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17 Jul 2021, 2:19 am

Some work stuff was pretty eventful - some insubordinate time waster probably lost his contract with my friends business. His work was ok, but he did things that wasted the owners time needlessly. Also, his other employees picked out a good used truck and put a deposit on it today to go with the race car trailer getting delivered Sunday.

Served some papers to a total clown that needs to pay his bills. $12-17k or so worth. Also delivered some other documents that will make his life difficult. Really should have simply paid as agreed. Oh well - his own doing.

Got a call from my oldest God daughter (almost 19) all distraught over massive drama with her mother, who relapsed and broke into her daughter's place to use and steal stuff. No idea where her mother is - but probably high as a kite, hopefully still alive. Anyways, we went out for dinner, she was calm.. she's doing a bit better right now working on herself and her life, part time work, dealing with her social worker etc. Her foster sister roommate recently got addicted to coke, though.. so that's not good. Other conversation consisted of me being brought up to speed on the gang conflicts across the region - wow - there's a lot.

Plenty of lights and sirens everywhere today.. police must have been EXTRA busy. I saw a couple car accidents, went through a drinking drivin roadblock in East Vancouver after dinner (blew a 0 :) ) and also police tape up all over Central City area in Surrey earlier on as there was a triple stabbing - 2 dead, 1 in critical condition - no other details.

Plus for some reason a couple tandem dumptrucks were driving like maniacs on the highway and I had to dodge them.

A little more back and forth bs drama here and there w/ my friends contractors, annnd I forgot my leftover salad in the fridge at work, pluuuusss some goof is creating unnecessary tension in the fb group I help admin and it's irritating af to deal with a 50 something year old man being so angry about a late 40's guy who likes to play music from a speaker at the beach - never been so much whining about hearing music. Sheesh, just take a walk away.. the beach is 8km long.

Probably some more random crap from yesterday, but, who cares? It's time to forget all that crapola for the moment and just enjoy a nice cold "Total Darkness Porter," from Highway 97 Brewery. :beer: 8)

No :heart: for supporting trump. Because doing so is deplorable.