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19 Oct 2021, 4:13 pm

Explanation from Wikipedia:

Flicker vertigo, sometimes called the Bucha effect, is "an imbalance in brain-cell activity caused by exposure to low-frequency flickering (or flashing) of a relatively bright light."[1] It is a disorientation-, vertigo-, and nausea-inducing effect of a strobe light flashing at 1 Hz to 20 Hz, approximately the frequency of human brainwaves.[2][3] The effects are similar to seizures caused by epilepsy (in particular photosensitive epilepsy), but are not restricted to people with histories of epilepsy...

...The strobe light effect can cause persons who are vulnerable to flicker vertigo to experience symptoms such as:

Become disoriented and/or nauseated
Blink rapidly
Experience rapid eye movements behind closed eyelids
Lose control of fine motor functions
Experience muscle rigidity...

I've always been prone to flicker vertigo and remember finding anything that flickers very disorienting. I used to be worried about having a seizure or something as a kid, until I eventually noticed that it (thankfully) never progressed to that. I still have to close my eyes around anything like this because it will make me disoriented, dizzy, and want to vomit for a few minutes.

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Your broader autism cluster (Aspie) score: 144 of 200.
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You are very likely on the broader autism cluster (Aspie).


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24 Oct 2021, 5:56 am

I have 25th percentile visual processing. I am motion sick if I watch movies, videos, youtube, and I get motion sick in cars, planes, trains, boats, etc... I am extremely prone to flicker vertigo to the point of vomiting if I can not control exposure to such things. miserable!