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Sol the Mighty

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11 Jun 2022, 11:41 pm

One thing I noticed is that I have a weird pattern with certain foods or drinks.
I don't like super sour things, and they tend to leave a slight tingle after. I love fried chicken but I find really big pieces with the bones in unsettling and unappetizing. I also hate the texture of fat in meats like steak or pork.
But one thing I noticed the most is with drinks. Specifically, coffee and tiny sips of alcohol.
As I'm not if age yet, I don't drink but I can try little sips of alcohol at home. I tried spiced rum mixed with coke, and mead. Both tasted absolutely terrible, and like rubbing alcohol. I was also super unsettled by the warming feeling after drinking the mead. But it all tasted basically the same.
Coffee is the same way. If it isn't at least 50% milk and sugar and beige instead of brown, then I can't drink it because it tastes burnt. No matter what's added to it, I can't taste anything else.
At the same time, I also remember tastes well, even if it's been a while since I last tried the thing. It's why my mom always has me test the meatloaf sauce. But I can immediately notice is something is different, and I can usually pinpoint what. It's also how I can semi-accurately guess some spices in a dish, so long as I know what the spices taste like.
I also can't smell very well at all, unless the smell is strong. But this doesn't affect my sense of taste, because I can still taste just fine.
Does anyone else have patterns or strange things surrounding their sense of taste?