MS teacher fired for reading “butt” book

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11 Mar 2022, 1:10 pm

You can see the drawings online.
Kids think butts are funny.Once I baked two loaves of bread on a cookie sheet and they flattened out and looked just like a butt.One of my kids punched a hole with their finger right in the appropriate place.They both howled with laughter.
I see nothing inappropriate.

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11 Mar 2022, 1:48 pm

I tried (admittedly not very much) to see if I could find a place online that let me actually read this book. I came up empty handed.

In all honesty, I doubt I'd find it offensive.

I agree that a lot of kids find butts funny. I have four kids, they all laughed about butts. Years ago, my one middle daughter (she was seven or eight at the time) had a favorite knock knock joke about butts that cracked up her siblings every time. The joke went, "knock knock", "who's there?", "butt.". This was the humor in my house back then.

I also agree that the kids probably enjoyed the book. I'm all for kids reading and yeah, if it makes them laugh and gets them interested, I say no harm, no foul.