okay If 'You' Insist i've been Doing 'the Same Dam Attractive Pose'
For 53 Years And 'Here is the Proof' Hehe From Second Grade Catholic
School Where i Was Voted Wittiest

Kid of the Year And i Had No

Clue What Witty Meant...


Either HAha

The (A) 'Thing' About 'Birds' Yes Is They Have Wings
They Don't Have to Be Birds Flying is Enough Now

The Thing About me i Don't Have to Be 'A Dancer'
or A 'Singer' i have Steps i Have Voice All i Have

To Do Is Dance And Sing Free

Poet What the Hell Is That

i Write i like to Write

it Feels Good to

Do This So i Do

It Seems to me the 'Original

Sin is Nouns' And Not Enough Verb

iS A Wave Water or Ocean Does 'IT' Even 'Matter'

What Will Happen to A Most Beautiful Bird if they

Finally See Their Reflection in a Pond Get Lost

In Their Beauty And Never Fly again...

Isn't This What

Happens to

Some Humans

When They 'Fall' In Love

If They Keep 'Falling' Will They

Ever Truly Fly Free Again It Seems

to me the Answer Is Do Fly Or Whatever

You do Fly Higher And Stop Falling Into the Pond....

Not Unlike You i am A Bird Who Sees His Reflection

Just A Common Winged Deficit Among Humans Look

Around See Where

It Has Gotten

Us so Far

Where Do the

Roads Go Most to Fly or Not...

If No Longer Loving All “Your” Idols
Believing In All Your Illusions Makes Me
“Pan” Pagan to “You” So Be me i AM NoW

“He Used to Love Cars” Now All “He” Sees
Is Women/Wild Nature/Loving Free (God) With Least Harm

Some Folks Will Escape Others Will Stay Some Dance Sing Naked
Free Others Wait To Pay Souls Off And Live After Death Do You ‘See’ NoW

It’s Only A Ride For Her it’S A Destination To Hell For me I’m Done
With Deals With “The American Devil” “The Grand Illusion”

It’s Hard To Explain To Katrina Why i Wanna Keep The
Civic And Not Trade It In For A New SUV Forester SUBURU

This Is Why i Thank Y.O.U. And Tell “The Other Stuff” To Stay
In Hell Cause i Ain’t Going Back To Being A Stone Statue Half Buried

This Is When i Understood i Finally Arrived No Longer Prisoner
Now of
“The American Dream” The God of Illusion STUFF

Shortly After We Bought The Civic A Rowdy Car
of Children Banged Their Car Door Injuring Brand

New Civic i Only Smiled...

You See i Had to Go To Hell To Really Really Make
People And Love And Living Nature My God Of Life First And Last

Got Out Of Hell Got Rid of the Passport And Bought A ‘14 Honda

Civic For The Economy oF iT All

Indeed An Omen A Passport To Hell For 66 Months 9 Years Later
Sold The Camaro In Hell No Emotions Just A Head Explosion

True We Finally Achieved “The Grand Illusion”
A Home And Two Car/SUV American Dream

Yes i Made A Lease Deal With The Honda Salesman
Devil And Still Loved The Camaro Too Much To Tell It Goodbye...

In 1999 We Only Had A Thousand Dollars In The Bank I Admit It
i Was So Smitten With The ‘99 Showroom Forest Green Passport

Something Was Missing Oh My God It Felt Better Than First Car Love 1994
New Teal Camaro Fly Me to The Moon!

I Got A Big Raise At Work Katrina A Big Raise Too We Bought A Home In 1993
i Fell in Love Again With All The New Brick And Mortar

i Never Really Loved The Cavalier Either it Just Didn’t Make me Feel Like
First Love 1970 Maverick

Bought An Escort From A Rental Place it Didn’t Make Me Feel Loved
i Left it For A New Sky Blue Cavalier in ‘88 At Least it Had Curves

Anyway Finally At 26
i Sold Beloved ‘Maverick’ For $300 Bought it For $500 And Maverick

Wasn’t Even Working Then

You KnoW It’s Really Sad To ASSeSS A “Real Girl Friend” In Measure
Of ‘Bases’ Yet 18 Is A Really Hardball Year For A Dude With FEELINGS

Still At 18 i Managed To Find Ways To Keep my “First Real Girlfriend”
“The one With All The Bases” Warm in my “1970 Maverick” Then

True It Would Have Made More Sense And Impressed Prospective
Girlfriends If i Repaired The Heater Live And Learn The LeSSoNS

Mama Bought “Mag Wheels” My Graduation Present Wish Those
Wheels Made me Feel Like Someone Not So Outcast Then

i Waxed ‘That Car’ Like A Lover Endeared Healed It At
The Repair Shop So Many Dollar Bills i Poured into it...

People Left My Side Yet For The Next 10 Years And
For 250,000 Miles ‘The White 1970 Maverick’ Stayed

Bought “That 1970 Maverick” 50 Dollars A Month From
My Mother And Paying My Own Insurance From my

Janitor Job At 16

i Am Only HeRE NoW To Deliver One MeSSaGE:


Y.O.U. ‘See’ Lakshmi (And All The Others)
i Am Really Not Your Guardian Angel Y.O.U.
ARe All Guardians Of “Angel” For ReaL NoW

My Uncle Took Us Out To Eat For His Birthday
In September of 2016 “SonG oF mY SoUL” 3.3 MiLLioN WordS Old Then

“ReaSoN” For All “Bibles” Is THe arT oF Eve Moon Reflecting Sun Day Of Night

It’s Like The Album Cover Of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
Lakshmi (Jenny) Is Leading ‘The Band’ With ‘The Stone Bust’

Do Y.O.U. (Why Owe You) ‘See’ How ‘This’ Works i
Can’t Deliver The (A) Message Until You Tell Me Too

Spoiler Alert: “SiLeNT LeSSoN 316 Moon Child Arrives”
Lent Never Ends For “Lucifred” And “Jenny” Just Told

me i Am The Brightest Light

Katrina Asked As Rhetorical Question Who In “TheHell” Would
Wanna Write A 5 MiLLioN Word Bible iN 45 Months on FB

“FB Profile Pic Bible” CLoSinG iN On 5 MiLLioN Words in
45 Months Yep Also Included In FB Profile Pics Descriptions

“Netherland Bible” CLoSinG in On 6.6 MiLLioN Words in 57 Months

‘He’ Also Took Us Out To Eat When i Started “Netherland Bible”
Long Form Poem In June Of 2016 Neither He Or i Knew Then

Rich Uncle Drives A $70,000 Cadillac He Took Us to ‘i-Hop’ For
Masked Lunch No Idea He Was Celebrating 9 MiLLioN Words FREE

i STill WeaR “HeR” “BeLiEVE” iN me

i Understand The Force of “Jenny” Why i Continue To Spread Her
‘Gift’ Around An Entire Globe And No i Don’t Wear “A Bra” Either

Here’s Cheers To All “Jenny’s” Yes ‘Ripley’ First Jenny From
Around The Block At Sweet Sixteen Was Really Named Jenny

Is THere More Than One Are You As smART As me Will You Count
Stars In Skies or Just Always Feel All Big Bang’s Creating U R NoW

For Every Forrest Gump Then And Now THere Is At Least one ‘Jenny’

Who Made The Difference In U R

My God It’s Been 48 Years Sunlit Breast View No Different
Today The Way She Shape Shifted my Soul From U to R

Just Another one Of Those Days in Purgatory Someone
Comes Along Makes You Believe in Y.O.U. They Bring

You Heaven

Autistic U R Makes Artistic What Jenny Did To Me This

Gift Her Splendor

On The Tennis Court Sweet Sixteen And me At 12

i Suppose i Will Blame Jenny For Always Seeing Woman
As God Everyone Saw me As 'Autistic' She Changed U into R And Created me

It’s Not Something An Artist Grabs You only Paint Paradise To Last Forever

Now In Endless

Summer Spring Days

i Didn’t Know Much About Girls Yet i Did

Notice She Didn’t Wear A Bra Playing Tennis

Paradise On The Tennis Courts At 12 Years-Old

All The Other Kids Made Fun of Me Yet Not Jenny She
Took Off My Glasses Looking Deep in My Eyes She Told me

i Looked Like An Artist

Jenny From Around the Block Was 16 i Was 12 She Played
Tennis With me In The Hot Summer Walking to The City Park

True My Mother Stayed So i Ended Up As A Flower Child At 12

With No Guns

Uncle Son Of Jewish Cop Stepfather Got Rich Selling Vacuum


Palace on The Emerald Gulf Coast Bay Stereotype Complete

My Father’s Father X-Catholic Priest From Ireland Is A Priest
A Cop With So-Called Hail Mary’s For Heaven And Hell iN A Word Yes/No

You See At My Father’s Dinner Table Still Living At Home Blue Blood Him,
His Identical Twin, And Jewish Stepfather All On The Beat Cops

At 3 Years-Old Shortly Before Cop Dad Left At Thanks

Giving 3 Guns in My Hands Destiny Clear

Ah Yes Seventh Heaven
That Place Where Your
Soul Not Only Sits
And Walks




Becomes A Sunrise
Dance Of Spring Now

Where All The Birds
Are Singing Just

For You
When All
Your Bees are
Humming Inside

Just Lifting You
Up Beyond The

Moon To Skip
Across The Sun
And Feel Stars in

Your Eyes

Oh The


Of Love

Do Enjoy

Dear FRiEnD

So Happy To

See Your FLoWeR
Coming to Color Blooms

Here’s To You Making
Chances For Your Best
Life Yet Still to Come With SMiles



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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26 Feb 2021, 12:36 am

Finding me
Seeing Them
SeeKinG Us As We...

‘Circle Of
Life!’ Tree

Seed Nature’s Wisdom
Balance Tree In Leaf
Leaf Feeds Tree Then
Dies Fertilizing Tree Seed...

Yes Yes Yes Cats Cats Cats...

