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05 Jan 2006, 4:50 pm

How about different Parties set up by and for Asperger people that will lean in different directions i.e:- Center/left, Center/right, Liberal, Nationalist etc etc....But with full Asperger input on pollicy?
So individuals can choose which "Aspie" party they want to support safe in the knowledge that it is run by none other then fellow Aspies.
Any questions?



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05 Jan 2006, 5:38 pm

AlexUK wrote:
Any questions?

Is this for discussion groups, or in the hope of getting candidates elected?

The problem is numbers...

During his 1956 presidential campaign, a woman called out to
Adlai E Stevenson 'Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!'
Stevenson called back 'That's not enough, madam, we need a majority!'

Adlai Stevenson, a politician whose words I have a great deal of time for,
was called "An egghead" by one Richard M Nixon (and that wasn't meant to be a compliment.)

"My definition of a free society is a society where it
is safe to be unpopular."

"You will find that the truth is often unpopular and the contest between
agreeable fancy and disagreeable fact is unequal. For, in the vernacular,
we Americans are suckers for good news."

Too honest and open to be elected?
So how would AS folk fare?


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05 Jan 2006, 5:46 pm


i will not cease in my never ending pursuit of the truth...