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19 Aug 2022, 12:50 am

I'm back on my medication. I don't really want to be though. But I have to. My parents bring up the hospital. I dont think I want to go there. I've got so many appointments though. I do not really want that.

I want to have freedom. But instead I have close supervision. My sister hangs out with her friends all the time. I'm not really allowed to do that unless my parents meet them. I'm not allowed to go out late either.

I'm not allowed to sleep over at friends houses. That's probably why I dont have many friends. I have restrictions placed on me. I'm apparently not being reasonable when I try to do what I want.


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14 Sep 2022, 3:02 am

I'm wondering how old you are & how old your sister is for comparison's sake. As you probably know those of us on the spectrum or with other various mental issues can be very behind our peers with some things or get into trouble sometimes which can cause others to treat us like we're children even if we're older. However treating us too much like kids can delay or hinder our mental growth. It's kinda a balancing act that parents of more normal kids can struggle with. I know parents & teens are stereotyped to have arguments where the parents say "if you want to quit being treated like a child you need to quit acting like one" & the teen responds with "if you want me to quit acting like a child you need to quit treating me like one". Those arguments just go round in circles & seem like a catch 22 situation. Anyways... it may help to try & prove/show to your parents that you are learning to be more responsible. Try to avoid getting in trouble, try & bite your tongue more so to speak instead of arguing with them or giving them a bad attitude, try & help out more around the house & other such things. It'll be a gradual process & easy to get discouraged but it would pay off in the long run if you try & stick with it as best you can.

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