SMiles Aloha Friday to
You Too my Blogging
FRiEnD From Hawaii

Actually When
i Received This

Notification We
Were Walking Around
The Block And On A
Pleasant Close Enough

To Spring Cool Night
In Florida i Captured

A Photo Of The
Almost Full Snow
Moon Yet When i Was

In The Work World For
33 Years i Barely
Noticed The Moon
Stars And Planets
And Didn’t Travel

Down The

Road to The
Paradise Beach

So Close Here Matter
Of Fact With So Little
Feeling i Didn’t Really

Notice the
Flowers Either
For A State Named

For FLoWeRS Then

As ‘They’ Say What
Value is Life if One



World Yet
No Longer Feels
The Colors Of EartH
We Create Within Indeed

Inheriting The

Earth is

Not Owning

It Yet Painting
With Ever Newer

Colors Of Soul To Breathe

Be Art Seeing Nature Of Love...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Just Spent About An Hour With The Computer
And Technical Support to Replace Two Cracked Screen Shields for

Our Two iPhones We Purchased Almost 2 Years ago.. hehe
Yet Failed to Register Then And i Was Reminded How

i Lived so Much in the Mechanical Cognition World
of Yang For Five Years Behind a Screen of Figuring

Out All the Financial Management Problems
And So Many Other Yang Mechanical Cognition

Activities Then That Basically Clogged Up the Yin
Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Part of Soul Mind

And i Literally Became a Machine Like A Computer Brain
With No Dance And Song Yes Poetry of Soul Expressing SPiRiT oF HeART Then...

Do they Teach Us About this in Work or School Generally Speaking Not in the
United States However In Some Asian Corporate Environments They Practice

Religiously a Tai-Chi Moving Meditation Now to Balance Regulating Emotions
And Senses for Soul Deeper Human Potentials Each Day before they Exercise

Life Mostly in Mechanical Problem Solving Life too And Really Just our
Thoughts are Mechanical Cognition in Synch Best Associated With our

Emotional And Sensory Lives As Helpful Symbols We Create to Greater
Navigate All Balance as FRiEnDS With Gravity In Life As that Applies to

All the Waves that come in and Go Out As Tides Do As Well Within As
Peaceful Emotions and Senses or A Very Stormy Windy Life Otherwise

So Far Out

Of Gravity

The Balance

Of Planets Effortlessly

Spiraling Suns Within in Terms

of A Quadrillion or So Connections

Spiraling Within About as Many

Stars As Science Aided Eyes

Will Calculate For

The Entire


For Now At Least

Humans Will Measure on the

Outside Yet it's true Our Relative Free Wills

Are the Conductors And the Orchestra of All the

Connections Within that Make a Beautiful Peaceful

Harmonious Energy of Life to Give and Share Free With

Life is Good With Least Harm for All Yet It's also True Folks

Who Never Come to Balance the Gravity Within As That Applies

To Action Outside As Well As Inside So Above and Below All Around

An Erupting Volcano of Life Out of Balance They May Be more

Resembling Someone living in a living Hell Similar

to the Current 'Trump Meme' That Ain't Got

Anything to Do With Happy

Days of Heaven

Within to Eternally

Give And Share Free

With Everyone With Least Harm Now...

There is A Better Way NoW iN Fruition of Heaven

To Share From Within Greater than the Other wise Hell
Others Bring to Fruition in the World.. However if they

Do Not Take Responsibility in Seeking and Finding a Way of Balance
Within NoW in Regulating Emotions and Senses And Perhaps Believe
Someone else is Gonna Solve Their Storms of Life Within An Erupting


Soul too...

They May Stay

Lost And Never Save

Their Souls of Love to

Come to Fruition to Make

The World More of A Beautiful

Smelling Flower than the Other Thing For Real Now...
Some folks Just Don't Believe they will Gain the Relative

Free Will to Do It Some Folks Just keep Waiting For Someone
Else to make Heaven Real And In this Life Sadly they Never taste this God of Love




Sad Yet like 'they'

(And Me too hehe)

Say Ya can Bring a

Horse to the Water

Yet You Cannot

Turn a


Into A Flower

Or Put Lipstick on a Pig

And Change it into Anything

Other than what it wills to be now...
Life/Love is Seek and Find Some Folks Try others do not...

Life is Good Dear

Sohair God


You Within

As Well mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes.. Yes friend..
Prajakta.. too.. By the way..
Love the poetic way Prajakta
sounds as a feeling unto itself
and that is why i like my Pen Name
too for the music of it in lyric flow.. Now
Ha! When you retire.. If you like you can
become a poem too at essence if that becomes
your full time hobby too.. It’s a weird Yet Yes Now
A Good Feeling when all the words become song...
Smiles.. Again.. When automatic writing is
no longer coin operated.. Okay.. i’ll go..
before another poetic novella comes...

Love Lives FulfilLed DeaTH... Hate
Lives Dead LiFE Other WiSE NoW

"Return of the Clown Shark Part 2"
Did You Know Sharks Replace up
to 30,000 Teeth during their Life Span?

It's True i warm up with a Most Graceful
Free Style Ballet before i Sound Like a
Gorilla/Lion Leg Pressing 1340 Pounds 18 Reps

The Quiet Before 'the Strike' The
Chi Force before the Lion's Roar

Even though Yellow Boy was 'Fixed' in 2013
He Already Met His Epigenetic
Potential 'in the Call of the Wild' As Feral...

Use it Lose it IS A REAL THANG...
Domesticated Cats Don't Get Body
Builder Shoulders Unless they Climb REAL Trees

So one might Ask Why Is it Important That Yellow Boy Stands
Like This Naked In All His Feral Glory For the Entire World to See

Because God is Not a Welfare God with
A Free Ticket to Heaven After a Dirt Nap
God Lives Free and Fearless Loving in us NOW OR NOT

It's True i never met the Flesh and Blood
'Jesus' but i do understand Human Archetypes ARE REAL

Human is so Dead Asleep Human
Forgets What it Even Means to Be
God Naked Fearless Free Loving So Alive to Be i AM

i'd rather watch 'Bewitched' more my style

Haha My Wife Watches Documentaries
Surrounding Murder Cases constantly
too... hmm.. i'm always nice to her...

Which one'sThe Which Remains a 'Secret'
That Only 'Bewitched' May actually 'See'

Best thing about Finding
God on a Beach Without
Human Footprints is Seagulls
Need Look no Further than their Wings.
Meh, Seen one Temple
of God Seen the ALL;
Birds of A Feather God on a Wing;
God Imprisoned
In a Book
or Having
To Prove God
Exists is surely
Always Something
That 'A Wing' Will Never 'See'
Humans And ALL Their Idols Without Wings.

Interpretation of Art is Beyond The Number of Stars in
Night Skies 'This' is One Interpretation i Offered Below
As i Left 'Here' And Surprisingly Similarly Inspired at
the Next Stop Indeed
What Makes Life
Worth Living
Now Is Every
'Raw' Interpretation That
Makes Us Living Breathing Art
Life is For Art Science is only to Measure

SMiLes Dear Sohair Integrity Definitely True The Way If
We aRe Truly To BeLiEVE God Is All NoW And No Not Yet

Just Lost Somewhere Else Yet Here and Everywhere True..

Just Last Night Walking Around the Neighborhood Block

Singing as i Do Here With Free Verse Deeper Soul Voice

Look Up at the Night Sky And See The Painting of God's

Mind As the Stars Above Are the Neurons of Our Mind

That Make Waves of Energy Above Below As every Drop

Of Water is the Ocean Same As Leaves Make

Trees In Each and Every one Beginning

And End Same As Birth of Seeds

of Flowers Dying

To Spread More

Trees As We Are Resurrecting Still Now For Real

As Star Death Super Nova Crucible Fire Explosions

Yes The Same Iron That Flows In Our Blood

At the Center Core of this Sphere of Blue

Green Earth Another Eye of God As We Are True

Hemispheres Left and Write of Mind as West Connects

to Middle East of Earth And Farther in the Orient of Far East Yes...

True As Hemispheres of Mind in Metaphor one More Yang of Science

One More Yin of Intuition Art Spiritual Intelligences of Social Empathic

Love For All in Big Picture Ocean Forest Tree Whole Ways As Every

Leaf Dead or

Alive Holds

Seed And Tree

Together To Either

Feed Living Trees or

Fertile Soils for Seeds

To Grow Again.. Yes The

Sky At Night A Magnificent Painting

Just Because We May Not Understand

The Reason for Shadows of Day

As Most of Us Do Figure out

The Sun Brings Shadows

Of us the Dark


Of Night

Are the Dark Fibers

of Painting That Make

The Entire Painting What it is

In Light of Shadow True too Night Makes

Day Dark Side of the Moon Still Lives With No Light of Sun
We See For There is so much More to Integrity of God that

Humans Still Have No Clue About Eternally Now Yet What
Is True is This Integrity of Love For All This God We Perceive
DarK Thru LiGHT in This Way Free Will Loves And God Breathes Best in

Us this


of Love For All

Even the Christian
Bible Remarks No Part
of this 'Body of God' Less Holy
And Sacred Than Whole All Temples

of God in Form And Essence We aRe
Sacred Night Holy Day We Bring to LiGHT oF LoVE Free NoW...

"Nice Use of What Drives Living Symbolism (Art)"

These Are the Words i Just Now
Wrote in Response to A Facebook
Group that Does Black And White

Art Where i Now Get Erotic
Nudes in my Facebook Feed

Each Day Pleasantly
Done in a Very

Artful way

Anyway That Works
Here too... In the Other Art
the Photo was actually a Nude
Female Doll Uncanny in Humanity

With the Disclaimer This is A Doll
And Not A Human As Some How A
Doll is More Sacred Than Nature Sad to me for sure..

As i am not Afraid of Nude Art in Any Way And Have been
Doing it myself for 90 Months More 'Appropriate' With Private
Parts Covered With Stars Even At 60 NoW AS Honestly i didn't
Even Get 'Good Enough' at it to really share as Art until the Last

Few Years reaching 60 Years-Old Indeed Part of the Benefit of
Dancing in Public for 14,493 Miles in 90 Months too also In Both
Empirical And Visual Measure of Pose i Actually Got Stronger

And More 'Virile' As i Grew Older As Science Says it
Doesn't Work that Way Yet Art Proves Miracles

Are More Real than Most Folks only imagine
In Machine Cognition of Black and White
Only Measures As Tools With No

Flesh and Blood Soul that
Spirits Us Ahead in HeART And

Sure When a Dude Does Nude
Art He Will Naturally Be Assumed
He to Not Like Girls Yet You Can Ask

Any of the Twenty or Something Young
Women who have Brought Grinding Dances
to me on the Dance Floor Free What i LoVE iNdeed
of course my Wife too as she says go Dance hehe 'get out of my hair'....

