If you have diabetes, can you not resist overeating sweets?

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24 Nov 2022, 11:37 pm

I'm a 24-year-old young man with Asperger's and I have Type 1 diabetes. I had it since I was 19 and I was almost 20 at the time. I once weighed 282 pounds and this was before I became a diabetic and I thought I could be a Type 2 diabetic, but I was born with Type 1 diabetes. I lost at least 60 pounds since then and I am grateful to not to be that fat anymore. I lost weight and started to gain weight again and the highest weight I've gained up to was up to 258 pounds since then, but I lost it again and I now weigh about 217 pounds today.

Today, I eat healthier, delicious home-cooked meals and I usually would keep my sugar levels in control, but sometimes, it's hard to not overdo it with sweets for me and especially during the holidays. One year, I guzzled down quarts of eggnog as it was so, so good, I could not stop drinking it, and devoured plenty of sweets. I once had an addiction to pizza and Mountain Dew and would eat only that and junk food and I would also order out from any restaurant almost all the time and there was rarely a home-cooked meal where I eventually let myself down. Today, my parents and I started eating more meals cooked at home altogether and we very rarely eat out at a restaurant and I think it's better. Did anyone else go through this experience or anything similar to it?


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25 Nov 2022, 12:06 am

there is diabetes in my family tree, both my sister and me had pre-diabetes at one point. we reluctantly gave up refined carbs and eat more healthy fats and proteins/veggies. i love sweets as much as the next guy but i had to ask myself one question - "would i rather 'taste good' - or FEEL good?" IOW was eating delicious food more important than avoiding diabetes and its associated health problems, and for me the answer was a resounding YES. i hate needles so that is one more reason for me to stay on the wagon and avoid overeating carbs.