Oklahoma State Senate candidate campaigning on antisemitism

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12 Jul 2022, 3:56 pm

Leading GOP Oklahoma state Senate candidate said he’s “not beholden to Jews” and listed “the Jews” among examples of “evil”

Right-wing streamer Jarrin Jackson recently received the most votes in a Republican primary for a Oklahoma state Senate seat and is headed to a runoff election. Jackson has repeatedly posted antisemitic remarks online, including saying that he’s “not beholden to Jews” and listing “the Jews” as evidence that “evil exists.”

Jackson received the most votes in the June 28 Republican primary for Oklahoma state Senate District 2 and will head to an August 23 runoff against fellow Republican Ally Seifried.

Jackson is a business owner who frequently posts his commentaries online, including on Facebook. He wrote on his campaign site that he “recently authored and self-published the Live Local Field Manual to train Americans on organizing and responding to escalating tyranny in the wake of the stolen 2020 elections.”

His campaign website lists endorsements from Arizona Republican state Rep. Mark Finchem and Sen. Wendy Rogers, both of whom have a history of supporting extremism.

Right Wing Watch has documented numerous toxic actions from Jackson, including shooting Dominion voting machines while repeating lies about the 2020 election being stolen; pushing anti-LGBTQ bigotry; and declaring that he would love to shoot “godless commies.”

On January 29, he wrote: “The answer to Zionism or any other -ism is the gospel of Jesus Christ. His death, burial, & resurrection for the salvation of sin. I'm not beholden to Jews or any other group. People need to repent & believe the gospel. Hell is gonna be hot.”

On February 6, Jackson wrote a review of the right-wing documentary Enemies Within: The Church and listed “the Jews” after noting that “evil exists” and saying “outline & detail the evil. Amen.” The rest of the list was: “Illuminati. Covid shots kill. Rothschilds. Communists. Woke pastors. Social gospel.” He then stated that people need to “preach the gospel” or else “saying bad stuff is bad is worthless.”

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12 Jul 2022, 9:05 pm

I don't have the health or energy to follow a lot of politics any more, so I had to look the guy up.
And ...
Even though I am not a paid mental health professional, I think I can legitimately say there is both general material and specific documentation supporting the conclusion that that guy has at least a couple personal issues.

For instance:

https://theblackwallsttimes.com/2022/04 ... te-senate/


https://www.mediamatters.org/diversity- ... aking-over

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14 Jul 2022, 1:24 pm

It's Oklahoma, what do you expect?


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14 Jul 2022, 5:42 pm

From what people here would call a "far right encrypted chat group"

Which is WHY Jarrin Jackson told everyone to go see their local sheriff and present their “tight shot group.” To point us out? To make us look nuts and bear watching? Most of the sheriffs are corrupt.

Jarrin Jackson is fake controlled opposition. Who creates and promotes these fakes? Who keeps falling for them?