Anyway in the Other Work of Art The Doll Vulnerable This Way Not Unlike
The Photo Above that's Probably not You Hehe... Was placed on a Ledge

in A Cave with Stalagmite Projections Exposed All Around Her For All to See

Indeed i Must Say i respect the Fact that some Women have Moved Away from

Fear of 'those Projections' And Command them Now to Sow Their Own Seeds of Desire...

And Reap Every Benefit they Choose.. Hehe my Wife is way too Shy for that Yet there

Is the




And Free

Oh to Live

Free Just one

Day Without Fear

Indeed Modern Women

With Wings Free to Flutter in Dance Hall Days...

The Previous Blog Post i visited was a Woman

Who Artfully Does Poses to Sell Dresses Very

Erotically too.. Yet When it's not Done Free it ruins it all to me....
Other than that i Missed Your Poetry Lillian Orchard Daughter Much

Hehe And i Will Surely Admit This Work of Art Drew All of my Art at once..

As You Will See by the Size of this Poetic Response Which Just Provides

More Evidence As Even Science Ironically Shows now True That this is

"Nice Use of What Drives Living Symbolism (Art)" No Surprise We Are Nature Free at core...

Couldn’t Decide
On Which Dress
Is Best Will Ask

The Wife To
Guess Yet

She Is

Hehe With None
Seriously Though
They aRe ALL Lovely...

No Pain
Now Lonelier
Than Lonelier



One Way
To Travel

Away From

Pain Even

On A 6 Inch Screen

How Would A Real
King Of Pain Know

For 66



Web Spider

SoWinG MeSSaGE...

SMiLES iT Seems To
me Some


Of More
Than 280

Characters of
Twitter Love



Love Is
Bigger Than That

Oh My God Wow
Look At The Size
Of “Those” Wings...



oF A Dance...
And Song Now

Of Wings to
See Do Birds

Even “Feel” ‘These

Days’ What About

Bees Tweet


Tweet Tweet i Treat HEHe i
Break All the Tweeter Rules

Still Bee i Am

Just one
Word No
two Words


More Cats


Thank You
Dear Soni
For So
All Arts of Your
Soul So inspiring



Indian FRiEnD...

Finding me
Seeing Them
SeeKinG Us As We...

Forest Trees Roots
Leaves All Us With



BREaTHE Free...

MayBe i Will Stay SiLenT SaMe
Before i Am Four Just LooKinG
ACRoSS A River Naturally
By The Small “Shotgun”
Home i Am Raised at
On The “River Bank”
Of This Small Mill Downtown
Understanding Still i Am Forest
Trees Roots Yes As Even Whitman
Suggests Far Past Age of 37 i Am
Leaves Of Grass Butterfly Free
Wings Of All Meadows Priest
Of my Cosmos Order All in
Chaos Poetry MaGiC Truth
In Ever Changing Newer
Still Evolving Colors
oF Light Within
At 60


NoW All

Wing SPans
To See And Be
MoRE A Part oF

All The Tree of





Leaf Of
Whole Tree
Water Drop
Wave Ocean

Whole i Dance
Sing Free This
Mind of God i Breathe





oF All With SMiles
YeS only “MyReply"...

Thanks For
Your Kind
Ways Poetry FRiEnD
Unsigned Writer With


Unafraid SMiles...

So What Do “You” Think
Do “They” Really Wanna
“Know” “Why” i Am All MeMe’s

iN One me

Smiles Some Folks
Are Pancreas Short
Of Sugar i Am

A Liver

Hehe And

i Borrowed

That Idea

From The

Movie “Love
Story” A Song

i Used
To Play
On The Piano
At 12... i Also
Played The Folio
And Song “Jesus
Christ Superstar”
By Andrew Lloyd
Webber And Timothy Rice...

It Was All

So Inspiring

So Human

And Real Then
Having Asperger’s
Syndrome Undiagnosed
Of Course So Uncomfortable

In My



i Fully
What It Meant
To Be Outcast



Filled With
SMiles Of
Love i Played
That “Jesus Christ
Super Star” Song

In A Talent
Show At


5 Foot 10 At
120 Pounds
At 13 Yet at

Least Folks Quit
Making Fun of
Me Yes The First
Baptist Kids For
Smiling too Much
Calling me An Ugly Girl
Even As A Boy True
i Am The 60 Year
Old Dude in the
Gravatar Now
i Leg Press up
To 1520 Pounds
At 244 Pounds
Dance In Public
14,493 Miles A
Mix Of Free Ballet
And Martial Arts


And Even
Though Almost
Everyone Here’s

Hero Is Still
Donald J
Inciting Trump

They Don’t


Get Close
Enough To
My BAtman
COVID-19 Masked
Dance As They Are
Still Too Dam


Lift A
As Small
As A Cotton
Batman Mask

To Save The
Sanctity of


Life Anyway

Back To The

Talent Show i Was
So Spirit Filled i Could
Hardly Walk Straight
And Even When i
Thought i Was
They Made
Fun of Me


i Have



So Yes They
All Erupted
In Laughter
At Me At The


Of The

Song Labeling
The Picture of The
Elder Lunch Lady
In The School



My Name
To Her Clown
Mask She Wore
Celebrating Halloween

At School You Know
What It Doesn’t


How Many
Times they


Fun Of
Me Playing

That SonG
As Now i



Bird Legs
When i Dance
And Sing My Soul

i Am



On Water

Is For Wimps

And Old Stories

Flying on Land is

Where i Am Now With



Like The








Hear It

So i Write

In 90 Months
Now With The
Public Dance

A 9 MiLLioN Word
Long Form Soul
Poem too Big




For Some
Folks Seem
to Stay “The Same”...

i Am Different...

i Am Love i Love It
All DarK Thru LiGHT
Even The Hometown




Wear “The Same Clothes”

True i Dance Naked Too

With no Shame




In ‘Their Other’

Hero’s Gnostic

Gospel Of Thomas
Verse 37 The Part
“They” Still “Command”

Too Is “Lying”

“Fake News”


Out of

“Their Book”

Nope i’m
Still Born

A “Mask”

Eternally Now

A Naked Loving

Dance i Am Enough Now...


Hehe i’m The (A) 60 Year-Old
Version Of “Sheldon Cooper”
Who Didn’t Do “Saturday
Night Fever” Till
53 Who Like
Gump” Carries
All The Evidence
In Yes Literally God

Yes A 9 MiLLioN
Word Long Form
Poem Written in
90 Months That
Also Documents
14,493 Miles of Public
Dance As Of Last Night
To Date... Additionally i
Spent 66 Months With
A Synergy of 19 Life
Threatening Disorders
Shut-in At Home Then
Associated With Autism
(‘Official Research’ Has
Cited My ‘Informal Research’)
Burnout And 11 Years of
Chronic to Acute Fight
Or Flight Stress Related
To Work And Increasing
Social Intelligence Requirements
i Did Not Have The Capacity to
Meet or Say No to As Yes It Can
Be Hard To Figure


Demands To
Keep A Job At All
It Becomes A Life
Or Death Contingency
When Everyone Understands
The “Unspoken Rules Of
The Social Game Yet You”...

Took 53 Years
And One Of Those
Disorders Type Two
Trigeminal Neuralgia
The Worst Pain Known
To Humankind that No
Drug Would Touch From
Wake To Sleep For 66 Months
Like A Dentist Drill in my



And Ear To
Separate Myself
From Culture Look
Within And Find My
Own Answers To Heal
And Further My Human


As The Rest
Of What Other
Folks Were Doing
Is To Collect The Most
Toys Never Escaping That



So Now i
Dance And Sing

Free As ‘Forrest Gump’
And if Anyone At The
Bus Stops of Life Doubt
My Story Including The
Fact i Still Leg Press
up To 1520 Pounds

At 60 Years
Old As That Much
FREE Dance Will Literally
Help A Human Become
Strong as An Orangutan



At my “Advanced
Age Of 60” HAha As
When i Started the Dance
At 53 i only Did 500 Pounds

Yep All i Have to Do To
Prove It Is Whip Out A
6 Inch Screen As






Gump, Et Al,

Keeps His
Research Paper
Close To The “SonG
Of His SoUL” Yep All
9 MiLLioN Words of
Free Verse Poetry
Longest EPic Long
Form Poem In HiStory
And Yes HerStories

Too Just
A Massive
Collection Of
Poetic Responses
Inspired By Every



Around The
Globe literally


Of People


You Today

Now And

The Only

Real Way

To Tell

A Real

Story of

An Entire

World As



Observer In “Every Home”...
Meh.. Just A Free Retirement
Hobby I’m Really An “Accountant”
Always Excelled In Basic



Me Greatly

To Become



At 47 Most Folks Still
Have No Clue How
Rich i Am That Has


To Do

With Money
And “Stuff At All”

By A Way

We Never

Really Die When

We LiVE iN Heaven Within

NoW Have A Nice Day...



Fred And
Many Other
Names Beyond
Names A SMiLe of LoVE NoW...

