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19 Nov 2015, 1:47 pm

So about this time last year, University nearly killed me and I dropped out. I made a decision that saved my life and my family terrorised me for it. I'd never liked them anyway so it didn't seem like too much of a loss to get rid of them all, so I went to live with my girlfriend's family who seemed very welcoming and understanding. Her parents listened to what I had to say and appreciated my talents and interests in a way my parents never did. Her sister however, who is 32, married (her husband lives there too) and apparently a total spoiled brat decided she hated me from day 1 for no reason she could give me. She made life very hard for 6 months, but I tolerated it as I got to live with my girlfriend and had nowhere else to go anyway.
After a year in that house, while I was away on a two week trip, I got a phone call from my girlfriend telling me that her mum had told me not to come back, and didn't give a reason. That trip had already gone to hell so I just went straight back to the UK to stay with an old friend, the only place I had left to go. This friend, in the time since I'd seen her, had apparently completely lost her marbles and I had to leave and stay in a hostel, ofcourse with only the bag of clothes and books I'd brought with me on the trip. I was in debt and had no job or money, so my girlfriend had to pay a ludicrous amount of money to pay rent on a room on the other side of town. It's been a horrible situation because I had to stay here for a course and exam I'd booked, and we couldn't go get a place together because I'm supposed to be doing funded volunteering next year (haven't heard back from them yet), and it didn't make sense to get a place together just for 4 months. So it's a hideous waste of time and resources that my gf has to pay so much for my rent, while I work as a waitress to pay off my debt when the 6 of us could've lived happily together.
I managed to hold my s**t together until a couple of days ago when I started having suicidal thoughts again. I've been having recurring nightmares about that house I lived in for a whole year, that I went back and everything was actually ok (my gf tells me I'm definitely not welcome in the house, so hopefully that'll shut my subconcious up - I think the not being sure was giving me the nightmares. I wasn't even allowed back to get my stuff, my gf has had to smuggle stuff out.) It then turned out that the mum assumed I went back to live with my mum, when I'd sat down with her a good 4 or 5 times over the year and told her she was violent and I wasn't safe around her (she once pinned me against a wall and beat the s**t out of me during a shutdown - her need for me to talk was greater than my physical safety in her eyes). Evidently she didn't believe me and she's decided to punish me for her own ignorance.
I literally had to choose between my family or her daughter, and I chose her daughter. Apparently I have been erased from the family, not mentioned, my gf now says she's 'going to see a friend' when she meets up with me. This has obviously put hideous strain on her and her mum doesn't seem to give a s**t. I'm wondering when she's going to kick her other daughter's husband out, since he actually has supportive parents and somewhere else to go. Out of the 6 of us I was the only one with literally nowhere else to go when we all could've lived happily together for a few months longer. I've still had no reason for this hideous cruelty, or any contact at all from the mum, I've literally just been erased.
Now my aspie friends, this isn't the first time something similar has happened. For some reason it's usually middle aged women, who decide they're my best friend one minute, then next thing I know they've poisoned an entire group against me and disappeared like a fart in the wind without so much as a backwards glance. I never get closure or any reason, though I suppose it's something I said at some point that didn't sound NT enough. As far as I'm aware, I just cleaned their damned house every week and was so quiet they said half the time they 'didn't even know anyone was home.'
It's this lack of closure that is always the most painful part of this happening. 'F off I hate you' is better than nothing. 'You're a bad influence on my daughter' or any mad lies she could think of would be better than just nothing after a year of spending lots of time together. Is this something NT people usually do? Leave overnight without explaining why?
So this will be the first year I have literally nowhere to go for Christmas, while this fake two faced atheist celebrates with her enormous family, and pretends I'm doing the same if she cares if I've survived at all (without my gf paying for a roof over my head until I got a job I would've ended up on the streets.) She treats her elder daughter's husband like he's God's gift and made me homeless and destitute overnight and has pretended that I don't exist. Clearly she doesn't care about my survival but it tears me up that she doesn't care how much she's hurt her own daughter. She's had a difficult year and I haven't left her side for a second. Lord knows what excuse has been fabricated for this insane cruelty.