Do you think governments hate those on the spectrum?

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21 Oct 2019, 11:56 pm

Mountain Goat ,? What branch of intelligence community do you work for ?

Year 10 of school , had similiar thoughts . Btw , what do you guys think on that movie , men who stare at goats , might have came from ?
The stuff that is mostly relagated to conspirascy theorys . Blu Ultra . And whatever that one was seeing things far away , some precog stuff.. am not one to believe that these are fictional works of fantasy .... even alittle bit .. And am willing to say some of these qualities that were developed in some peeps , probably were or had, some degree of autism. Or were discovered in autistics ,Rumour had it that einstein was on the spectrum..please imagine if you would someone coming up with the saying "imagination is more important than knowledge" .?????? Who would say that kinda thing , a doctor , a lawyer, a policeman ?
It is a Quote by Albert Einstien .
What is the role of aspies with government . . TORTURE ones they dont control ,
Once was advised by a civil lawyer my lawyer , unsolicited , that my actions closed down a court
house, and cost many legal minds their jobs . Later i checked . It was true . 1 email worded exactly correctly .To a higher gov. Agency . Proved entire courthouse had be operating way outside its parameters , for a long time. Not coincidence , intuitions can have factual merit. No credit given , none wanted.
If your not with them , your _______ them. No idea the reach my actions had . Did not find out till 2 yrs after the fact. Was it just coincidence , i got the hec outta that particular state, the 2 yrs prior.
Some days am amazed how i got through. What i did, on way too many occassions in my life .
Beware having that happen too much , can cause one to doubt their own sanity.
............JUST SAYIN...........

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22 Oct 2019, 6:58 pm

Yes mostly I think it's just that they don't care, though sometimes in the UK I notice some of these cross-party committees and House of Lords sessions seem like they want to help people. They pushed a bill to force local government to support ASD folks, though AFAIK local government is still getting away with ignoring us.

It was clear to me from the results of my Disability Living Allowance claim that they didn't want to spend anything on me. They told me nothing about why my claim hadn't convinced them, nothing about how I could put it right, they just said "you do not need help with......" They told me I could ask them for a fuller explanation, so I did, and their reply was exactly the same, no further details at all. I've seen it all my life, people in need of support being fobbed off with nothing as a first resort.


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23 Oct 2019, 3:13 am

lostonearth35 wrote:
Yes they do, just like they hate anyone who is disabled and not a wealthy, heterosexual, cisgender, superficially attractive-looking white person. They believe such people are a threat to the well-being and health of society. The hate groups know this and that the government is on their side. The government pretends not to hate and care about us, but it's faker than an orange tan. Speaking of fake orange things... :x

THIS. *thumbs up*

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