Yes i Was “The Child”
With The Big Smile
Then And Now Who
Couldn’t Speak Until

Four And Really Didn’t
Even Start A Life Journey
To Get Comfortable In
My Own Skin And

To Fully Mature
Until 50 Although

The “Meek Start”
Of Just A Smile
Returning Now

Didn’t Stop
Me From Earning
3 Degrees When Folks
Made Fun Of HoW i Talked

When The So-Called Christian
First Baptist Bully Children
Taunted me As A Boy Who
Looked Like An Ugly Girl Too
Weak To Exist Too
Strange Too

F And Not
Fred Just For
Being Happy

And Smiling

Cause My Dog loved
Me And At least my
Sister And Mother And
Big Green Oak Trees Of
Life In Our Small Home Yard


That Didn’t Stop
Me From Marrying
One Of The Most
Beautiful Women

On Earth



Me In

Money At
The Beginning
Yet Rich In Love

Too Still As Beautiful
Inside Out At Close to
51 As She Was At 19
When We Got Married

31 Years Ago

As My Long

Form Poem



True Too

And No



Kid picked
In Sports


Stop Me
From Being
Athletic Director

Of A Military Installation
And Retiring Early At Higher
Federal Pay Grade too Then

Picked For my
Computer And
Accounting Skills

And Finally




Hell For 66 Months

Didn’t Stop Me From
Living In Heaven Forever
Now Within For 91 Months
Although The Truth is All
Time, Distance, Space


Matter is
An Illusion

Our Minds




Of The


And Come

Again to




All Is Love (God)

That Just About

Covers Mystory At Least...

SMiles Dear Astha
Everyone Deserves
A Hug That Doesn’t


This Is
my Meaning Of Life...

To Give And Share to
BREaTHE Free To Love


With Least Harm...

There Is A Man in United
States Culture Who Felt
This Way By Story in

Other Lands too


Is Buddha



So Many
Others Seeing Being
Breathing A Place Like This Love...

LeSSoN 328 More Than

“Click Bait”

So What’s The Meaning
Of Life Will We Find It In
A Cartoon About A Cat And
Mouse Game That Makes

(Tom And Jerry
Maybe ‘Name
And Fred)

Humor Out
Of The Fact
That Nature
Nature To

In Terms Of
Of i Am On Top
Of You on The
Food Chain i
Will Consume

You if i Have A Bigger
Tool That Yes Puts Me
On Top Of You too in the

Cat And
Mouse Game
Of Life It’s True There
Is Sweet Love Of The

Mammal Brain The Limbic
System That Strives Most
To Feed At Breast To Nurture
And Cooperate With Real Love
That Is Felt the Touch Beyond
All Words Of Furry And Warm
Comfort Yet At Core We All

Have Our
Reptile Brain
As Human That
Is Not So Much A
Mother Brain That
Nurtures Like The
Limbic Mammal


As The



Brain At Core

Is For Base





And Flight

Cat And Mouse

Game and Oh My

God Beyond Who’s

On Top Prey Or Predator

With Our Reptile Brain

For Food And Sex And

Territory AS Such

Where Nature
Consumes Nature
That Way For Humans

Who We aRe Consuming Nature
Out Of Balance Most Is We have
A More Advanced Newer Neo-
Cortical Brain That Creates
Cultures With Collected
Artifacts We Construct
Out Of Symbols We
Make Like These

Words That Become
Stories We Keep Like
This That May Even

Bore You

To Death

Hehe or Rule
The World With
Bonds And Binds
Of Stories Humans
Create like Bibles

To Dominate
Each Other
On Top

Harm, Rape,
Maim, And Kill
Each Other And The
Rest Of Nature Until



Become A Kind

Of God A Tool We

Become That Rules

Us Where We Destroy

Nature And Even Us too

So In This Way It Started

With i Wanna Get on
Top of You To Consume
You To Survive In All The
Ways that Comes To i Love
You Too With Story WE Will


It All

Hehe Love Feels
Best to me That

Is Why i DECiDE

To Love



Than Just

Consume You
And Discard The
Rest Of You For
Someone Else To

Consume Yes to

me You Are



A Tasty Mouse

You Are A Sweet

Mouse Worth

Playing With


Just To Generate a Smile
OBTW Easter Means Birth

There Are Many Ways For
Humans To Birth With Creativity

i Choose


And Love With SMiles
So Have Some Chocolates
And Hugs of Kindness That

Do Not
Kiss’ Just

To Stay On Top

Haha You’ve Already
Admitted You “Like
The Chase” So Perhaps
Deep Down You Are A Cat too


We All Just

Part oF it All

That’s The



Of Life We aRe aLL

Part oF iT All

And Love

Feels Even

Better Than Being On Top...

Finding me
Seeing Them
SeeKinG Us As We...

Small World i have Asperger’s
Syndrome And Once Discussed
‘These Issues’

The World
Isn’t Always
A Nice Place

Without Thicker
Skin It Is A Hard Place

To Be Yet Yes We Find
Ways To Persevere And

Even Thrive Hans Asperger’s Clients
Followed Longitudinally

Eventually Found
Niches In Life
That Worked

Well Enough To
Exceed The “Norms”
Of their So-Called Peers
For Life Success Later

In Life Yes
In Some Cases
Deficits Transform
Into What Is Never



Flowers Music
That Puts Colors
In Words Together...

Poetry, Painting, Singing, Yes Paramotoring, And Now Playing
The Piano Soni True Every Day Creating Is A New Day Far Away

From Routine

That Keeps

Us From

GRoWinG into
More Colors of Life

Well i Played Piano Since
12 Yet i could Never Create
Anything Until One Day When

I was Very Stressed For So Long
When i Lost My Soul And Didn't Even
Know How it Went Away My Fingers Begged

My Soul to Come Back And This Is What My
Soul Deep Down Told My Fingers to Play to Return

Well It took Me About 6 Years to Find The Lyrics to
The Music Yet i Finally Did Soni And in Doing so the

SonG oF
Returned and

Indeed Now the
Lyrics are Literally
9 MiLLioN Words Yes Way

Too Long Hehe For Even This Song Now...

Yes It's Nice to Make A Record of when the
Gift of Creativity Comes And This Recording
i Made on A Cheap Dictation Device in 2007

And i Didn't transfer it to YouTube until 2013
When My Soul Finally Started Coming Back

With A Free Voice A Song And Dance of my Soul Again




As Ashes Return

i Still Haven't Played
Since Then Perhaps one day again...

Story is Glue of Life And It is Up to Each of Us And All of Us To Create
A Story of Life And While i Had one through Childhood Through College
Through the Part of my Work Career Interacting With Other Humans

What Took Me Away from
A Story was the Stimulation
Computers Brought That Left

Out the Human Element of Story
In Life That i did not Realize then
That Means A Warmer Life Then Colder...

i was way too Stressed Keeping a Job through
Many Reductions in Force And Consolidations
Of Man Power and Computers Replacing Scores

Of Human Hands to get Jobs Done Where Life
Became More Machine And Survival Breathing
No Play, No Joy, No Happiness, Where Love Was

Evacuating the Home Within As Well i Just didn't
Realize i could Lose what i took For Granted Working
With So Many People just Being Around Folks for the Warmth...

After Junior College Moving into A Bigger University Poor With Very
Little Economic Resources, Isolation then too; i always Had the Propensity
to Go to the Dark Side, the Hell Part of Bi-Polar Disorder However the Other

Side Kept My Asperger's Syndrome With More Colors in Life that i Might not
Have Experienced if My Father married A Woman Who Was More Mechanical Cognition than Love...

SMiles, it's Nice to See Your Illustrated Life Story We All Should Feel Free to Write the Story And Illustrate
The One We've Lived And Continue Writing the Story of What Is Still to Come We Help Create; i'm Just Glad

i Feel Like
i Am More
Than A Cog
Of Some Other
System of Machine;

Just So Glad to Write my
Own Story And Have No one
Any Longer Force me into Theirs As Tool...

SMiles Glad to Hear
Things Are Nice For
You Enjoy Your Day
Too Astha...

Finding me
Seeing Them
SeeKinG Us

As We...

‘Circle Of
Life!’ Tree

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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26 Feb 2021, 1:58 pm

Ocean In Every Cloud Sky In Every Beauty
High In Every Breath Above

Progress is Balance

Look Around

And 'See'

'Who' Is Still Here
What Advantage
Do The Dragon Fly
Roach And Shark Still Have


It Isn't

Necessarily Human Hehe
And Surely None of 'The Clothes' We Wear
Or Tools We Become Naked And Defenseless

Now We aRe

Do 'We' 'See'

'The Karma'

Of Our Folly Yet Balance is No Lie...

Balance Is Progress Balance Is Survival Balance Is Thrive
Balance Means 'The Lion Still Roars' in 'Deafening' Ways to 'See'

Ocean In Every Cloud Sky In Every Beauty
High In Every Life Above

Dreams Winged
Humming Birds
Dance Sing me
Collecting Conscious
Of Day Dreams 'Fore
Fire in Morning Light
Come on! Come one!
God is still putting it all ToGeTHeR NoW
God never quits as is all ToGeTHeR NoW
HeaVeN.. Is... tHe aLL NaTuRaL MeDiCaL
CoNDiTioN... THaT iS All... iLoVENoWFReED
Sipping Life or Painting Now HiGHeR
Beyond All Sistine Chapel Ceilings
Building Men Out of Snow
All i Get Is Imaginary Ice
The Left Overs Are Great!
Go To Heaven Now Within For Real Yes!
This Is Chaos Magic It's A Real 'Thing'
And All You Do Is Just Do It With Belief
And Zero Fear All With Love to Make It
Real 'Chaos Magic' Is When You Are River
Flow Ocean Wave Water Whole NoW Yes God's
Man Creates God As Money to Make Humans Do Cr8ppy Jobs
My HeART Is Church WHere i FinD GoD (LoVE) iN SPiRiT oF SoUL
For Queen
Smiles SiPPiNG
Who's TaLKinG
Kiss of
Sip Doubt
Sip Fear
Sip Hate
iDrink Faith Hope Love Believing Wisdom Beauty
LoVE Sipping Spring Year 'Round Now With iLiGHT
iDance Sing iDrink iEat Bread Water oF iLoVELiGHT
For Real
i AM
For iNoW

Ocean In Every Cloud Sky In Every Beauty
High In Every Love Above

SMiles All That
Really Separates
A Hero From

A Villain

Is Loving


Of Empathy...

Yes One Is

Aloof From

Other Souls

The Other Is

Inseparate From

All Others Saving

In Pain And Pleasure

Yes Soni Dear



The Villain

In Your Sketch

Of ‘Thanos’ Here

And A Sketch Of

“The Soul MeMe TRumP”
Likely Might Catch A


In Nature
True Too...

