Hyposensitivity - independent thing, or not?

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25 Sep 2021, 2:22 am

Hello everyone!

I was wondering about hyposensitivity. I've found mention of this as a symptom in various lists posted in Greek Facebook groups about autism, and I was wondering if it is really an independent thing, or the other coin-side of hypersensitivity.
I am talking from my own bias here, as I am hypersensitive in all seven senses, but I do experience stuff that could seem to outsiders as hyposensitivity, because my brain is so overwhelmed from all the sensory stimulations it has no energy left to react to them.
If there are people who do consider themselves hyposensitive, would you like to write something about your experience and how you consider it different (if you do so) from hypersensitivity?


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25 Sep 2021, 5:05 am

I'm very sensitive to touch, so much so that my last relationship partly due to that ended because I'd wake up whenever she touched me in her sleep.
However, I have a kind of numbness in my skin, in particular on the left and right sides of my legs and hands.
I think it has nothing to do with autism, possibly I've been exposed to heavy metals and/or thinners of different kinds. I don't know. I am seeing a medical professional about it and everything between borelia and epilepsy has been suggested as possible causes.


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26 Sep 2021, 6:48 am

I can be hyposensitive. I have had broken bones for days before deciding something was wrong and going to the dr about it. I am constantly bruised, scratched, cut, etc and when I try to figure out how I got injured, I have no clue.
about 20 years ago I almost died because I ignored the dull ache in my stomach for days and I had peritonitis... I only got help when I began to run a high temp and had constant vomiting. I tend not to notice how my body feels, for the most part. I am sensitive to lights flashing and some other sensory experiences. I think its all just very individual depending on one's neurology.


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