Why's he keep saying him and i should talk more?

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08 Feb 2020, 2:14 pm

Theres someone I work with who commented on a avengers belt that I was wearing and asked where i got it. It lead to a discussion about marvel movies and anime, he commented he thought we should talk more. The other day when I worked with him again,when i said about a anime he commented it again and how we we seem to get along.

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08 Feb 2020, 2:40 pm

He is showing an interest. So probably you should talk more.

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08 Feb 2020, 2:51 pm

There is a chance he is just like you. Nerdy & geeky stuff tends to carry a sense of isolation and he might just be happy to have found someone with similar interests.

This is how friendships get started and it's worth a try, I think, but you would know better than I because you saw this guy.

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08 Feb 2020, 4:57 pm

Some good guidance says we should recognize the harmful ones in our circle of friends and family, the ones who don't get us, and we should not feel obliged to keep them close, but rather seek out the ones who do get us.

This guy sounds like he may belong to the latter group.

I can tell you, though they exist, the ones who truly get us are rare enough in this world. When you find a prospective new one, you'd do well to check it out.

Your goal should be to see if this is a person who can appreciate you as you truly are.

I'm not saying to instantly stop all masking and turn the autism dial to 11. What I am saying is, prudently and thoughtfully try telling and showing him more about the real you. If he reacts well, that's a great sign for future friendship.


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16 Feb 2020, 4:19 pm

Consider the fact that this guy wants to get to know you better.

From a personal perspective, my current girlfriend and I met around this time last year. We were in a class together and the middle of a class session, she had a seizure. She was treated on-site and released. As I looked on, I asked a paramedic what happened to her. Even though the paramedic told me to back off, I was told "She had a seizure."

Class was dismissed early for the day but I quickly logged onto the class website. I sent her an email and asked her out for coffee. She wrote back almost immediately with a reply of yes.

About one week later, we met for coffee at a place near her house. We clicked almost immediately and have been dating ever since.

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