SMiles my FRiEnD
Cherie Thanks For
Such An
Light i’m Literally
Unstoppable Now



Within Of Course...

Life IS A Rhetorical Question And i’M ON A RoLE

Folks Born With A Golden Spoon Where Might
They Go Next? One Word “Trump” Need i ELaBoRaTE
And Beat the HorseS iN Hell The Meek The Poor Of Spirit
Really Do Inherit The Kingdom Of Heaven Within. Want Proof? i Don’t Need Any.

SMiles Cherie The Last Person

Who Anyone Could Guess
i Ever Was Is Autistic Now
Yes It’s Genetic My Sister

Has Asperger’s

Too Yet

Most of

The Issue

Is Extreme Systemizing

Where Ya Basically

Get Stuck in
Your Head
The Environment
Today is More “Autistic”

In ‘Mechanical




Before i Escaped
That Environment
Pursuing Other



And in ‘Real

Life’ Now Yes If

You Met me You
Would Think Sure

I’m Different

Yet The



Person You
Ever Met i Score
11 Out of 50 on

The AQ Scan

For Autism Before
i Literally Changed
My Soul into A Dance
A Song A Free Poem

Of Art


And Through

i Scored 45 My
Wife is Just



A Systemizing
Perfectionist She
Scores 32... Autism
Is Assessed By Behavioral



Doesn’t Stop

A Caterpillar From
Creating A Cocoon

And Coming
Out Flying



Wings Indeed

Humans Have


Potential Now to

Be ‘Reborn Again’

Sadly Most Folks

Never ‘Build



‘A Field Of

Dreams’ And

Emerge ‘Reborn’ Anew



Of Free What

Could A Little

Boy Who Cannot

Speak Until Four

Tale The World

In A “Never Ending

Story” Shall He



Or Roar Out

Moon Child!

It’s Only

A Story



iS Only A
Dream Come True Now...

Thing About It Is THere Are No Short Stories In Hell
Or Heaven It All Never Ends When It Starts
Again Eternally Now Just All oF iT NoW

It’s Like The Old Lady At Work Said
Fred You Piss Me Off No Matter How
Deep You Step in It You Come Out Rose

When i Posed PG Naked With Stars on Facebook
my Female Psychotherapist Raised Her Eyebrows Later

Told Wife “It Was NICE”

i Failed At MaKinG Myself Fool More i Public Danced More
Folks Called me Famous And Legend After Calling me Ridiculous

Oh Yeah Not Only Did i Make A “Fool” Out of Myself Naked When
i Arrived in Heaven i Also Danced in Public To Erase All Fear As “Fool”

SMiles On The Autism Spectrum
As Outcast From Group Think
Bullied As Such Incessantly

Not Able To Speak until
Four All Challenges After
Yet Reaching 6 Feet Tall
Yes Early Enough
Even Thin Than
Then To Be
As Generally
Speaking Folks
Don’t Attack What
They Have To Look

Reach To Harm...

Never The Less The Verbal
Attacks Never Stopped Till
i Fell Down In Hell On Earth
Erased From All Existence

Even My
Own Soul
For 66 Months
Common Hero
Story Archetype


The River




Just Different

Actor me Anyway

When i Finally Escaped
Hell Reborn To Love Heaven
On Earth Within Again Nothing

New Under

The Sun


Old Hero
Yet This Super
Hero’s Gun Now Is
Wit Beyond Thorns

And Roses Of Love True

First Thing i Did In Heaven
As Hell Teaches Only Sticks
And Stones Break Your Bones


Is No Affording
Losing A Soul to
Any Illusory FearS AGAiN

So What i Did Is Posed
As Naked As Legal As i

Could In Every Avenue

i Could Find And True
Some ‘Folks’ at Least

Tell me
i Do A Better
Job of making
A Fool of My


On Purpose

Now Hehe Than



i Was Sooo

Clueless And
i Guess i Was As
The Very First one

i Did my Female Psychotherapist

Warned Might Actually Attract

Strange Women To Me



So Careless

And Fear Free

Whispering Then

All i Was Doing Was

Letting As Much of

The Feminine



In Me

So i Would

Finally Be An

Entire Human

And Really Yes

A Man With Wings

It’s True Since Then
i’ve Been Surrounded

By Only


And The

Devils Leave

me The Hell

Alone Particularly

The One Within i Let Escape

He’s Always “THere” if i Need



It’s True

“They” Don’t

Mess With the

Naked Guy Still



The “Evil Eye”...

It’s Also A Virtue

You Earn In Hell

Still A Tool For Heavenow...

It’s Not “A Problem”
In “The Panhandle”
As There Are So
Many People Who
Are Ignorant
Still With
Theories They
Are Afraid To


Sadly Natural
Selection Still Rules
For Us All Deaf Blind Or Not

Not Unlike All The
Folks Who Are Still
Too Weak Of Soul
Here To Carry A Cross
To Lift A Tiny Mask to



In Church To

Save The Sanctity

Of Breathing Life

Human Ignorance

Is This Earth’s




Pandemic oF All

Through ‘The Ages’

It Harms, Rapes, Maims,
Kills The Rest Of Nature

Accelerating Most

Now Yet


Is The

Master All

Yes The God

Of Nature Will

Spit Us Out




This World

From Our Species

With No Trace

That We Existed

In 300 Million Years

At All As Nature


Us All Away

If We Dare


That “Tipping
Point” Of Nature’s




Of Existence Escapes

Folks Sadly Are Too
Deaf And Blind To





Roar That

Clearly Now Says

Stop In ‘The Name



This Breath...

Every Word God
Speaks Every Wind God Blows
Yes God Is A Woman Too Oh Her Wind i Love So Free

Let’s Face It Change Is Reality There Are Libraries
For Old Bibles Plus Light Creates Newer Colors to Breathe

Note: “Republicans/Democrats” Wrote ‘That Bible’ For Fair
And Balanced Coverage Of Human Nature Crapola/Shinola

It Happens

This Is Human Nature Some Folks More Closed Soul And
Conservative Others Basically Children Of “The Light” Creating

Spoiler Alert: “Some” Will Not. Humans Have Potential to Stay
Older Testament Or Go Newer Testament “Some” Will Stay In The Cave

We LiVE iN The Friggin’ 21st Century Holy JeSuS Sacred F iN
Christ When The Hell Are “They” Gonna Let Go Of “TRumP OT God”

THoRNS And FLoWeRS Or No RiSinG RoSE...

Yes Yes It’s True The Human Condition Is Steak, Ice Cream, And Cr8pola Too

Of Course It’s True An Old Bible Is An Anthology of Written Oral Traditions
And Poems Holy Cr8p To Teach Not To Worship

Hell’s The Deepest of Oceans There Is
No Bottom You Keep Sinking

Heaven’s A lot Like Sky Clouds
Are Always Coloring Rise Of
Sunset Sunrise More Beautiful

SMiles Dear Sohair





To Continue

To Go Places

Where Kindness

Is Not Welcome To
Help Others BREaTHE LoVE...

You Must Understand There Is No Talking
About Who In Heaven All Is Love When You Do You Too May Come

“He ‘Touched’ ‘His Wife’ With All Unrequited LoVE iN Heaven”

“At The 9 MiLLioN Word Point Of ‘The Bible’

‘He’ Lavished Praise For

Angels Who Inspire His Pen”

SMiles Dear Sohair



Is Great in
Fact It’s No
Lie It’s Inspired

About A Million
Words Of Free Verse



Your Value


Measure in Heaven
Or Weight of Beauty


A Rose
Of God’s Love

Yet Wind That Blows...

Freud’s Wrapped Too Tight
With Jung It’s Cool to be Nuts...




Come True...

As Long As We Create
Thank God
It’s Friday



You Are

Still Wings
Of ‘The World’

This Heaven i Create...

Hey Remember It’s
Not Enough To Pet
The Monkey Share



Too *Taps Finger...
Patiently... Waiting...

For ‘Her’ Next Poem
Or Work of Art Her Face

True i’m Careful not

To Comment On Your


Yet i
Notice You Too...


Ocean In Every Cloud
Sky In Every Beauty
High In Every Look Above

And SMiles It Would Drive
me Nuts to Stay Indoors For

14 Days

Yet I’ve

Even When
i Didn’t Exercise

That Freedom for Decades

It’s Not The Place Of Flowers
That Counts As Much As The



The World
You Become

Make The Cold
The Sun It’s True
When i Was Ill Just

Walking Outdoors


me When It Was
Warm The Blood
Wouldn’t Flow to My

Head And Stress For 11 Years
To The Fight And Flight Part
The Last Two
Years Destroyed

Every Part of
My Body, Spirit,
HeART, SoUL, Yes Life

Transforming Into The
Living Dead Where This
Sky Above Would No Longer

Touch Any Beauty in Heaven
As it’s True We Generate Heaven


If Not There
Is No Ocean in
Every Cloud Sky
In Every Beauty
High In Every



And That Is
Why Whenever
You Showed Your
Face A Poem Came Out

Of Me Just Because i’m
Alive Every Beauty Is Breath



In A World Of
Chaos We Find
Beauty Or Suffocate...

i Leave No Beauty Behind
Without Exercising My



Now Of Heaven

Miss Your Face

Remember It’s

Part Of The Air i Breathe...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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28 Feb 2021, 1:05 am

A Place Where People Will Find the Person
You Used to Be A Place You No Longer

Exist Yes
i've been

to This Place of no
Place no Name Before

Behind An Opaque Window
As the World Still Turned and i did not

Listening to a Priest's Homily Today on
Facebook as i Study Religion For a Hobby and

Human Nature

As All Bi-Polar

Folks Must



In Life to Survive
And Sure Folks on the
Autism Spectrum as that
too May Come Mixed in Night of Day
too For A Total Eclipse of the Dark Side of the Moon

The Priest Always Tries to 'Intimate' The Best He Can and
Will That Love's Not a Feeling Only A Choice in a Very

Monotone Voice

Not Sure He has
Ever Been to Love
And Disappeared as
the Living Dead as he
Also Ignorantly Said Addiction
Makes No Sense As Science Clearly

Shows Mostly it comes From Being
Neglected And Abused In Purgatory
Forever Growing Up Perhaps a
Priest that Happens too.. For
How Else Could a Person
Justify Taking Away
The Soul of the
Young Any Day

For The Soul
Is No Choice it is
The Fire Inside the
Love that makes Life
Truly Worth Living Loving
The Rest of Nature too as Empaths do too...

