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12 Jun 2021, 10:30 am

Pride = ego/arrogance. If you have a massive ego no one wants to know you because you're too full of yourself. Pride in a religious sense is just seen as a narcissistic trait that's a toxic emotion. Instead of saying "I'm proud of you" you should be saying I'm happy for you or you've done really well. To be proud is like saying you're an asset of mine and I'm proud that you've brought me this glory or something like that.

There was an explanation I listened to a while ago and it made a lot of sense.

This one is close enough. It's on the Islam side of stuff but it makes sense if you try to apply non religious stuff to it too. (keep in mind Islam was based off of Christianity so they have very similar beliefs and such).

Fish & Chips tho


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12 Jun 2021, 11:50 am

Ironically, Ignorance;
Yes, The 'Clothed Pride'
In Christianity And Islam
And Both's Progenitor(S) in the

Middle East

And Beyond;


In One Illiterate

Man Vaulted With A Title

oF A Last Prophet of So-Called

Words of God; And the Other Earlier Messenger,

Plagiarized As Such too in the Religion Christianity

With Another Illiterate Man Vaulted in that Religion

To an Only Man God; HA HA HA SPeaKinG of Narcissistic





Over the Rest of Nature

And Provide One Man With

The Title oF A Prophet With

The Last Words of God in Reality

Yes That is A Really Much Bigger

Place Than Small Patches of Dirt in

The Middle East With Humans Who Stand As Tall Short

And No More Integral than Grains of Sand in the Desert

As Far As 'All' Goes
And Stays Now...

It's Kinda



Pride Takes

A Fall, InDeed;

As We See The Results of 'That
Kind of THiNKinG' That Is Only
Politics of Tribal Human Doing

Like the Talk In Catholic Church Yesterday

on 'Revelation' in How 'Trademark God'

Takes Care of 'HIS





Tribal Human 'Stuff';

Just Finally Printed in Books;

And Many Humans Have Fallen As Dust From That Ignorance...

With The Greatest Ignorance oF All That After Death is Greater Treasure

Than Life NOW OnLY LiFE NoW;


That And

Who Bond

Over After Death;

My, My, What PRiDE A Deadliest Ignorance
Sin Will Do, When Living Becomes Death; Man,

Humans Are Truly Fascinating to Study;

What Nightmares

Will They Dream Up

Next; Greater Than 'Cook Books'

That Suggest Dying is Greater Than Living....

to So

Zone' Serve Human

'FrogS' on Slow Boil Already With No Clue...

To Be Clear, i Have Many Christian And Muslim
FRiEnDS; And if they Are Not Strong And Secure
In THeiR Own Faith Enough to Hear my

Opinions They go away...

Strangely (NOT REaLLY)

Enough, HeHEHe they stay

That Dances Sings Something

Greater About Human Nature

Than Old Antiquated, Quite

Frankly (Fredly) Ignorant


Religions; Yes,

It Says Something More About

Human Nature And Nature OverAll

A Higher Force of God Within (Love) That Doesn't Go Away now...

Hmm... Funny How Mother Nature Comes Up ON TOP of 'The GaMe'...

According to the Story At Least, Buddha Never Wanted His Form to Be
Worshipped For This Very ReaSon; Bowing to Statues Is Part of Falling As

Idols Lesser Than Breath...

As Folks Line

Up, Kneel

And Do Bow

to Buddha, With

Clasped Hands Still

For An IdoL, A STone to Treasure...

Like i Said, No More Integral Than Sand, GRaiNS of Desert: Human...

Crucible Fire of Star Death Super Nova Explosions Iron Resurrected

From Gaseous Star Death Dust Flowing in our Blood Stream Core of Earth Same

Isn't that


T H i S



To Worship

THiS ONly Breath

Of Life Now; If Not

APPaRentLy Folks Don't

Understand They Are Star SeedS And FLoWeRS SaMe (GoD);

No Different REaLLY Than Destiny of Sun Above That Will Rise As Life Again

Dancing Singing


If Only


Vibrations True iN LiGHT
Energy Being, Even 'Seeing'...

Interesting, How The More Layers

Humans Wear of CuLTuRaL Clothes;

All the Tools We Create And Become;

Even Abstract Constructs of Words Printed in Books We Become

And Worship too Holding The Covers and Print to 'Heaven's Above'

WHere We Come

From; Farther

Away Humans



Who We Even

Are; At Best LoVE iNCaRNaTE;
Stars Above Below Within Inside

Outside All Around NoW


Enough for

me without even Song of

One WorD A Dance Will Do...

Perhaps, Jesus And Muhammad

Related Words Similar to the Story

of Buddha too; Yet None of them ever

Had the Ability to Record Their own Words;

So True at

Most We

Will Always

Have a Second Hand
Account as even Muhammad's

Closest Housemate Disputed

the Verity of His Words That Came to Page...

Yawn, i Tend to Go More With 'The Church'

Under And Above A MilkY Way Now...

Shall i Stand

Tall And

Scoff At

Those Who

Kneel and Bow...

Sure, From Height oF A STar
it Just looks



ME AT least...

Other than that Yes

Love is Still Breathing

Written in Stone When Love Rules...

US Grains of Sand Holding Hands: 'The BeacH'...

Does One Grain of Sand Bow to Another; In One Word: No

As Grains

Of Sand




With Abstract

Constructs to
Convince them

Old Dead Statues/Books, Etc...
Are Greater God Than 'Them' Now...

Other than that It's Just Common Feel Sense

Any Human Being Experiencing the Essence of

Agape Love Fully Understands That Love Loves All Never

Requires Worship Never Fears Criticism As TRuE LoVE

Gives Shares Cares With Compassion For All Of Nature Whole

Complete With Least

Harm For All



Enough Now; i Don't

Have to Go to Church

to Listen to Religions...

All i Must Do is BREaTHE LoVE NoW to Do this...

In Fact, i Don't Have to Even Understand it; Just Do

my Nature Whole Complete Naked Enough As Born

On Date, 6.6.60



More Than

Song, Walk, or Just Talk... WiTHiN NoW

It's Just What JoY iN HeaVeNoW Does Now...

Sadly, Sadly, Yes There Are Many Sitting Still

Without Even Fingers Dancing Essence LoVE NoW...


It Seems

LoVE iS Written In

Stone True too..

AT LeasT to me...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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13 Jun 2021, 5:16 pm

Biblical pride IMO is more in line with the Greek concept of hubris. The saying “pride goes before a fall” is frequently misinterpreted to say ALL pride leads to failure. It just refers to specific forms of pride that do lead to catastrophe. As to being a deadly sin, yes, absolutely. It is arrogance taken to dangerous extremes. Murder originating in arrogance, attempting outrageous, unnatural acts, putting oneself directly in the face of danger under the arrogant idea that one cannot be harmed because his special status.

Someone who earns a lot of money deserves to enjoy the fruits of his own labor. There is no shame in taking pride in one’s own achievement and reaping the benefits. If you want to buy a new Maserati every week and drive it off a cliff, you’ve earned that right. But if you take a turn too fast showing off your fancy ride, you have to understand that your pride might well cost you your life. Arrogance that pushes a man beyond reason IS deadly, hence why pride really is a deadly sin.

Pride WITHIN reason is the only true humility.