My life is ruined because of dog barking(outflow)(lifestory)

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18 Jul 2015, 3:58 pm

Hello, I live in Brazil and I am having a problem nearly three years. The dog of my neighbor has a bark that gives me panic disorder. I can not hear a single time I get desperate and with a strange phobia. It's a super reaction to something that irritates me.
Even I have denounced the police the neighbor does not get rid of the dog. I have dog too and used to like her bark, but after so many sleepless nights, I'm getting aversion also the barking of my dog.

I live feeling afraid, I sleep during the day, 'cause I can not sleep for fear of hearing the night of barking. My life is upside down. And to make matters worse I discovered that I can be bisexual. In other words, I am in two minorities, autistic, bisexual, and moreover I live in a small town, and I can not do anything without many of the inhabitants become aware.

It's almost three years that all living days in panic because of it. My parents love dog more than me and are on the side of my neighbor and his dog, than mine. They say I should overcome this problem yourself, but I can not, I am sensitive to sudden loud noises.
They are distant relatives and besides separate, and both have mental problems. My father just looks me in the eye to humiliate me or give me a bad news, and never was related to another woman, and has strange quirks of moving his fingers or make a sudden movement with the body as sudden turn very fast head, is unpleasant, it seems tourrete.
And my mother is a fanatic dogs also have a habit of yelling suddenly, which makes the very difficult coexistence, and she has one dog that howls and barks very high, and ignores my pleas to get rid of the animal or even get a dog that can not (there are races like that). Both are emotionally needy, and not intended to be my parents, although I like them. I was born autistic by both are blood relatives.

As I live in a small house, I can hear phones noises, my father opening and closing cabinets, sweeping the floor, talking to the dog, snapping his fingers (tourrete stuff), and all these noises irritate me to the extreme.
I started to use dampers hearing with headphones, and found after a headset with sound insulation is so effective when, as long as I listen to loud music, especially metal all the time (although more like calm music ...). But now in my city has a new fashion that car owners put very high and automotive sound travels over the city as well, and that the headset can not block that is taking my sanity time. The car sounds to me seem to hit very high drum, or even thunderstorms, and in the street. I did not want to live in this horrible third world country, but a country where people have common sense here ... wrong is right and right is wrong.

There is no law in Brazil that makes a person lose ownership of the dog to be hindering the welfare of a person who has mental problems (me) ...

If I could even adult, I wanted to be adopted by a foreign family outside Brazil, I can not stand to live here anymore. I am crying as I write this, 'cause the dog barked again and are 17:50 and it is not time for him to bark. I want to die ...

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19 Jul 2015, 12:51 am

Hmm...I don't think it's reasonable to expect someone to get rid of their pet because of your sensory sensitivities. Loud, barking dogs aren't exclusive to Brazil, they exist all over the globe, if that makes you feel any better (I doubt it does). Have you tried using ear plugs/muffs intended for firearm users? They may work better than earbuds.


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19 Jul 2015, 2:17 pm

I am sensitive to barking dogs and these help

Sound masking

White noise machine

I have had to do these things because people take the greatest offence to anything implying negativity about their pets. If you complain to the neighbor about their dog in any way shape or form retaliation and blackballing may very well follow.

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