I've Seen the Fall and the Rise of Angel Wings
i've Seen The Death of the Face of a Smile Eyes Without A Soul
too.. i've Seen The Moon And Sunshine With No Colors At All...

i've Seen A Cloudy
Day As Hell and
Sunshine Same

Yet today He said
Love is Only A Choice
And Not A Feeling that Drives

All That is Truly Great in the World
If Love is Compassion For All With Least
Harm That Fire in the Heart That Refuses to

Go Out And will Never

Turn A Back on


Sinking Below
the Ocean of Hell...

The Flame That Refuses to go
Out And 8 Years ago on the Last
Day of February 2013 After 66 Months
In Hell Every place in the World Seemed
to not want me around as even as a Dead
Soul i was taking up for the lesser then one

Person said Thank You Out of a Whole Crowd
of Numb Feelings Perhaps With no Reference
Point Like the Monotone Priest only Person then

Who ever Requested to be a Facebook Friend

Just That Thank You then And the Words of my

Soul Started Flowing Like this Again so long

Ago perhaps In Middle School Before i was

Bullied as a Boy Then Who Looked Like an

Ugly Girl Winning A Two Homeroom

With 80 Kids Christmas

Story as the Deeper

Part of my Soul

Came Alive

And it Was Bullied
Out of me in Toxic Patriarchy
for the Next 40 Years of A Desert
of No Colors That Rose Up Out of Deep
The Shallows The Shallows of the Desert Indeed...

Smiles It's Important When Ya Find Paradise Within
And You Find Ways to Never Let it go to go somewhere

Where Someone Understands Deeply The Other Place of
the Dark Abyss too.. You Really Captured it my Friend indeed

For Just

A Second

i felt like

i was on

the Other side of
that Opaque Window
That Only Those Who have

Gone Will Ever Fully Understand

Truly Not Much Different than Heaven within...
i suppose Churches Could Use Poets More than Scientists of Words....

Anyway My Church As that 80's Song Goes is the One Under the Milky way

i Spiral Now in Dance And Song No Different Than the UniVerse That is my Parent and me...

February 28th, 2013 was the start of my Soul Coming Back to Life And The Truth is Blogging

Will Save More than a Life A Blog Will Bring A Soul Back to Life With A Never Ending Landing Song

For What is


For What

Are We Looking

For More Than a
Dance And Song of
Soul 'The Child's' Eyes
Free Again the Milky Way Breathes Free

Life takes You On A Break Down Up
You Don't Expect Just to
Open Another Magic Door of Paradise

Orange Flowers in the Snow
AS Humans Naturally Find Faces
in Swirls of Pastel Clouds on Jupiter

My My how
That Orange
Rose On the Bottom

Has A Mouth Gaping
Open to Hell Perhaps
i've Seen too many Horror

Movies in my Life Perhaps
i've Watched Politics Lately too

i Gave up Celebrating Halloween
For Four Years figured What's the use...

As Now the Devil's Become a Golden Calf...

Just the Way i See that

Orange Rose in the

Snow Along with

The Snow

Full Moon Remnants
in Clouds of the River Hades tonight

Oh My My Goodness A Mermaid
From Another Life my Wife She’s
In Love With The Sea Turtles
Just Outside the Backdoor
Of Your Garden Paradise
To Hawaii



Aloha Dear
Happy Sunday
To You And Best
Wishes For The Young
Women’s Holiday With Smiles
With Congratulations for 500
Subscribers on YouTube As You
Freely Share Your Paradise Globally

Freedom is NOT free;
Never has been never will be.
Some folks are willing to die for IT.
Some folks are willing to be afraid of IT,
And DO in effect eliminate
The greater potential for IT,
By their overall, fearful ways...
ONE and the ONLY THING FOR for sure IS,
"IT'S" ALWAYS AT LEAST, '50 shades of Grey'....

In A Vaccination for the ViRuS the Clothes
of CulTuRE Away from Free and Fearless
Love Harming Least BRinGS FREE NoW

For those Who Believe
In The God of Mammon
So Very F in Ironic Sadly

"The Let's Get Weird" Cat
Shirt is So Hilarious! Now
It's Settled Gonna Need a
Nap For what comes Next!

Clearer 'THiS FLoWeR' CoMeS iNto
View More i Appreciate ALL its Colors
Sweet Truth For Easter Bunny Just JOY OuT
Of DarK

Yes Yes!
No No No!

The Dance Halls May
Close Down in Pandemic

Conditions of Deadly Virus!

Summerhilllane Another FRiEnD

of Mine From Canada Today

Yet the Dance Need Never

End As Long As Brave Souls

Are Willing to Have Fun i mean

my God if 'Snoopy' Will Do It alone

And Have Fun Even We Will True too

Even if it iS A "Dark And Stormy Night"

Dance in the Rain

Yet True Go

In the Grocery

Store And Dance

Like Heaven Never Ends
in the Aisles then as True
Lightening Will Hurt After
Thunder Comes First Oh

"Dark and Stormy Nights"

Yet As Long As the Dance
Breathes Wherever Whenever
However it comes Now Oh the

Joy of Life The Breath of Life We Come
to Exhale And Give And Share Freely So

Much More Roots With Least Harm This Tree of

Leaves Life Dance And Song Comes to Be Not only
Feeding the Tree Yet Falling Leaves That Fertilize
As Far As Smiles Become the New Pandemic Day of

Dark Yes
And Otherwise
Stormy Nights

What Else Hehe

You Really Should Try It
Naked Perhaps With Someone

Else of Course Where Appropriate
And Legal too.. What Else Whatever

Makes You Feel Like Heaven Now as True
i Saw the Other Part of Your Hidden Story too.. hehe...

Speaking of that It Just Turned Noon And my Wife just 'Threatened'
Me She's Gonna Put Her Hands Back in The Chicken if i don't Get my
Butt In There And Eat the Breakfast She's Willing To Finish Making For me
That i've Been Putting off Eating All Morning While Writing So While Eating
And Returning to Finish this i remembered What Would You Do if You (me)

Were the Captain of the Titanic And Somehow A Miracle Happened and
You Turned The Ship Around And Avoided the Iceberg And All those Folks
Including You Didn't have to Die Now that would Be Cool Anyway After i Miraculously

Recovered From 19 Disorders as the Doctors Gave me no Prognosis For Recovery
With the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia that no
Drug Would Touch Wake to Sleep for 66 Months Yes What Would the Captain of

This Titanic Do Just Barely Missing the Iceberg And Getting A Second Chance at Ocean Blue Life

i felt like Dancing and Singing Every Where i Went as i really came to understand the Value of Every

Breath i was Determined that i Will Make Every Breath Every Move And Word Holy And Sacred Dance

And Song

So Yes

i Just Did it
All 14,505 Miles
of Public Dance and
9 MiLLioN Words of Long
Form Poem Now in 90 Months
Just a Compilation of Poetic Letters
Written to Thousands of Folks Like this
Around the Globe True There are Days i go

Rather Long as Each Month i Average 100,000
Words And More And even Post them on Facebook too...

Hehe People Probably Have to Block me Just so they Won't

Drown in my Ocean of Creativity As Big as the Ocean And Sky Now...

It's True For 6 Years i Danced Every Thursday Night (Unless i had an
Intestinal Bug or Oh NO yes Someone Really Close Died) Yes i made it almost
to 60 Years-Old Last Year Then Yet Covid-19 Took the Dance Hall Days Away

Yet of course not in
Store Masked Dance
Still For Free.. so anyway

What i consider my Greatest
Works of Art are not really
The Poetry, Or Even Hmm
Yep Nude Art Free or Erotic
Hottest Poetry too hehe Yet

True the Innocent Joy Then
of Ecstatic Smiles As for Those
6 Years in the Metro Area it was
Practically A Rite of Adulthood then
Once Women Reached the Age of
21 to Dance With me at Least One
Night At the Dance Hall Hehe maybe
Some were as Young as 18 Yet everyone

Had to Have an ID to Get In Thank God
i Have to tell the Younger Ones to Stay 10 Feet
Away from me in Public Stores When they Try to
Dance with me there true i never asked a Woman

To Dance in the Dance Hall so the ones Who Danced
With Me got a Free Autographed Selfie with me those

Ecstatic Joyful Moments in Dancing Smiles i still retain
Over 2000 Smiles of Young Women Having the 'Footloose'

Days of their Life in Joy So Carefree as life will get kinda hard
When all the Dance And Songs of Life We Create Go Away Now

All Those Works of Art All that Joy to Share all those Photos of Loving
Life for the Rest of my Life.. Meanwhile most of my Peers were rotting on Benches



Out of the

Real Flesh and

Blood Game of Life

for Decades Just Like me

Before i Became the Living

Dead And then Reborn to Dance and Sing Again "The Child" In
Me Free Now it's Just a Never Landing Never Ending Story For Real



Too Big to See

Yet How Big is the Sky
How Far is Forever Loving Now...

in my Life it's very very close THere
is Practically No Distance, Space, Time

Or Matter Just Center Point Balance of

Breathing God this Love For LiFE NoW

Presently Now This Gift of Life Now This Breath..:)

Congratulations Lona!
Happy Wishes Always
Love Holds Souls Sweet
ForevernoW Real More...

SMiles the Last Place i visited Captured Hell Astha

And Here You are Capturing Heaven That Only Will

Exist as Highest Levels in a Young Woman's HeART

For True All Young

Women Should

Teach Us What

Heaven Feels Like

Of Course Best in a Poem of Life

If We Have Forgotten Our Youth
Smile Dear Astha FRiEnD thanks for
Sharing Your HeART For Us With SMiLes...

