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Sea Gull
Sea Gull

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20 Nov 2022, 6:38 am

Why is that someone wants nephews and nieces?


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20 Nov 2022, 9:56 am

I've noticed you post about kids a lot. I'm curious as to why.

As for the question... people might want them because it's way easier and often more fun to be able to interact with nephews and nieces than their own children. You can have all the fun of having kids around with none of the responsibilities that go along with having your own children. My oldest daughter has no kids, my middle one does. My oldest loves seeing her nephew. He comes to visit her, they can play, she can spoil him rotten, then she can send him home and she gets to kick back and relax and do her thing again. She doesn't have to stress school, bedtimes, health issues,'s all fun until she's ready to send him home again. As far as she's concerned, it's all the perks, none of the hassles.


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20 Nov 2022, 11:28 am

I don't know why does anyone want kids? Why is is supposed to be a thing humans naturally crave, like they crave food or shelter? Where's this "biological clock" I'm supposed to have ticking away inside me? Why do people still think not having children by choice is wrong and selfish when we live in a world so full of toxicity and suffering it's much more selfish to have kids. Why is having kids or even wanting to have them still seen as a social norm, which most women are pressured into having? Women can do what they please (in this country, anyway) and men had just better get used to it.

I guess I must really be a space alien.