aren't retarded people the opposite of autistic people?

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26 May 2018, 9:43 am

Autistics and Intellectually Disabled people, that is the new word for mental retardation now, are not opposites. Like several of you said, both conditions can exist together or separately because they are separate conditions. Also the intellectually disabled community is as diverse in personality traits as any other community and they also, like with Autism, can be very varied in severity levels. I know one MR young man, I use that term for him because that is the term he uses for himself, who achieved much more at school than I did and who is on a career path to become a chef. He has actually surpassed me in school and career even though his IQ is lower than mine and he is legally mentally retarded. But if he did not tell you himself that he has is MR, you would never be able to guess it just by hanging around him. So it can be very similar to Autism in that regard. I also know some intellectually disabled people who don't like animals and who are actually afraid of them. So we have to be careful not to make the same stereotypes about other people that we don't want people making about us.

And the other thing is that because Autism is a developmental disability, some of us can have areas in our functioning where we are exactly like people who are mentally retarded. I, for one, am emotionally and socially retarded and very much so. I have the emotional capacity of a 4 year old and the social awareness of a four to six year old. I also have the practical application intelligence of a 10 to 12 year old. So we are not opposites, we can have many similarities and some Autistic people are mentally retarded as well.

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