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17 Jul 2021, 9:14 am

The original title was going to be "Dream Dysphoria," which I think I have, but I didn't that title would fit what I'm 'bout to say.

I thought of this yesterday while walking to the store and then was reminded of it by this post I just read viewtopic.php?f=3&t=398598&p=8825044#p8825044

Lots of times my dreams do not go the way I want them to, well everyone has that issue. But when I have dreams I really don't want to have or dreams I wish I didn't have, especially if there was something else I wanted to/ would rather have had happen in my dream, or my dream doesn't go how I want/expect it to be, I get upset, even frustrated!

And after I wake up from that unwanted dream, the dream I was not happy with, I try to make my next dream like I want it to or more like I want it to and to make up for the bad dream I had before. Unfortunately I end up having a completely different dream than I want, not just once but repeatedly, and more often than not it's not the dream I want to have, either not completely what I want or not at all! And it repeats nights after and even days after since I sleep during a lot of days (more fun to sleep at night when it's dark!)

And the more I not have dreams I want to have the more frustrated I get! It even gets harder to sleep. I even try looking at things before going to sleep to help influence my dreams or help increase my chances of having dreams I want to have/would rather have/insist on having, and I write dreams I want to have in my dream journal. Nothing! Well sometimes it works but a lot of times it doesn't, even when I try to think hard about what I want to dream about and how I want it to go or tell myself I'm going to have the dream I want. And after a while of repeated failure, I give up! And then later try again, especially after another Or more highly unwanted dream(s), but the same old thing happens! It's like I'm chasing after the wind or after a dollar bill on a fishing hook that keeps getting away!

And two reasons I try to have certain dreams is because I believe I can and I've had some of these certain dreams before and know I can again!

One thing I like to dream about is being with/interacting with cartoon characters, something you can only do in your dreams! Cartoon dreams are my favorite dreams to have but sometimes even they go wrong! And so I try to have a better dream of cartoon characters than I had before but instead I have a similar dream about another cartoon character(s), another unwanted dream about the same character(s) or dream completely about something else, not just once but repeatedly and it can go on for days, weeks even!

I believe I can have dreams I want, even believe I can control some if not all of what I dream about, even manipulate my dreams, but lots of times I'm completely unaware I'm dreaming and miss my opportunities to be lucid and to try to control what happens in my dreams, and my subconscious doesn't cooperate, or so it feels like!

I know we cannot choose what we dream about, but there are dreams I wish I would have and dreams I wish I wouldn't! And I know I can have certain dreams, the thing is, I cannot seem to make my dreams go how I want them to and I get stuck having completely or almost completely different dreams than I want and what I want to have happen does not happen!

And some dreams are like Murphy's Law, whatever can go wrong, or what you imagine can go wrong, especially if you're afraid of it happening, will go wrong!

And dreams I liked having, those I try to have again but instead I have a completely different dream!

I like dreaming because in dreams you can do things you cannot do in real life, either at the moment or at all, and you should be able to do anything and whatever you want but sometimes my dreams can be worse than reality and even happen the opposite of how I want them to and again that's frustrating! And a lot of times I'm not even in charge in my own dreams and just go along with what happens, not always having the courage to resist and take charge. And even when I'm lucid and try to control things and other people within the dream, they still won't do what I want them to do!

I'll share this but won't go into detail, yesterday I had a dream of Tommy Pickles I didn't want to have of him or any cartoon character or anyone else! Now I want to have another and much better dream of Tommy than I had, but what if I dont? What if I don't dream of Tommy again, especially not for weeks, months, even years? aAd even if I do dream of Tommy again, what if it's just another unwanted dream about him, possibly even worse than the last one?

I like dreaming about cartoon characters but I'd rather not dream about them than have bad, awkward, and or freaky dreams about them. But I don't want to keep not having dreams about cartoon characters or other things I like to dream about!

Anybody else have this issue? What are your experiences? Any advice other than "Stop trying to have certain dreams" or "Just take whatever dream you get?"

Thanks for reading.

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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18 Jul 2021, 1:33 pm

Anybody else have this issue? What are your experiences? Any advice other than "Stop trying to have certain dreams" or "Just take whatever dream you get?"

Yeah, know what you mean. I really do enjoy it when I dream content that makes me wake up happy thinking about it. When I get to do something that I can't do IRL atm, or have a thrilling adventure, or befriend someone I look up to, or have dreams related to my obsessions, that can be such a joy TBH.

I don't have much of an advice for you. But sometimes my dreams become more alike how I'd want them to be if I think a lot about it just before I go to sleep, Like daydreaming it into my sleep. especially if it's something I'm really preoccupied with.
It's not a given though.

- Hver eneste gang vi snakker eller uttrykker oss nedsettende om andre mennesker for egenskaper eller attributter de ikke kan råde over, om det er hudfarge, etnisitet, en funksjonsnedsettelse, eller hva som helst – blir vi bitte litt mindre. Det er jo dette det hele handler om, å tåle det som er annerledes fra oss selv og som ikke er selvvalgt.
- Fredrik Solvang