Still reluctant to visit a hair salon

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14 Nov 2021, 9:48 am

Since last year I have not been to hair salon and even now I am still apprehensive despite the fact that over 50 million people in the UK are vaccinated, I still am not going because not many people are wearing masks including the staff, it is frustrating because I don't know who is vaccinated and who isn't and obviously they don't have a poster up saying its safe to come in because most staff are vaccinated because its not really our business to know what another person's medical records are. Its not just a hair salon but I've got my dad's birthday coming up on the 3rd December and they've booked a meal at a restaurant and want me to go because other family members will be there and yet since last year I've not been out to a restaurant because of covid and have not been wanting to go to one because of it even now. I've had invites before to meet up and I've turned them down because my discomfort. I'm worried they'll be lots of people there and if I decide to turn this down it will be rude and upsetting that I'm not there. Before all this I was always going out and doing these things and its frustrating for me because the virus is still out there and that I'll very aware of it and want to return to life as before but I feel I can't because I'm anxious and it feels like I'm also wasting my life not trying to do those things I did before.