Typical concert vs Trans Siberian Orchestra

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29 Dec 2016, 12:48 am

Ironic as it is, as a musician that has played to crowds of about 2000, I have issues with most live sound mixes. The other day I had the good fortune of attending a TSO show. I have to admit, for as many vocalists and musicians (and I was about maybe less than 10 meters from the stage) the sound level was comfortable to the point I needed no earplugs (aside from the last couple of songs where they hiked the treble but that was more due to ear fatigue {on the sound engineers' part}, no lasers or LEDs were shining directly into my face, the smoke machines weren't making me cough. The only thing I had trouble with was a bit of fireworks during the finale (I have had local thugs lighting off black-market mortars nearby lately). From what I've read of them, the mastermind behind the TSO concept may well be "one of us". Has anyone else been able to report their experiences between typical concert-going, from club gigs to arena shows to mega-festivals, and noticed a distinct difference?

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