Fear of f***ing things up- a question

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04 Jun 2022, 5:15 am

[quote="firemonkey" . It's an anxiety version of 'Groundhog day'.[/quote]

Firemonkey that is such a perfect description of the experience!! !! I love it!


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04 Jun 2022, 8:37 am

kraftiekortie wrote:
I've f****d up plenty of times, and will f**k up again.

If I don't do something, it's quite possibly because my "f**k-up" would cause considerable harm. If I don't think my "f**k-up" would cause harm to anybody but myself, I tend to want to make the attempt.

My mother is a paradox: she let me be independent----but she sought to restrain me from trying things like learning to drive.

I believed that should I f**k-up learning to drive, that I probably wouldn't harm anybody else----and I wanted to learn to drive----so I pursued learning to drive.

Learning to drive seems to be the most common skills aspies avoid due to fear of f*****g up.

Parents not pushing autistic their kids (or adults) enough into trying new things doesn't really help either in installing confidence in autisitcs.

Autistics living their lives by staying in control of a situation and anxiety will naturally avoid trying anything new.


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04 Jun 2022, 10:00 am

You (almost definitely) got an Honorable Discharge, Blabby…..so your fuckups turned out to be like the fuckups of many. Harmless, ultimately.