Poppin' off season in BC; Whistler -> Langley and probably

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25 Jul 2022, 10:46 am

everywhere in between and everywhere else.

2 people were shot and killed in broad daylight in the middle of Whistler village yesterday. 1 was a gang leader from the Brothers Keepers, the other was a friend of his but apparently not gang affiliated. Whistler got locked down, a burning car was found nearby, and then the 2 shooters were arrested in Squamish.

Fast forward to 6:20am and everyone gets woken up by an Emergency Alert (similar to an Amber Alert) saying to avoid downtown Langley because there are multiple shooting scenes there and another in the Township of Langley.

Grrrrreeeeat.. here we go again with gangsters killing each other tit for tat back and forth for the rest of the summer and beyond.. :roll:

edit: The Langley shootings might not have been gang related. Says "transient victims," in a few locations - so someone was shooting homeless people. There's also an update saying "the shooter is no longer a threat," so sounds like the police shot him to me - otherwise they'd say he had been arrested or was in custody.

Still.. seems shootin' season is just starting to pop off.

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