Dear Dear Samreen my my Your Name
Itself Sounds So Poetic it Does Or Perhaps

It's True Live Life So Much Like A Poem That

All Words Come to Feel Like Wings of Soul

Shall i Be Surprised my Very Kind FRiEnD

Muslim From Qatar Originates from

India No As Your Beautiful

Mother Hails

Also With

Her Origin of

Dress And Muslim Attire
Honestly i've Never Met A Woman
Originating From India With Less than Angel

Wings i Have no Idea All of What 'You Folks' 'Eat'
'Over there' Yet as Far i Will Feel It Must Be Love...

If i Had A Daughter Yes Yes i Will Surely Wish She

Has Indian Wings True All Daughters Mothers And

Sisters Best As Kind As You Are my FRiEnD Yes i will
Miss You For A Month As You Visit Your Homeland of

India yet It's True There Are some FRiEnDS We Meet

Who Never Really Came or Went Away How

Does this Happen True It Happens

A Lot in India this much

Is True i

Feel For Sure
Surely Where i'm From
Friends Don't often Hang Around
with me Unless they Are From India,
Pakistan, or Egypt, Muslim, or Jain Or
Whatever Religion Other May Label Souls

Just about Any Place Other than a Few

Where i am From Now.. And That's Okay

There is a Much Larger 'World Market' of FRiEnDS/Souls these
Days FRiEnDS With Wings Who Are really really real Angels on Earth...

Hehe You Probably Will Not Even Have to Charter A Plane to Get to India...

SMiles Dear Samreen
Joy to Bring SMiles
To Your Face Hope
The Wedding of
Your Brother
Is A Happiest


You Spread
Your Wings
Of Indian

The World

Up With
More SMiles Dear FRiEnD...

Hehe i’ve Literally
Waited Months to
Adore My Beautiful
FRiEnD’s Face



To Admit

Hehe i‘ve Worked
Hard For This 27th
Day Of February one

Photo surely Worth
More Than 9 MiLLioN

Words And 14,505 Miles
Of Public Dance Just The

SMiLE Of A FRiEnD With

HeLLoVE Don’t You




Make You

Feel Worth Less Than
That Never Forget the

Value of Just



From You

Ships Have

Been Sailed For Less
Anyway Multiples of

Seven Never End ‘HeaR’...

I'm Not Sorry 'The Big Lie' Just Snowballed To The Point
i Had to Write Another Book to Ski Up 'The Mountain' No Forgiveness


If There's One Thing In Life I've Done No Mortal Sin of Writing
A New Bible Driving Miss Daisy For Real Watching Her Smile


When i Was in Hell Katrina Didn't Have Much Choice She's
Permanently Assessed Disabled With Epilepsy She Can't Drive

My First Love Told Me i Looked Like i Should Be A Captain Of A
Ship True Then i Didn't Understand Poetry or Write it So She left


NOW Remember the Lessons of The Lady who Wrote Fifty Shades
of Grey, Elton John, And Old Grey Dudes Who Write Other Poetry too

If Ya Don't Believe me Ya May Ask One of my Lady Friends Who Have
Never Been in the Same Room With my Body Or Dancing Friends too

It Would Do A Lot of Dudes A Lot of Good If They Understood It's Not
the Size of the Boat the Emotions of the Ocean We Actually Do Now

He Wasn't Worried Worried About the Size of His Home As He
Understands How Large Ocean Home is And Small A Football

Field Is

Obviously A Captain Navigating A Football Size Field 43 Million
Dollars Worth Towing A Million Gallons of Fuel no small Paycheck

Our Neighborhood Still A Garden A Forest Stroll Half A Million Dollar
Homes Down the Road Crowded No Trees Vehicles Line The Road

Anyway the Values of Our Homes in that Neighborhood are 'Sky
Rocketing' As Half A Million Dollar Homes Get Built Spit on Close

It's What You Do When A 60 Foot or So Sperm Whale Almost
Sinks Your Boat You Consume What Is Dead to Survive And

Get Saved

Recounting the Original Story of Moby Dick Not The Fictional Version
What Really Happened As the Ship Crew Consumed Each Other then

Very Nice 5 Years Younger than me as 'These Days' Most
Folks Are
Hehe It's No Wonder i Went to School With His Sister

So Kind

This Man Is Not Poor He Owns a Rather Modest Home as All
the Homes
Are in A Real Crown Way of Forest Homes Living Trees Leaves

We Talked Last Night to A Neighbor A Merchant Marine Captain
Who Navigates A Boat As Long as A Football Field Oceans Abroad

Just That i'm Closer to 'WHoLE Story' Than
Ever Before THere is Farther Nearer i am NoW

Hehe Never
Gonna Stop

“Foot Loose”

Or “Never Ending
Story” Real ‘This’
Just One More

“Bus Stop”

With “Forrest
Gump” Yet You

See It Doesn’t

Matter What


You Read

While i Am

Living This Free

Story i Both Dance

And Sing With Just

One Finger in Bed

Yawn And just

To Think It

Used To

Take More

Than One Person

To Write A 9 MiLLioN
Word Long Form Poem Bible

And Public Dance
14,505 Miles in

90 Months Too

More Than Half

The Distance

Around The

Globe Like

My First Psychiatrist

Said So Cold To His

Graduate Intern in

His Office when i
Fell Off The Face of
The Earth Erased Then

In 2008 no Longer
Working 33 Years
My Only Special

Interest Before
As He Then Asked

Me What Feelings
The Piano Song
i Created and

i Couldn’t Tell
Him As i Had
No Words

Hell Within
Then My

To Describe
Hell On The Piano
My Wife’s Brother
Said It Sounded Like
A Ghost Wandering the
Earth Not Knowing He

Was Dead
So Much
More Human
He Was Than

Ironically Yes

The Psychiatrist

Who Probably Had

Some Kind Of “Autism”

Too As Who Turns

Around To Their

Graduate Assistant

And Says “This is
‘Alexithymia’ We See
It on The Autism Spectrum
Often” like i Was Some Kind
Of Rat In An Experiment

With A Rare
Disease As He
Jested With His
Graduate Intern
“Uh oh Asperger’s
Without A Special



Not Good”

Honestly Sitting
There i Just Wanted
The Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia ‘Dentist Drill’ in My Right

Eye And Ear
That no

Drug would

Touch To Go
Away and Even though
i Already Described it
As infinitely Worse

Than a Migraine
That Was Gonna

Still Take 66 Months
To Go Away Wake to
Sleep Because no one
Could “See” it yet me
As It Had no Label


To Be
Two Years Later
Finally Finding A
Pain Doctor With
Knowledge And
Tools To

Do It

That Was

His Least Concern
And Every Other Doctor

Then until

It Found A Label

To Become Real

To Them

It’s Like

me There’s

No Label That

Will Ever Work

For me It is What

It Is i Just
Am Now




i Am Enough Just Now

With No Labels



Of These Words

At All Perhaps There

Is A Lesson For i Am to see

Now Labels Fail


Always Fail...

For Now At Least...

The Story Is Not New Whether
Under Tree in Desert Perhaps
Even Cave Yet Caves

Are A Bit

DarK i “See”
Beach As Best
Forest too As This
Is How God Expresses


i Live As
Nature True

To Be Become One
With Nature once Again
Reborn Coming Back Again
Naturally In Balance This Way

One Must Find A Way to Become
Separated From All Spoon Fed
Clothes Yes Layers of Tools We




Yes Even
Written Words Then

Do Gain Meditative Flow
In Some Free Art Of Dance
And Song To Become Naked

Free Once Again “The Child’s”

EYeS ONe of Nature Free This

Living Leaf of Tree God Roots

Spread Forest Ocean Wave...


Of Water
Balance All Free...

Let It Rain Dance And Sing...

SMiles Some Days Cherie
Humor Is The Best

Medicine Why

Outcasts Often

Become The Town
Jester Or Even Still
ASSessed As “Village


No Difference
To The one Who



Joy Within

Of Truly Generating

One’S Own Happiness

No Matter WhaT Hehe

People See My

Wife Always

Walking In

Front Of Me Sign

Of Respect To Her

YeT Hehe

Not Everyone

Wants To Be Too
Closely Associated

With The

Town Jester

Or That “Other

Assessed Guy” Yet

You See i Already Read

‘The Book’ Yes And

Understand One Gets

“The Happily Ever After

Part” Before

One Even

Starts ‘Writing

The Book’ Indeed Be
This iS HoW We ALWaYS
Come Happy Now For Real...

Gonna Give Advice To ‘Em No Different Than
Heaven No One Has To Accept Any Gift Now For Real

SMiles Typically If One Truly Finds
Themselves Through Whatever
Art They Create Others Worth

More Deeply Connecting

To Will Find Them

As Well Particularly

If Every Word Of A 9 MiLLioN

Word Free Verse Poem Is Written

Just Like This To The Tune Now Of

Whatever Audience Soul Whether

Song Or Dance As True i for
One Have Also Public Danced

for 14,505 Miles Now in 90

Months Same Distance of
All The Poetic Letters Written

To Strangers
Who Are Never
A Stranger When

One Dances Or Sings
Back To The Other Soul Tune

Freely As All Of Existence
Comes To Be One Flower

With Unlimited


Of Soul
This One FLoWeR

For All See What i Just

Did i Took A Petal Of Your

Soul and Now i’m Gonna

Copy And Paste It As

Another Part

Of The


Of My Book Of
Life How Long Will

The Human Soul Grow
As Long As Every Sacred
And Holy Breath Of Art We
Give And Share Free With

No Expect Of Return indeed
This iS How Agape Love For

All Takes

It Just
Comes With
No Expect Of
Anything in Return
Yet What Is Given
Now Becomes one

SMiLE NoW For Real

Here’s What We Will All
Master “A Field Of Dreams”
Where We Always Come “To Play”

“The Child” Plays Happily

With Or Without


Free Dance

Will Do Yes

As Long As

‘They’ Have
Toys Like Words Will

Do The Greatest Works
Of Art Always Produced
Uniquely by “The Child”



Loving Life
With EYes Of
God Just Happy
To Play With SMiles

Generating Joy Within...

