Attempted anti Jewish car attack in LA

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27 Sep 2021, 2:14 pm

Man Allegedly Tried To Run Over Members Of A Fairfax Synagogue With His Car Wednesday

A man who witnesses say was yelling anti-Semitic threats to dozens of people at a synagogue Wednesday allegedly tried to drive his car into the crowd.

On what was supposed to be an evening of celebration and faith, members of Fairfax area synagogue say a man they had never seen before disrupted their concert Wednesday and began making threats.

“He was in an absolute rage and he was screaming, ‘I’m a real Muslim and I’ll show you what real terrorism looks like,’ and my wife and kids are this event,” said security guard David K.

About 30 minutes later, witnesses said the would-be attacker got into his car and drove directly at the crowd of people.

“Floored it down an alley, which was blocked by the concert and people jumped out of the way,” David K. said.

No one was hurt, but the group called the police and took video of the person they say is responsible before he drove away.

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