Man with Asperger's bullied by Irish police

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08 Oct 2007, 5:05 pm

Macbeth wrote:
The irish accent is an inherently amusing one anyway. Pretty much half the jokes in the TV series Father Ted relied on the accent alone, and it worked. In fact, now I think on it, Brendan shares a mode of speech with Mrs Doyle. Conversations usually went:

"Now father, will ye have a nice cup of tea?"
"Not roight now Mrs Doyle"
"Ahh go on"
"Ye will."
"Ye will"
"Ye willYewillyewillyewillyewill" and so on.

And then there was G'wan, g'wan, g'wan, g'wan, etc (g'wan = Mrs Doyle saying 'Go on')

Anyway, did the guard remind anyone else of Fr Dougal when he said 'You're right!', he sounded like a louder version of when Fr Dougal says 'you're right there, Ted'

What country did this take place in, anyway? Mr Campb... sorry Brendan sounds like he's from either Meath or Westmeath, not sure about the copper, sounds like somewhere in the Midlands.


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08 Oct 2007, 11:01 pm

I'm surprised you can tell that much. I've never heard an Irish guy with flat affect before.