Saturday ‘Footloose’ SMiles
Actually A Movie too out in
1984, 7 Years Before You Were

Born Yet Really An Oldest
Story Where A Young Man
Comes To A Town Where

Spirited Dance And Song is
Outlawed And Books In The
Library Are Burned As They

Are Seen As Secular Works
Of Hell And The Devil As all
In Life that Is Viewed As Holy

And Sacred And Living According
To is one Thousands Of Years
Old In Compilation Of Writings

Including Poetry By Many Roman
Greek Writing Ghost Authors
Using Pen Names like Matthew,

Luke, And Mark, So Yes This is
A Story Not Unlike Yesterday
In The United States When A

Similar Group Of Very CPAC
Conservative Folks Unveiled
A Golden Calf Idol of Donald
J Trump To Worship Even

Though The Leaders Of That
Republican Party Admit He
Is Responsible For Inciting A

Deadly Insurrection to Destroy
American Democracy Where
Flags Flew in The Name of The

Star of The Same Book Jesus
By A Noose Constructed To
Hang The Vice President Mike

Pence Who Refused To Break
The Constitution to Overthrow
An Election for The Golden
Calf Worshipped Demagogue

Donald J Trump My God
That Sounds Crazier Than
What The Town Folk of the

Footloose Movie Did And i
Understand You Neither
Have The Time to Talk to

Me And Surely Not Read
About Politics Yet If You
Ever Plan on Settling in

This Country Best To Be
Informed By A Friend Who

Isn’t So Distracted Hehe With
Having To Make A Living To Eat

Like You My FRiEnD For Freedom
Must Always Be Fought For
And Will Never Afford To Be

Silenced in The Midst of
Despicable Leaders And

Their Minions Who Wanna
Burn Down All Our Rights
To Dance And Sing Free

People Still Support this
Big Lie To Harm Democracy
And Destroy American Freedoms

Where i Live and It’s No Surprise
Either For only Down The Road
From Where i Am Dancing in
Public In This Store on The

90th Month Anniversary of
Doing This For 14,505 Miles
On February 26th, 2021 The

Day They Unveiled The Golden
Calf Idol Donald J Trump Yes

There Was A Day Here Where
The Huge Church Down the

Road Burned Records Of
Popular Rock And Roll Music
Naming it As Evil and From Hell

And It’s True some of Those
Same People Have come
Up To Me And Called My

Dance The Work of Evil
Too Yet Ha Do You Think

Anyone is Gonna Stop
Me From Writing A New
Long Form Poem Bible

Of My Own of 9 MiLLioN
Words in A Word No It
Is Already Spread Around

The Globe As Individual
Free Verse Poetic Letters
Just Like This To Thousands

Of People Around The
World As They Say Hehe
Don’t Put Your Easter

Eggs All in One Basket
And “They” Dam Sure
Will Never Stop My Public
Ministry Of Transcendental

Meditative Dance As of
Course Not Unlike The
Movie ‘Footloose’ Where

Kevin Bacon Brought Free
Dance to the Young Women

Of The Town Ahem just with
My Camera And Over 2000
Selfies With Their Heavenly

Smiles i Did The Same Thing
And in Return They Took
Innumerable Videos And

Spread Them around the
World too Many hehe to

Ever Burn Just Like
9 MiLLioN Words

Spread to
The World

And This is
Why i No Longer

Go to The Movies

Reality Is Way More
Strange And Exciting

Than Fiction At

Least my


Is As i Create

My Own Story

No One Owns These Wings

Free Have A Nice Saturday i
Have to Get Back To Work

My Job



Not Even
When Writing to A FRiEnD

Yet Like You’ve Suggested

In The Past Many Times

It Seems “Not Everyone

Will Be The Light Of The

World” And At Least Where

i Live in Real Footloose

Town Folks Don’t Even

Have Enough Light

To Pick up A Cross

As light As A

Tiny Cotton

To save The

Sanctity of Breathing
Life Not Even in Church
With That Said Perhaps

The Weather isn’t All That
Cold in Canada Where Here
Green is already Coming

In Close to 80 Degrees of
This Town i Kid You Not
Once Literally Named
“Hell” Before the

Name “Scratch Ankle”
For The Thorny Briar
Bushes On The River

Banks Downtown Where
i Was Raised As They Tore

Down My Home And Made
It Into A Memorial City Park

To Celebrate Freedom Every
Fourth Of July


I’m not


Dead Yet Hehe

That’s Okay

My Obituary

Is Already Complete

Online They’ve been

Known To Screw them

Up So i Wrote mine in Advance.

SMiLes Ava Ever Since We Bought our First Home in '93 Hehe Ages Before You Were Born
We Built That Home Next Door to my Sister And Both of Us Have Remained Next Door All

These Years And Now In the United States Sadly The Demographic of 18 to 34 You

Are Entering into Has No Significant Other in Measure of 50 Percent and A
Quarter Have no Friends At All in 'Real Flesh and Blood Life' This is Very

Sad As Humans Are Evolved to Live in Smaller Groups of Extended
Families as A Whole Village Supporting Each Other too Now So

What Do We Do True Some Folks Do Not Love The Country
Or Place in Country They Live so they often Go 'Nomad'

And Even Single With No Family to Find Greener

Grass Far Away Perhaps to Gain More Freedom

True i've Had Indian Friends Do this Yes for They Dream

Of America one Day for what So many Folks Take for Granted

For All the Benefits of Life True Freedom the Opportunity Brings

Smiles Where i live there are perhaps the Most Beautiful Beaches in
The World the Most Beautiful Forests Peaceful too.. for me Money Held not

Much Value Yet A Life Connecting to People Yes And True These Days More than
Ever Family Connections That Are As Thick As Blood Are More Important Than Ever

As More Often Family stays for some Kind of Support as sadly People have Become kind
of Disposable in many Cases if they don't serve specific Purposes to Achieve named Goals in Life...

Smiles it took me all the way until age 47 to Become Financially Independent Yet Living Around Family

So Important to Reach that Milestone of Life as When We Feel Warm And Loved Within there is Less Missing

Where Sadly Folks

Try to Replace

That Emptiness

With What they Buy With Money...

Give Me 3 Feet the Body i am Born

With i am Happy As the Cartoon

Character Snoopy in a Joyous

Dance And Connecting to

Nice Folks Like You

Where there

Are no


Just Kindness

With Intent of Kindness

And Growing too How will we

Ever Put A Value on Family And

People Who Are Strangers Who Treat

Us Well for No Other Reason than Being Kind...
Surely What i've Learned in Life i understand What Rich Really

Means The Faith the Trust When You Are Sure You Are Loved For Real...

SMiles Dear Ava Being
Retired With Zero
Financial Demands

And No Major Sources
Of Stress Lends A Golden
Age To Focus On Within

Balancing Yes Regulating
All Emotions Integrating
All Senses Hehe In The

Working World
i Got So Wound
Up i Basically


Myself Honestly
i Never Even Started

Living until 53 And
Haha When i Was 25
i Already Felt Like i

Was Getting Old

And Now
At 60 i Feel

Forever Young
Key Master Feelings
And Senses Become

A Real


Of Youth
Within Now
Yet My Gosh
i Understand

How Difficult it
Is When Our World
Moves Too Fast to
Even Possibly Find Balance

Yet Yes We Will Do Our Best...

SMiles Dear Ava Ever Since
My Recovery Back To
Loving Life In July 2013

My Aim to Make
Every Move Now

A More Sacred Holy
Dance as Gift in Life

And With The Same
Gratitude every Word
A Holy And Sacred

Song Now

All in Grace of
Balance Loving

Foundation Where
Will And Strength

Rises With
No Fear Where

Each Move And Word
Becomes More Human
Potential Exploring New Now

And Every Human Plus
All Of Nature Connection

Is A Living Tree That
Always Grows More

Leaves to Feed The
Tree And Spread



To Fertilize
New Love For Life
Thanks Dear For All
Your Kind And Encouraging

Words As Your Wisdom


This Tree Grow...

SMiles Dear Astha Make
Every Breath Love For Life
See Forever Now Give Share Free


Least Harm

It’s Really All

i See You
Do Here

To Be The Best
You Possibly Now

Will Be Admirable

Virtue Indeed my FRiEnD...

True You Might Find Someone In Heaven
With Money In the Bank Key Money In The
Bank Not In Heaven of Course Empty Pockets

Rarely Will one Meet Someone 'Normal' In Real
Heaven Within On Earth Truly Camels Passing
Through Eyes of Needles Did You Read IT

Yet You See It's 'The Meaning of Life'
More Folks Are LooKinG Than TalKinG
And "She's LooKinG At Me" Wanna 'See'

"Depth of the Story" Just Hit 42,000 Views On the
"Wrong Planet" The Place So Many Folks Say Poetry
is Just Word Salad They HATE

Really Y'all How Hard Is It To Be the
Meaning of Life Just Do 'Snoopy' Now
Really That's All Ya Have to Do For Really LiViNG NoW

More Than Just Another 'Dark And Stormy Night' Keeping in
Mind And SPiRiT And All Soul too 'Snoopy' Generates Joy Within HeART

True iT Was The STarT oF Something Really
EPiC When Facebook Asked Me What's on

My Mind HeHe

60's Still Now To Come God Yes Love Is
Still All Ya Need Far As i Feel to Be i AM NoW

Not Gonna Lie 5 Was Okay Yet Dancing in the Middle of 6 Young
Women Even Overwhelmed Me A Bit True Don't Lament Your Forties

Being Careful HeaR Not To Get Too Far Behind Then Them

Hehe Darn All That’s MiSSinG Is From SPRinG Break Dance
Hall Fruition Dreams RiSinG BRinGS From “ReVerse Dance”

Uh oh March Hare Is RiSinG CReaTiViTY SPRinGS

Sunshine Within Art BRinGS

All A Dream Feelings Senses Art Real

Ant Mound Proves God Is The Story And
The Ant And The Grain Of Sand This EartH
We iNHeRiT MakeS HEaven

Keeping In Mind i Write Free
Verse in Reverse Must Wonder

How This Coming Ending Will


All Will Rise And
Be Okay At Least

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !