We can't change who we are...

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30 Mar 2007, 1:31 am

I dunno about you guys, but I have a lot of trouble finding much in common with most people. I really would love a relationship but I wouldn't want it to be with someone I couldn't relate to, because then it would be hard to talk to them about anything. But I don't expect to ever find someone like that.

I mean...we can't change who we are. We can't help being aberrant. We can't help not being like other people, and we can't help not even being like each other. And this isn't Aspie vs. NT, this is person vs. person...other people feel weird to me, other aspies included. But I know I'm not the only person here who wishes to share a romantic bond of love and understanding.

So when relationships are concerned, where is the line drawn? Would you settle for someone who you had nothing in common with? Would you settle for someone you only had a little bit in common with? Or would you not be in a relationship with anyone unless you could actually relate to them in many ways? And, if the last policy, would you stick with that policy even when you become convinced that you'll never be in a relationship with anyone like that?

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30 Mar 2007, 1:35 am

I couldn't settle for anyone less then someone who I feel I had quite a bit in common with.

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30 Mar 2007, 1:45 am

I just met someone I have lots of things in common with but I don't want to date, I want us to be friends only.

The problem is I like to be alone a lot. It just won't work out like that so I am not really sure its worth even bothering about.

I worry about if he wants us to go out in groups because I always manage to say or do something a bit odd or I don't quite get the jokes or some other thing.