TX Supreme Court lets abortion law stand

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11 Mar 2022, 2:15 pm


This is what happens when you let men have opinions on abortion. Men form most of the opposition. If abortion legislation was voted on by only the female legislators, the vote would be unanimously in favor of abortion rights.

The courts and voting laws are rigged in favor of Trump and Abbott.

Short of inciting widespread civil unrest in Texas, what else can be done? Boycotts won't work because Abbott is willing to go down with the ship. Impeachment, if successful, would result in Dan Patrick taking over.

Beto doesn't stand a chance, because Abbott's campaign has branded him a "socialist" and "AOC supporter", when Beto is neither. Not to mention the pro-Abbott campaign ads will highlight Beto's "I'm coming for your guns" tweet. That's every conservative male Texan's worst fear. To them, having your guns taken away is like having your dick chopped off.

I can't make enough money to live in the blue states that allow much greater freedoms--unlike the red states which create more unjust laws so they can imprison more black and brown people. POC are more afraid of the cops than they are of the actual criminals. I'm trapped here.

The most "progressive" thing about Texas is that we're down to only five dry counties.