I met a psychopath and whooo-boy was it interesting.

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Sea Gull
Sea Gull

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24 Jan 2022, 10:59 pm

When I was younger and involved in gangs I was out of hand, looking back I was acting like a psychopath. But then their were times if someone from another neighborhood seemed hard on their luck I'd try to do something to help them. I don't really think out of pity but I generally wanted to uplift them. I had situations where I was having serious altercations where someone could of died and one of their own people would step in and defuse it due to me trying to be a good person when I could. Other times I made moves on people devoid of any emotion, just having the mindset that I was part of a machine and had to keep it running, even if it meant turning on my own. I spent a decade forcing myself to unlearn this behavior but sometimes I get the urge to act out when someone does me dirty. I thank God that I've kept myself under control. Maybe some of it's due to my autism where I have to rally for law and order and thinking I have to maintain the perceived status qoa. Idk

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